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  1. As to the CPU itself it is an Allendale... E6300, E6400 have 2MB shared cache = Allendale E6600, E6700 have 4MB shared cache = Conroe That's really the only difference.
  2. I believe that is a ceramic "heat sink". At least that's what it looks like to me.
  3. As matthewsr2000 mentioned, voltage...what's the Vcore set at?..... bios will set it to .9 by default but it should be set manually to 1.35/1.4 (could be the reason it won't boot at higher speeds).
  4. Sorry, should have said earlier that you just put in the last 12 digits/letters of the sticker.......
  5. Double check the XP disk and see what it reads as in " My Computer", and look at the 3 underlined letters If it's FPP it's retail, CCP is upgrade......OEM of course means it's oem.
  6. That is way too high for the V-core.
  7. Vcore @ 1.85 ?!?.....way to high, you're gonna burn something up. Reading this thread through again I think you misunderstood "V-chip to 1.7".....he means chipset voltage not V-core.
  8. look at number 1 in this pic (large circle is pwmic, small circle is the sensor)
  9. I've got the Vantec copper cooler on mine and it fits perfectly, http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16835110103 I've also used the one you linked to and had to drill some holes in it to get it to fit right..... but it did work.
  10. Yep.... most of us using 2gig with the Newarks have this problem ( though for most of us they will boot up to about 180mhz ), but here is a trick that works great for me to get the mem running up to speed http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showpost.p...74&postcount=13 If ya need some help with it, feel free to PM me.
  11. Learners permit means that many times (if you have a Sata and a Pata HDD attached), windows will place the boot files on the IDE drive even though the rest of the files get placed on the Sata. Best way to avoid this is to unplug all Pata drives when installing OS on a Sata.
  12. Newegg has em now....$224.99.... outch! http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16813136009
  13. Exactly Maarek_Stele.... alot of us Newark users can't boot above 180-185mhz using 2gig of Infineon mem. But there is a workaround using A64tweaker to get it up to speed after getting into windows. http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showpost.p...74&postcount=13
  14. Went through the same thing once (IIRC I used the front USB port also).... Anywho, what finally worked was shutting down the machine and turning off the PSU for a few seconds... booted back up and everything has been fine since. May have been a fluke, but it's worth a try.
  15. I would consider using Nlite to slipstream it.... Nlite will make a bootable ISO image for you. You can then burn it with nero express ( use the "Disk Image or Saved Project" option ).
  16. Pretty sure it will go fine for ya....... let us know.
  17. I believe the 8-27 was the Initial release bios......and it has the problem of no boot when you turn off the CPU throttling..... just flash to the 5-04 or 6-23 and it will be fixed.
  18. Shouldn't be a need to disable CPU throttling..... I've always loaded default bios settings before flashing, and never had a problem with throttling being enabled during flash.
  19. Wish ya the best, hope that sucker is the answer to the 2gig Infineon problem :tooth:
  20. Umm......that's the whole point of CS ( not needing to config either of the drives ). That's how my two HDD's are set. With CS, the one on the end cable will always be master and the one in the middle is slave. @albumleaf I've never gotten a HDD and a burner to behave well together on the same IDE channel, have you tried HDD's on one channel and burners on the other?
  21. Ummm......just got off from a 12 hour night shift and can't remember the numbers lol, But you want the two above the AGP slot, not the one's by the Cmos batt :tooth:
  22. Looking at the "Supported BUSes" page, found here http://www.almico.com/forumbuses.php it only mentions ATI's SB300 & SB400....not the SB450. You may need to wait for another update for SpeedFan to use it.
  23. When this happens to me, I can usually get back into bios by holding the "insert" key while powering up. If that doesn't work, clear Cmos for at least 10 minutes with battery removed and PSU power off.
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