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  1. -Offtopic question- Sorry abt this, but i know there are alot of peeps posting here with T7K250 drives. I will be very quick. Every now and again a loudish clicking sound comes from my hard drives. It only 'clicks' once. What do I mean when I say every now and again? Well it can happen once a day, once every few days, the periods are quite far apart. I did some googling but u can imagine typing clicking and hitachi together, well....... Is this normal? Or should i be worried?
  2. Cool, going to check now! You know wht stepping these are, Europe seems to hae 0550UPMW's which seem to be pretty good -EDIT- Just checked, only seem to have the 180
  3. Hello, could you explain this comment? Are u assuming it doesnt make a difference, or have you tried with it in and it didnt make a difference. Its the last part which throw's me
  4. All the PSU's I have owned could be jump started by shorting the Green/Black wire in the 24pin molex connector. I wouldnt think the OCZ is any different. Make sure tht none of the cables are attached in you motherboard (or any other devices), take a paper clip, unfold it and stick one end into Green and other end into any of the Black pins. Switch the power button on your PSU. If the PSU is functioning correctly you should be able to see the LED's working and hear/see the fan working
  5. Yup thts confusing me also ABYENS, This statement you made here would suggest tht your ram was NOT stable at the settings you say it was stable at. How did you know tht the ram was stable at 260mhz 2-2-2-5? From your description I would aggress with others tht the ram is the cause of your problems, not the motherboard.
  6. Unlucky dude, is your PSU new, its the first the thing i tend to look at if things start dying in my system. Maybe you should take a look at the rail voltages
  7. Well we need to find a way to repair your install then! The easist way would be to boot up off your XP CD and then choose to repair the install. Im sure some1 mentioned a way to fo the repair without having to do the method i mentioned above, but i cant recall it, sorry. I will have a quick look to see if i can dig anything up, brb -EDIT I cant find the information i was looking for, but ive come across a webpage which you could use http://kadaitcha.cx/corruption.html I think you should read this page and see if it helps, data corruption is not an easy thing to fix unfortunately (actually u can get lucky sometimes, but it depends on the problem)
  8. Have u tried the normal troubleshooting methods, i.e. resetting CMOS?
  9. We need more information to help you, were you overclocking when this was caused, you may have corrupted your OS install
  10. Maybe the mouse driver got corrupt when u used more aggressive timings, just a thought...
  11. Hi I noticed you are running prime95 with small FFT's. You need to be running prime with large FFT's to stress the mem controller on the CPU. Wht cooling are you using? It does seem like a very nice chip, but do test with large FFT's and a game you knows stress's you system. As for the vCore tht is very nice, but u will have a clearer picture im sure after more testing
  12. Not tht i think its going to make any difference to your ovrclk, but you shouldnt be spreading the arctic silver 5 according to the arctic silver website. Wht they say u should do is place a very small dab on the die and use the heatsink pressur to spread the paste. The reason thy suggest not to spread the paste with CC is as not to get air bubbles in the paste. I see tht u are also conscious of the amount of voltage you are using. Where are the values for vCore you are quoting coming from? If they are not from a DMM I would suggest you get your readings with such a device. These boards overvolt quite a bit, my board in particular is quite perculiar. Example vCore reading bios = 1.52v vCore reading DMM idle = 1.55v vCore reading DMM load = 1.58v Dont know if other boards act this way (i started a thread at XS abt this but only one person responded)
  13. ^^^^^^^ my sentiments exactly, its like reading a book then coming to the end and it not having one! Please tell us wht u did to fix the problem
  14. Im very interested in your findings This occurs to me sometimes when coming out of hibernation, I resolved this by unchecking the 'Enable hibernation' tick box, (Right-click>Properties>Screen Saver>Power..>Hibernate) defraging, rebooting then re-enabling the Hibernation option. Havnt tried with standby, I hope 'silly' voltages arent being pushed through our components :eek:
  15. Great, just the results I want to see, very much appreciated :cool:
  16. Hey Angry, can you test CPU clocking with this board, all ive seen on other forums is ram testing so far, im more interested to see if this board clocks CPU's better!
  17. Could anybody help to see where the vCore measuring points are on this board. Atleast AaronATX could verify if the settings being applied in the bios are honered, a multimeter would shows us this. Im going to hit google -hmm- Google no help for me, someone who can decipher pcb and mosfet schematics needs to be assigned this job Really you COULD learn to do all this from google, but would take up too much of my time, heheheheee, but anybody could learn this themselves .
  18. Oh what a story, I bet u are relieved to find out wht the problem was, but dismayed that u cant flash your card back to a X850XT CF mastercard. Good luck in getting that solved, which flash program have u used to do the flashing?
  19. oh hi, im very happy to see u got this sorted
  20. Hey OldGuy, there is a chance you got a duff board, I know tht you r one of those peeps who tweak things 'properly' and seeing you have been tweaking for a good number of days, im drawing the conclusion tht there may be something wrong with your board. Rather than waste more of your time (waste is harsh, but without positive results it seems tht way, but hey you have probably learnt the board inside out ) is it not possible for you to get your hands on another one, and try it with the same hardware. This would rule out a board problem straight away. Really i feel for you, i know how frustrating it can be when something dosent work, never mind tht you are still perceivering to get it to work!!!
  21. Yup I 2nd tht! Very nice CPU, could you comment on the vCore regulation on tht mobo? Thts an amazing clock with 1.4v even on watercooling, I need 1.52v (bios, in reality 1.58v DD) to get prime95 stable and it aint stable for 8hrs! Max i get is 4hrs, good enough for me, but not for some. I really want to grab another board, just to rule out bad vCore regulation on mine.
  22. Just clear this up for me, maybe ive got my facts mixed up, was the SiI3114 controller not on the NF2 brds? Or was it on both NF2 and NF4 brds? So is this your marketing statement? Give this guy a promotion!! heheheee
  23. Hey, the board has a SiI3114 controller , no SATA-II support if ive got my facts right. Also if you remember the SiI3114 contoller from the NF2 brds would would also remember the poor performance it was plagued with. Now ive asked a question earlier in the thread, but never got any sort of response back to it, maybe only a few peeps are bothered abt raid0 perofrmance . Can RGone please test this mthbrd in raid0 on the SiI controller and tell us whts going on. If I recall correctly the SiI3114 controller worked well on other mthbrds, right? It was just on the NF2 the implementation was poor? Hope i get some response to these concerns, dont like the feeling of being left out!!! :shake:
  24. RGone, I know we can trust you to test tht Sil3114 controller , why oh why did they choose tht controler on tht brd :sad:, to save on cost! Wht are us peeps meant to do with our hitachi raid0 drives, buy another raid controller, SATA I why oh why oh why. Im hoping tht its performance is going to be better than on the NF2 brds, hopefully the poor performance wasnt down to the controller but the mthbrd design! I want to be happy abt a new toy to test out, but feel dissapointed (hope my initial feelings are proved wrong) tht old tech (SATA I) is used on a new brd
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