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  1. replaced cmos battery, no better guess i'll get a replacement board then get this thing rma'ed. any word on the warranty? i think i'm gonna get another board so i solve the chipset cooler issue, but i still have grease on the board and a broken agp clip.
  2. i've never run this cpu/board without subzero cooling and never had a problem until now
  3. yes, i usually have to when i'm running oc settings and i restart and it sets voltages to 1v/2.5v also tried re-flashing and newer beta
  4. 2nd page already... i can't even get more than 1v/2.5v now!
  5. bump, still doing it grrr
  6. CrimeDog

    Best Bios For Bh5/ch5

    i've been using 1/28 beta with 4v i bench with one 512mb stick @ 265mhz 2-2-2-6, or one 256 stick 270mhz 2-2-2-6 main thing is getting the memory timings down edit: d'oh didn't see nf4 thought it was nf3
  7. Hi all. Been a long time since I've been here. Stopped posting after the nf2 craze, just upgraded to a64 a little while ago. Gear listed in sig. Here's my problem. The bios voltage settings are totally off. If I set to auto, I'll get 1.5v for cpu (usually about 1v). The max cpu voltage I can get is 1.65v (in bios) and the max vdimm I can get is 2.7v (in bios.) I have a 3.8v 3.3 line and am using the 1/28 4v bios. I tried the new beta and it didn't help. I've been using this board for about a month and I've never had a problem this weird. I thought it might be the battery but the reading in bios is a little over 3v. All my rails are more than fine. I was thinking about RMA, but I'd like to try other options first. I also have grease on the board so I'm not sure if they'd hassle me. Also, I had to donate the northbridge cooler to a friend (I use copper iceberq4) and the agp locking clip broke off. Any ideas would be appreciated, Dan
  8. CrimeDog

    Best TV Show?

    home movies
  9. CrimeDog

    Your Dream Car?

    m3, wouldn't want something super fancy to drive all the time
  10. CrimeDog

    E Bay

    My one and only deal from ebay was a 19" flat screen sony trinitron monitor (badged as a dell) for $54 with local pickup. That was a few years ago, and I'm using it right now
  11. CrimeDog

    E Bay

    Yes, you have to get really lucky to get a deal on ebay. It happens though.
  12. CrimeDog

    Corsair PC3500 BH-5

    don't worry about what they're detected as. i had corsair pc3500c2 and it was detected as pc3200 too.
  13. CrimeDog

    Watercolling kit - thoughts ?!

    He posted this same thing at XS, he needs to give us a link or something though The best forums for watercooling are procooling and ocforums