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  1. Oz?! the HBO Oz??? AG, bring lube XD
  2. they just follow the US gov't in AUS ... Canada is fine except if you're french canadian
  3. I agree with the definition ... sounds very logical to me ... Also, my discreet math prof told us about Arrow's Theorem ... according to him, there are 4 basic "things" that a voting system has to satisfy to be considered a "good" voting system ... and it is pretty much impossible to make a system to correspond to that ... IMO, a perfect voting system = selection by unanimouse vote (like in death penalty cases)
  4. bush people are saying Kerry conceded ...
  5. but there are people who want to force you to vote when u can't make up your mind ... like puffy's "vote or die" campaign (if he meant it literally) South Park doesn't try to "be" funny ... they try to show WTF is going on in simpler terms ... because when u ask a politician about (FOR EXAMPLE) if we need stricter gun control laws (clearly a yes or no, or a maybe answer, right?), he will say something along the lines of "we need to look at the situation and apply proper 'treatment'" ... this is not answering the question ... and South Park basically says what I said ... and I didn't try to be funny ...
  6. I meant as far as the context of the point is concerned ...
  7. they don't influence votes ... if you saw the episodes, you'd get what they said very clearly ... 1.) PETA are eco terrorists (nothing new) 2.) Most people are taking the voting thing a bit TOO seriously 3.) We will always have to choose between a giant dousche and a turd sandwich 4.) People will force you to vote for SOMEONE 5.) Others will try to BUY your vote So, I don't see how it can swing MY vote or anyone "sane" (most dfi streeters are sane) ... they don't even TRY to swing anyone or anything. South Park is the daily show of what is going on in general (Daily Show is mostly politics) ...
  8. it is about 2:35AM (EST) Wed Nov 3, 2004 SO FAR: as precincts reported so far and assuming Hawaii will go Democrat Bush - 281 Kerry - 257 SO FAR!!! NBC4: Bush - 269 Kerry - 211 FOX5: Bush - 269 Kerry - 238 ABC7: Bush - 249 Kerry - 225 UPN9: Same as FOX5 (they are together) Bush - 269 Kerry - 238 CNN.com: Bush - 249 Kerry - 242
  9. AG, recall the South Park episode on voting ...
  10. slavik

    Got Pets?

    never seen a cat like THAT ...
  11. Does the PCI bus have it's own clock generator like on nf2?
  12. katch, if talked with a russian accent, you'd pass as a russian in brooklyn any day
  13. yup the random Z's are place holders AFAIK, the others shouldn't be name unless someone named them
  14. your RAM should do 230MHz FSB easy (1:1, 2-2-2-11) ANY socket cooler is 100% compatible (hole mount are another story) BIOS? anything of the 6/19 series should be very good (modded or otherwise) I would go with the latest official though and get a BIOS Savior just in case (and flash all BIOS to there)
  15. LMAO ... this proves that doctors are really smarter than lawyers and lawyers want money for cheap work ... XD
  16. slavik

    Raid 0

    sound, is it true that when Voodoo3 card came out that it cost 500USD at the time of release? I believe someone was arguing that the vid card prices WAY before were something like today and that we shouldn't complain ... I dunno for sure how this was, since I wasn't on the scene before august 1999 (when I started reading stuff, geforce2 ultra was already avail at the time)
  17. slavik

    Raid 0

    sound, do you welcome 2x6800U in SLI? there is also a cost vs. performance thing going ...
  18. "stability" of anything on the motherboard is NOT controlled by the BIOS at ALL
  19. slavik

    Raid 0

    ExRoadie, my point EXACTLY what stated above this post It's just that there are people who think that RAID0 is a "must" especially if they have "mission critical" data ... RAID0 is like computers in general, it is not "the end of all ends" ...
  20. on buffered memmory bandwidth ... not unbuffered ...
  21. slavik

    Raid 0

    Also, about ATTO and HD-Tach, are they testing random reads or sequential read? because then it's like using the "less than X dollars" and "upto X amount" ... upto and less than are very vague ... too vague IMO so, PCI bus, on regular desktop motherboard can handle UPTO 133MB/sec ... does it actually go that far? who knows ...
  22. slavik

    Raid 0

    Not bashing ... what I'm saying is that the performance increase is not worth the risk of losing data ... especially if u need it ... it's like before the 90nm A64 ... was the price of socket939 justified with the rather small performance increase? Answer is NO, it wasn't ... RAID 0 is a very similar situation, besides the fact that it's not a "true" RAID, since there is no redundancy ...
  23. I'm trying to comprehend how it is possible to stick in memtest86+ in a BIOS chip WITH the BIOS ... is memtest86+ actually small enough and there is enough space for it on the BIOS chip??? also, would it be possible to mod the BIOS so that if u press F3 or something like that it will boot to memtest86+ without having to go into the BIOS?
  24. timings vs FSB ... higher FSB means higher theoretical bandwidth ... but higher the timings the slower it will take to access the RAM ... imagine a water pump connected to a pipe ... you send someone to turn it on ... increasing the FSB is like increasing the RPM of the pump motor, but increasing timings is like increasing the time it takes the person to get to the pump and turn it on ... if you get my point, then you will see how RDRAM was better than DDR for acessing larger files less times ...
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