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  1. Ain't gaming stable for me though, no matter what config and bios settings. Does not seem to really like my Corsair BH-5 sticks... Gone back to 510-3 (-3 been the best version for me ever) and can play games as usual, same settings as Hellfire bios^^ Maybe you can create an excellent modded bios based on -3 as well!? Cheers, SAE
  2. Great bios, Hellfire :nod: I flashed yesterday without hiccoughs... yellow slots really seem to work better than orange ones. Keep it up, mate
  3. Maybe an error occured during transfer... who knows. Most important thing: it works now
  4. Hmm, it's been in a zip file, could you extract it without errors? I am 100% sure, it's the original infinity file, the peeps who got it from me never complained. Shall I resend it to ya, mate?
  5. I 'd suggest ya to lower the LDT multiplier one notch as well... some peeps are having problems at high ram clocks. ( I had to set it to 3x at 270MHz 1:1)
  6. A friend told me, there were also problems with his TCCD and this DFI. He had to up vdimm to 3V iirc. Try that as well...
  7. Yeah... I am using it. You just have to plug it to the upper row of the onboard connectors with the black wire (ground) pointing to the left. That works 100%
  8. SAE

    Lanparty NFII Ultra B raising FSB

    Try to change slots... when using 1&3 try 2&3... or the other way around. Try to change slots for the single sticks, in my experience each stick has its favourite slot. Try to use other alpha settings... I used 2-0-3-3-1-0-3 for the latest NF2 benches... (before I sold it). A good burn in helps a lot too. You said, the person you got the ram from was running it 240 at 2.9V. I guess he had it running in an A64 board. Those tend to clock ram much better due to shorter signal way to the integrated mem controller (very low latencies). Try to let the ram burn in for 24hours at 3.3V and 250MHz fastest timings possible... (11-2-2-2-2.0-9-12-e-e-f-e-2-0-3-3-1-0-3) That may help as well. Furthermore several board/ram combinations seemed to like lower vdd voltages, some also needing 2V+ for vdd. G'luck mate.
  9. Bittornado and emule are both fine with my config. Also using the 6.53 nvidia drivers.
  10. Man, I also had some problems with 300MHz HTT+ as it was impossible to boot up windows or memtest with each HTT/RAM divider. It just hung there. Do you get this high? Can you boot into OS with 300fsb 1:1? I cannot use 1:1 since I have bh-5
  11. Thanks, Carl Yeah, let's hope for a rev3-like bios for our NF4 boards.
  12. Try rev2 and rev3. Rev3 is not only the best one for benching but also the most stable one at high clocks. I think I've proven that Rev2 was the bios for 512mb bh-x owners. Check this out first. If you are not satisfied with what you get... take rev3
  13. He also has the rev A02 Ultra-D. Nothing spectacular. And it's not modded. We ATI guys don't need that at the moment
  14. Yeah, A_G. That's possible, the memcontroller does not like them being run together. But maybe OSKAR can try and look into that issue, he may be able to comment on what exactly the problem is and if it can be fixed.
  15. Hmm, our testing led us to thinking there is no difference... (within a margin of error).