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  1. Loose Change 2nd Edition can be viewed for free @ Google Video and Angry is emailing the guys at Loose Change to see if he can host the full video here on the server.
  2. Scared the crap out of me with that title, thought something had happened to you. I let my beater car go in October that I had had since I was 15. It had a lot of memories so my thoughts are with you in this time of grieving.
  3. Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I haven't been around much lately, but you all mean a great deal to me because of all you do. Hope you all are safe and eat till you bust! I know I will .
  4. Yay! Thanks for the good news Buck. I haven't been able to check yet since I just got home from work (teaching is seriously cutting into my fantasy stuff). I thought I would have done much better but for some odd reason, Marc Bulger blew up yesterday. It had me scared I will admit. Good job to all the other winners!
  5. Yeah it was a tough decision I had to make with my defense. I pondered dropping one of the many WR I have and picking up another defense for weeks like the past one. In the end though, I decided it might not be worth it.
  6. I beat Angry, that made my whole season .
  7. I am still angry that I left that dude on the bench with 40pts. It's just a waste of a good game is all, not because I am vindictive. Really I swear, I am not .
  8. Writing me off so quickly may not be a smart thing to do Mr. Carter. You and your Bacon better watch it.
  9. Yay! I won! My boys did well this week and I think the right decision by benching a couple of players and playing a few others. I think Joe Jurivicius is going to get some playing time this week. Especially if Cleveland has another blow up game like last week.
  10. someone know how to do an IP/hostmask check? ps UK is a proper country/place...we allow users with just "USA" in their location so anywhere in UK is ok, but a hostmask check will verify that he is in the UK
  11. he has another for you that is Chilly Willy and some dynamite with a sign on it saying "Free Dynamite!" ps you better trade LT to Angry or he'll ban you :tooth:
  12. Romo was a fantasy owner's dream last year for about 6 games until he took a crap. Lets hope he doesn't do the same this year...
  13. Man, it was hard watching that Dallas/NY game last night. I felt like a schizo having to cheer for the defense and the quarterback to do well all in one game. Good old Tony Romo came through for me though and I really hate that I had to say that. I loathe the Cowboys! In the spirit of good sportsmanship though, good game Nannies, I will lose gracefully tonight (with no guys going and only a 4pt. lead it looks like its going to happen) but watch out next week because I will be back with a vengeance.
  14. You all ready to get the smack down, sissy boys? Momma is in the house to kick you all back to tomorrow so you all better watch out!
  15. I don't have to defend or explain my infatuation with firemen, they are just usually hot. Congrats on the new job! Don't worry you are safe, I have a certain computer nerd who lights my fire, hehe.
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