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  1. Congrats. Being a parent is the greatest thing
  2. No.... Does not even look like chicken. The meat is a dark red colour.
  3. If you look around you can even find EMU, mainly at specialty restaurants thou.
  4. Had some Kangaroo steaks the other night not too bad. You can get it at my local supermarket. Great talking point at a BBQ Bruce
  5. This article is in the latest PC Authority magazine. http://www.pcauthority.com.au/review.aspx?CIaRID=4732 Specifications 3.73GHz (over*clocked) Intel Core 2 Extreme QX6700 2GB OCZ PC2-8500 SLI RAM eVGA Nforce 680i motherboard 2 x 74GB WD Raptors (RAID0) 500GB WD HDD; Pioneer DVR-112D 18x dual-layer DVD-RAM writer 2 x 768MB Nvidia GeForce 8800 GTX graphics Creative X-Fi XtremeMusic sound Windows Vista Ultimate 1yr onsite warranty Off the shelf overclocking if you have a lazy $AUD 7300 burning a hole in your pocket.
  6. Born in Bundaberg, Queensland, Australia. Home of the Famous Bundy Rum....
  7. Hey I was in the US a few weeks ago I thought Coor's was not too bad. Can't beat OZ beer thou.
  8. Have you tried to overclock ur system? or do you suspect that these temps will stop you. I do not think that these temps would prevent you from getting some overclock. So if you are just focus Just on the temp you might be missing something else that is stopping you. I have found a couple of things with this board. You need to give the CPU atleast 1.45 V, you need to get all the settings for the ram in the bios right, Get the FSB/multiplyer combo right. I found you go from getting nothing at all tearing your hair out to what my overclock ceiling when do I stop this is great. Bruce
  9. In Australia www.scorptec.com.au DFI, OCZ, G Skill etc
  10. The best bios is the offical DFI 6/19. I have tried them all but alway returned to this one. Bruce
  11. These are my settings Memory Hole - Disabled Max Mem Clock - 200 Mem Timing - 1t Cas# Latency - 3 Ras# to Cas# delay - 3 Min Ras active time - 8 Row Pre charge - 2 Write Rec Rime - auto Ras# to Res# Delay - 2 bus clocks Row refresh time - 16 bus clocks Row cycle time - 8 bus clocks Write to read delay - 2 bus clocks Read to write delay - 3 bus clocks Refresh rate 3120 cycles Write cas latency - 7ns Read preamble - 4ns Dynamic indle cycle counter - 256 DDR output driving - normal DDR DQ drive strength - auto ECC Function - disable CPU Vid control - 1.45 volts CPU Volt adj - default Chipset volts - 1.65 volts Memory volts - 2.8 volts Hope this helps. My system is very stable Bruce
  12. Get a 939 board. Gives you more CPU options especially dual core. I am happy with my Ultra-D, have not had even one problem. Bruce
  13. Your could also try some GSkill PC4000 HV. They have performed well for me and could be abit cheaper than OCZ. I have some OCZ pc3200 TCCD ram as well that works very well, But I wanted to upgrade to 2 gig and these modules were much more competetively priced than the similar OCZ stuff and that swayed me to them. Been great ram so far. Bruce
  14. The best protection is to unplug your gear include the phone line from the modem if you know a storm is coming. Bruce
  15. You could try setting the DDR Output driving to "weak" and to DDR drive strength to 50%. Other than that you will not find much if any difference in running 2,3,3,5 to 2,3,2,5. Bruce
  16. Try here http://www.houseofhelp.com/forums/forumdis...php?forumid=128
  17. Hi all, I have just installed a logitech quickcam pro 5000 webcam. I got it because it had a microphone built in. The trouble is when the driver for the web cam microphone is installed I lose the diretx hardware acceralation features of my soundblaster Audigy 4 sound card. When you disable the webcam microphone all's well with the sound card. It also effects the onboard sound card as well.... Does anybody have a clue one this????? Bruce
  18. Get a USB to PS2 adaptor. They are readly available. Go ask at a computer store they might even give you one. Then you can plug the usb keyboard into the PS2 slot.
  19. Nortons internet security. Never had a problem
  20. Search for "War Mod" and give that a try Bruce
  21. A_G, I hope u are paid well from DFI, If not u should be putting some pressure on them as they are getting alot out of this place and they should help u support it. I was one of the first few members and it amazes me at the growth in membership in the last year or two. Did you imagine that there would have more then 16000 members when all this started? I for one did not mind when you had some ad banners, and if it helps financally to improve the site administration that can be only a good thing. Good luck, thanks and for the site. Bruce
  22. Is it running AGP X 8?. I would try using the ATI utility to completely uninstall the card drivers. Reboot let windows find a driver for it. Then reinstall the ATI software. Don't forget depending on what ati driver and interface u are using, one will require .net to be installed first. Bruce
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