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  1. Mine does the same, if you do find what it is let me know, I'll do the same.
  2. Might not be that, but when I installed latest AMD CPU drivers it started to reboot by itself after a while. Back to the drivers on DFI website and everything stopped.
  3. OCZ 3700EB 2x512 got my LP and Venice yesterday so havent tweak yet just went to 250 and 260 fsb. Ram at 1/1 1T.
  4. 235mhz rock (3-2-2-8)solid with 2x 512 of EB 3700 2.9v. This ram gets pretty hot pretty fast, gained 5 mhz by putting a 80mm fan over it. Probably could tweak a bit more with higher voltages but I'm happy with it at 235..
  5. Dont count on the first batches to O/C well, if its anything like passing to .13 they wont o/c much until a few months of production. I would stop worring about a Sempron bios, if they get popular enough there is going to be a bios, if not... nothing lost
  6. I would buy the Corsair, it can do 200mhz 2-2-2-5 AND go up to 250mhz with 2.5-3-3-7 (that they say).
  7. My China works quite good, last 2-3 bioses gave me CPC stability above 230fsb. Now running 251x10.5 not 100% stable (Prime fails after an hour) but I play games for hours without any crashes. Anyway, all that to say I love my China
  8. I did have problems with my 9800 after I put the waterblock too tight, the card bends quite easily lol.
  9. Correct me if I'm wrong, but its the 9800 and not the motherboard I think that tells you the power cable is not connected.
  10. Viper is absolutely right, we forget that the poor thing was never made to go higher than 200mhz lol
  11. It does register, but when you are at for example 100fps, going 5% higher or lower... doesnt matter. What I can tell you is that I still get pretty good memory bandwidth in Sandra for my timings. (3596/3348) I dont know the impact of lower latencies on games like Farcry that stretch everything, but I still play it everything at high with no problems.
  12. Intel systems dont suffer as much from high latencies, and I guess the faster AMD systems will get, the less the memory will need to be with low latencies. I have Corsair XMS4000 running at 240 (2.6v) 3-4-4-8 CPC ON. I know in memory benches latency makes a difference, but in real games and apps it doesnt change much and I dont have to give it 3.3v lol
  13. BIOS 5/5 with 1-31 romsip 43532240 This bios rocks for my LPB, I'm at 250fsb cpc on could never go over 225 before. Not 100% stable but at least I can hope for stability with a little tweaking.
  14. I use MG Chemicals "Electrosolve Contact Cleaner" (zero residu) on all my computer parts, maybe you can find it or something similar where you live.
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