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  1. I just recently switched from the Abit-IN9-MAX to the ICFX-3200.Everything went fine. The 1 and only Issue I had was the System would not Post with my 1950XTX installed,The Post Code display would Get a correpted 1 diget and all the Fans would spin up but no Post.After a Bit of hardware checking I figured out the Board would post only with a Different video card installed.(1950PRO) I tried to Plug the mini molex in and even moved the card to a different slot.With the 1950PRO the system works fine but not with the 1950XTX.The XTX just came out a system and I tested in in a Different board and it works fine. I remember way back in the 9700PRO/9800PRO days there where certin boards/coupled with certin ATI card Builds they would upon post they the cards would draw to many amps and shut down the system. giving the apperence of a weak powersupply but in the same system/same PS but different board they would work fine. Well no Matter, I will Look into this. I Like the Board I have strayed from DFI the Last couple years but have a Good feeling about this Current product. I will Update my Sig Soon.
  2. Yes I do. I will send it out and PM you a tracking #
  3. Hey I am able to reproduce the ESCD update just as you explained. What I did was use the Easy overclocking feature set it to 15% and set Vdimm from 2.6 to 2.8. I get the ESCD update success just about everytime now. I emailed DFI tech, they will get back to me here soon.
  4. From Post # 142. "CHEMICALLY INCONVENIENCED." This is Me all the time!!
  5. That would be the best I have seen since the XP1700 days. gota Love those semprons.
  6. hey I called DFI Tech support, LOL. They have no idea who I am and always return my calls. It was frank that called me back and I ask him about the ESCD issue. He suggested I reflash the bios not using the Dimondflash image and stated I should use the /F Key. To force the flash. This will flash the complete rom without any traces of older images. I did this and I loaded defaults once after the flash. I am running stock now and have done 6 reboots one every 15 min. 3 reboots complete shut down. 3 reboots complete shutdown and turing the power switch off on the modstream. sofar i have not seen the ESCD update yet. before I would have atleast seen it once if not twice. So If you have time can you try this Procedure and see if your results vary?? I have no Idea if the bios version makes a difference. I am stuck with the 3/25 version it is the only only one that supports the 6XX chips.
  7. hey I can use clockgen and go from 200 HTT to 240HTT in one click. All bios settings are default and it is doom stable. is that crazy?? or what. we should have a contest on how many MHZ you can gain stbale in one click with CG. oh, I love this board. i am going to up my vary first UT250GB post I found it. Some times this forum gets tireing with all the complaints. I figure i can use some space up my self for selfish reasons.
  8. I sure Like the Raid controler on this board. I am seeing the Best HD Tach scores yet on thoses 2 spinpoint drives in Raid 1. Even better than the SCSI I have, It is only U160 32 Bit PCI. Stupid, running crap, Jesus I might have to start back on the Meds unless something acts Up around Here!!! Hey whats up with the intel Toaster, even though there are only 5 of Us. It would be cool.
  9. The Power streams have Long cables, on the other hand the Modstreams would have some issues. The ATX on the modstreams are vary short. Perfect for my case but the p180 would be a No go with out EXtensions. This is FYI.
  10. Are C drive and D drive Partitions on One drive?? if not then Just unplug C drive(Power) and boot up. If you have to move the drive to a different IDE. if C/D are partitions on one drive then Just suto Load XP Pro again and fomate the C side of the drive, then reboot. Your Server OS will still be intact on D.
  11. I get that Udate ESCD every 2-3 boots, thats when not eventering the bios. I was wondering what was up. I have not pinpointed any Problems assoiated with thus far. But I wonder what is changeing the Data or if the Rom is Loosing data for some reason.?
  12. There is nothing about computing that is absolute. I would set your timmings up to 6,3,3,2.5 and see if the problem go's away this will give you a Idea if the Memory is the Issue. If you are running stock you will never see the difference in the timmings.
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