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  1. Think you will find the 9600GT's are faster than an HS3850 and slower than an HS3870 so no butt kicking there lol. Time will tell. Viper
  2. What it means is AMD is now going to loose money on every 38x0 that goes out the door. It was bad enough that AMD proper was gushing red from every pore and now uncle Hector has found yet another way to for AMD to bleed a little more. I swear that guy is a plant from Intel lol! Prediction...AMD will be a division IBM in less than 12 months. Viper
  3. PowerColor has a non reference, OC version that is quite a bit shorter. Viper
  4. Incorrect. The 3870 X2 is a CrossFire pair on a common PCB. The advantage is you do not need a CrossFire motherboard to use it just as NV's GX2 cards will SLI in a CF MB. Viper
  5. It does matter if it is 2,3 or 4. The memory is not additive in SLI or CF. The same resolution/AA versus memory size limits apply just like a single card. Viper
  6. 1600x1200 in Crysis at high detail would be a damn slide show with 256Mb cards. 1280x1024 is the top for 256 cards. Viper
  7. That $45 quite literally got you a card that will rope, hog tie, shoot and butcher your old GTS 320Mb in about 10 seconds lol. Viper
  8. Yeah but heaven help ya if you ever have to RMA it. Sapphire RMA's are slower than mollasis plus you get the privilege of paying the shipping both ways!!! Viper
  9. Sold American - $450 plus Ship The base card is a new and unregistered XFX 8800GT Alpha Dog Edition with the following mods: ViperFang-IV Black Diablo 1/2" Water Block Viper SuperSink RamSinks NSTIM EpoxyLess ( All mods are reversible for RMA/Warranty purposes ) Vcore Mosfet and Vmem Mosfet Aux Heatsinks Card Power Supply Area 50mm Active Cooler GPU Vcore Hard Mod GPU Vcore OCP Hard Mod Vmem Buck Hard Mod Full Custom Clocked Bios with Memory Timings Tightened to Qimonda 1.6ns Chip Spec Max card OC is 864Rop x 2052Shader / 1026 Memory. Card out runs my best modded Ultra in 3DM05 and in 3DM06 (160.02 drivers used in Ultra test). Full test report available on request. Just email [email protected] Will sell and ship International. For International - Shipping, Insurance and PayPal Foreign Exchanges Fee not included in price. Contact me for additional international charges (varies radically with country and distance).
  10. Thanks. They get the job done. Will be adding an Viper'ed 8800GT to the pictures in the next few days. After that it gets sold. Viper
  11. It's funny. I bought from Monarch several times and never had any issues. It was probably just a timing thing though. I used them years ago before they got into financial trouble. Once that happens thing can go to hell in a hand basket real quick. Viper
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