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  1. Thanks for the support guys, I need all I can get. It's just so tough because of the children, their ages are 9,7, and 2 years old. Me and her got married young.She was 15 and I was 19, it lasted 10 years.Bah no need talking about. Thanks everyone. Jerry.
  2. Well hello every1! I been gone for a while. dad gum it going through a divorce after 10 years and 3 children.I never thought this would've happened to me. I thought for a long time that I wasn't gonna make it, but I'm getting better. Sorry to throw up my problems people it's just I can't believe what's happened. Hello to everyone especially rgone,angry games and king God bless you all.
  3. Hey folks! I'm useing the 3.13's still, are there better ones?
  4. Well guys I'm not running my rig at what my sig shows now, The reason I say not to laugh is because I've added 2x256 Corsair pc3200 sticks to my setup to where I'd have a gig of ram and damn..... With the one stick of 512 Mushkin 222 special I was running at 248x10.5 with ram timeings of 11,2,2,2, this was with cpc off.Since I put the two Corsair sticks wich has enabled dual channel btw, I now have to run my machine at 215x12 with ram timeings of 11,3,3,2, with cpc on, now check this out!On 3dmark01 with what my sig shows I was getting 18,6xx, and now with these 2 extra sticks of Corsair with lower fsb and cpc on I'm getting 19,2xx. Be4 with 512 of ram Doom3 was choppy on high quality, now on high quality with a gig of ram, it's flawless on high quality.Same goes for Far Cry, on the highest setting, it runs smooth as silk. I know running mismatched ram is a no no, but damn it shore is beautiful in my case.:nod: Just thought I'd fill you guys in on my experience. Also sorry for sounding funny, but the herb has got to me. Looks like I'll be primeing for a new sig.
  5. I Played for 8 strait hours. LoL Went to bed at 4 am this mornin.:shake: DOOM3 OWNZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. http://www.ua-corp.com/ thing seems ssssllllllllllllooooooowwwww to me.:mad:
  7. Good to hear that you've found the solution to your problem.
  8. Cant wait.:shake: :shake: :shake: http://doom3.com/
  9. I find takeing a valium helps me.
  10. I say go with the last option you listed.
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