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  1. s0ulfly

    Corsair Mem Probs

    im having some realy wierd problems w the smx 4400 i cant even get to windows without a bsod ( the sticks can run memtest for 4:30 hours and give 0 errors ) so i was like WTF i tried my old kingston bh-5 and no problems no more bsods
  2. im having some issues w the same HDD mine will work fine but it hangs the comp one or two times every day but this one gets detected by bios every time :S
  3. comp bsod'd a few mins ago heres what the bsod show'd IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL STOP 0x0000000A ( 0x00000218, 0x00000002, 0x00000001, 0x805001F9)
  4. had the same problem w a booteable cd tried w a floopy disk and problem solved
  5. ok i will run memtest tonight and prime tomorrow if memtest goes ok could it be a proble w the hdds ? thanks for the help
  6. how much time should i run memtest ?
  7. ok im having some big problems :S im getting bsods and some times the comp just freeze :confused: i have tried fresh windows instal tons of nforce drivers and 2/18-3/10-4/14-5/10 bioses now the comp has zero overclock cpu defacult ram default vga etc... i have 2 hdds the OS is on the hitachi(sata port 1) and the maxtor(sata port 4) is just for storage im using the marvel ethernet (with dfi cd drivers) and karajan audio (with realtek drivers) if you need more information to help me just ask
  8. s0ulfly

    should i get these ?

    ya im thinking the same to much cash for 512 extra l2 ima test the winnie under water 1st and then i will see if i keep it or get a venice
  9. s0ulfly

    should i get these ?

    i wanna get a new cpu bcus this winnie max at 2600 its not stable im hoping for 2900/3000ghz bencheable on the venice or sandiego the price for the cpus here in argentina are 3200 venice box 278 u$s 3700 san diego box 440 u$s
  10. s0ulfly

    should i get these ?

    but what cpu should i get the 3200 venice or 3700 san diego keep in mid that it will run under water coler no phase changer or ubber sub zero temps yes about 1.6v for 2600
  11. hello ok i have a decent winnie (it goes up to 2600 w amd hs) and some tccd ram but im not happy w them :tooth: so i can get a sd 3700 or a venice 3200 AND some gskill la but i dunno what proc should i get :S money is not the problem, i will be cooling the chosen one w a custom water cooler should i test this winnie under water 1st or sell it and get the sd or venice directly thanks :cat:
  12. wow great bios i would like to know if your gonna be doing some 1 for tccd ram in the near future thx
  13. mine can run 300 2.5 4-3-8/7 stable and 315 2.5 4-3-7 for benching all this with less than 3.1 vdimm will test w a san diego in a week or two but i need some water cooling this stock amd cooling is getting old