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    The UNOFFICIAL Happy Birthday Thread

    Working etc. Takes up a lot of my time these days. Also playing with my motorbikes etc is fun. wayyy more expensive than computers though. Hoping to get back to DFI land soon though. just making a cheap rig to get me back into computers again, as-rock MB (AM2) 3800+ (AM2) and thats all I got so far. When I'm convinced I'll keep one I'll get a DFI as they are stable as hell when they're with me. see if I can get some more high scores eh. Loved the old times.
  2. Rickikaye69

    The UNOFFICIAL Happy Birthday Thread

    Hey guys, I havent been here in a long time, just back to check out the computer scene again. It was my birthday yesterday. Any chance I can get a DFI beta board or something? lol. See you lot later. Rick.
  3. Rickikaye69

    Sig designing...

  4. nVentive went bankrupt (nVentiv = maker of prommie) so I doubt there will be anything newer than a year old, yet they are still the best cooling solution you can get. You can also get vapochill, but I prefer prometiea.
  5. GET A PROMMIE!!! I should be getting one soon, and hope for 3Ghz (not likely) but we can only dream. BTW under a prommie the FX-55 does at least 3.1Ghz 99% of the time.
  6. Rickikaye69

    XP120 | XP90 + DFI nf4?

    ya can get 60db 220CFM fans now 7v it and it'll be quieter.
  7. Rickikaye69

    Whats the best BIOS for prommie cooled?

    Well the 2800+ isnt very good anymore so I got my 3400+ DTR back and I'm stable at 320x8 with JSJ A15. Hopefully this shows minus temps because it's the best for my board so far...
  8. Whats the best BIOS for a prommie cooled rig? need something that reads temps properly down to -60c. Got my old 2800+ back, it does 2.6Ghz on 1.55vcore on air so I'm hoping to get 2.8Ghz hopefully. Cheers, Rick
  9. Rickikaye69

    Can I Beat This Oc?

    I got 2.5Ghz on stock vcore 12 hours prime stable with my 2800+.
  10. http://www.kalecoauto.com/ click forums...
  11. Rickikaye69

    Deathstar 250GB $149.99 -$80.00 rebate

    got one the other day (in england) and it's DOA... last time I get hitachi.
  12. Rickikaye69

    Am I the oldest person on these forums?

    Emil, me old friends, I can hardly remember really well. It seems to... then I got lost.
  13. Rickikaye69

    the proper voltage to chipset !!!???

    Flash your BIOS again.
  14. Rickikaye69

    [email protected]

    Mine does 2.6Ghz on 1.7v and 2.7Ghz (300x9) on 1.9v. Prime stable. I sold it and got a 3400 clawhammer DTR though
  15. Rickikaye69

    Toaster Sigs (NF2/AthlonXP ONLY!)

    If it has to be 1:1 then I'm gonna get me some TCCD.
  16. Rickikaye69

    FS: Good pc-3500

    Damn sweet price on that RAM!!! someone get it before I make an excuse to buy it.
  17. I'm watercooled and its reading 43c just sitting here. I'm using jess1313/samurai jack's JSJ-A15 BIOS.
  18. Rickikaye69

    clear motherboard?

    wouldnt it just be silver? with all those little wires inside, you couldnt see through it.
  19. I'm sure a few of you have seen what my A-Data PC2700 can do
  20. Rickikaye69

    mobilr clawhammer

    the ones before 0437 suck at O/Cing.
  21. Rickikaye69

    Sig designing...

    Can ya make me another one? specs are.. AMD Athlon 64 3400+ DTR DFI UT 250Gb 2x256 Corsair TCCD HIS Excalibur X800XT PE IceQ II Maxtor 6Y080L0 Hiper 480 WATT 18db Silent TYPE-R Lian Li PC-6077 Little River White Water/D-Tek A64 mounting hardware, XSPC 120mm radiator, Hydor L30
  22. Rickikaye69


    I have 6 as well. whoever wants one jus' PM me.