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  1. Thanks, I know all about overclocking. Everything has been tested as I posted above. The video card is being RMA'd for unrelated issues (artifacts all the damn time). Wehn I get it back, I will try older drivers as posted above (thanks for that suggestion, btw).
  2. I have all power connectors on the mobo plugged into the PSU. I did look @ that list (or a similar one at teh time) when I put my computer together (back in november). Back then, IIRC this was one of the best PSU form OCZ, aside from the 600watt. I really don't think this hardware is in need of an even more powerful PSU. I mean, if i was running multiple HD's and more than three major fans, then yes I woudl consider it. But this thing is not even 1 year old. I appreciate your help EDIT: I am getting ready to call it a night. thanks for your help so far guys, i'll check back tomorrow @ work.
  3. Looks like the latest ones are 91.31 (according to NV's website). So those are the ones I am currently using. However, before these were released, I was using the current ones at the time (always NV drivers, not omega or anything else). And the problem was there with either versions.
  4. I don't see that being a problem... I mean, all the rails are at the proper voltage. I am only trying to push one HD, one video card and a single core processor. I really don't think that's a problem. Surely, the PSU would have NO problems running anything in my rig while nothing is overclocked.
  5. It's any game I play... But the two games that are installed at the moment are GTA: SA and F1 challenge 99-02. Games I usually play range from HL2 to Doom3 to anything really other than RPG's. I haven't checked eventvier. It hadn't even occured to me since i don't get any error messages. But that's a great point. I can't do it right now since I just took the video card out to check the connection between the HS and the core. I am also going to apply some AS5 while I have it out.
  6. The 2 gigs are not running out of spec at all, the timings and speed are both stock. They tested with no problems for 24+ hours in memtest. Also, the whole system OC'd passed 24+ hours in prime. Like I said, I reverted back to all stock settings and this still persisted. The HD is SATA, and from what I can tell, it all seems to be fine. The bios and windows recognize it poperly. The read times are superb while playing movies, or using intensive photoshop. I defrag every 2-3 days, and even more often after a fresh install of XP.
  7. System is in the sig, all relevant info is there. The problem: While playing games, the system randomly freezes. First, the image freezes, with the sound still playing for the next 4 seconds (as if the image was still going). Then, the sound freezes and starts going bizzurk (random sounds, loud, high pitched). What I have done: -Set everything back to OEM settings. Essentially, this just meant setting hte processor to its native 2.2 ghz frequency. -used the AC97 integrated sound card (with the nVidia drivers) -changed drivers for my Chaintech vid card -reinstalled windows xp sp2. right now, there is nothing installed but the necessary drivers, and two games. -monitored temperatures: used MBM5 with the data files found here on the dfi-street forums. The CPU does not go over ~40C (~1.5vcore) under load with about 31 @ idle, and the video card barely hits 59C under load. The nf4 chipset has the OEM cooler on it, and is getting the OEM amount of volt through it. The temp is around 46 IIRC. The case is very well ventilated; two 120mm intake fans, 1 120mm exhause. The cpu is cooled with a vantec 92 mm fan on a thermalright xp92 HS. The rails on hte 5, 3.3, and 12v are all where they need to be according to both the bios and mbm5. I have the latest drivers from nVidia for chipset and video. I did not install the nvidia IDE drivers. My HD is Sata, plugged in the first SATA slot. In the bios, I disabled everything that is not used (the second NIC, the onboard sound when it was not used, RAID). I really thought it was the sound card, but when i plugged in the onboard sound and it stil acted up, I really ran out of ideas. This was after i reinstalled XP. When I did reinstall XP, I made sure that all unused devices were turned off in the BIOS. I think I gave you guys all the details... if I left anything out let me know. I'm at a loss of ideas here.
  8. Great advice! Right now, the computer is priming @ 10x240 still with the stock voltage (it did good @ 10x230 stock voltage). If all goes well, it will hopefully not fail until I stop the stress test tomorrow morning, at which point I will add the memory settings which you have mentioned. I will be testing @ 250x10... at this point I should start thinking about increasing the vcore?
  9. Good point my firend... however, one would think that a company such as OCZ would do a good job at this? I would think so. I did however notice that the regular timings (I think supposed to be 8-3-3-4 ?) were automatically set to 7-3-2-3 or so, but maybe that's because I am still priming @ 240mhz? By the time I get to 250 I will set those timings manually, but I am reluctant to change any of the other memory settings.
  10. What vcore are you using at the moment?? Right now I am priming at 240x10.... i hope i won't run into any issues with the x10 multi. Were your problems just ram related maybe??
  11. Why don't you try turning off that full screen logo @ bootup? Not sure if that's anything significant, but might give it a shot.
  12. It's a Thermalright xp-90... the aluminum one. I've got a 92mm Sanyo fan pushing about 60cfm on it. Of course using some AS5. I've been out of this game for a while... are there better stability tester programs than P95? I'm not talking about memtest (not yet at least)... but maybe something that we don't have to run for 24hours?
  13. Well... I just put the system together last night, and I started prime this morning 230x10. I plan on doing this in 10mhz increments until i get it stable @ 250 x 10. I was just wondering if I should mess with the memory settings in the bios at all before I get to 250 x 10. After that, I am definitely willing to go past 250x10... I have the cooling and hardware that should be capable of pushing further... we'll see how it goes.
  14. I was just thinking about this today... Since I've got ddr500 ram, I am interested in running 1:1 with the processor @ 250mhz. Would I be ok to run the memory at the default settings in the bios (default settings only in the memory section of the bios), since it would not be overclocking it at all? I know maybe the only way to find out is to try it, and that's what I inted to do... I just wanted to stir some discussion before I get to that point. Let me know what you guys think.
  15. Well, not too long ago I lived in Canada but now I reside in the US of A!
  16. Would you be OK with a DTR claw? I would reccomend getting the 3200+ DTR from newegg for a little over 200 bucks. I have the desktop version of that chip for the simple reason that I found it at a much lower price, otherwise I would have that 3200+ DTR. If you do get the 3200 DTR from newegg, it will be a CG rev, so you are good to go. EDIT: must add... my desktop claw booted into windows @ 313x8 and ran all the benchmarks I threw @ it (but still failed prime). Just to let you know, this board is a sweet thing to have and you could probabily do more with a DTR.
  17. OMG... that is pretty awesome. Does it ever shut off the fan in windows while you browse net or light things like that?
  18. you booted your computer without a HS fan on the CPU???? :eek2:
  19. great deal man, you are good to go. Good choice for CPU and HS as well.
  20. If you dont want to overclock and you want to use CnQ, then you have bought the wrong motherboard.
  21. In which way is CnQ hepful if you overclock? It's pointless.
  22. No, you wont need a desktop chip to flash... Jess said that his DTR, before flashing, would post after rebooting three times, then have the bios on a floppy and flash via AWD flash. I am not sure if he was able to get into windows ( I think he did), but if you can, just use winflash. After that, shut down and clear CMOS (battery out, move jumper) and let sit for a bit. Then you are good to go.
  23. Jess covered it all perfectly For a psu, I would shoot for an OCZ pwoerestream, I am getting one myself for my setup. If you flash to a 9/12 or later bios you will have support for a DTR/mobile chip no prob. I have a desktop because I came across a great deal, otherwise itwould have been a DTR. good luck with all
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