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  1. Here is my gamertag, got my Xbox I won about a month and a half ago. RTrinh
  2. The only game I've bought for my PS3 so far is the THPS game from Costco for 9 bucks, I do have a GTA4 preorder right now but I think I'm expecting a 360 next month from another contest I won so it looks like the preorder is going to be switched to the 360. Resistance I borrowed that from my friend but I didn't finish it, I can't play FPS games on a controller, I really suck so the only games I can remember that I want to play on the PS3 is MGS4, GT5, and Little Big Planet, theres probably a few more but I just can't think of it right now.
  3. It maybe a once in a lifetime thing to happen but last year I sent a trouble ticket complaining about my harddrive BSOD problem but after getting a reply from Western Digital about my model not supporting NCQ I fixed my problem (disable it no more BSOD). :eek2: But today I got a reply from Nvidia, I first submitted this on November 20, 2006 at 11:08 AM PST. And almost 6 months later I finally get a reply with: Hello Robin, During a review of the case queues and spam filters of our online case handling system, we found this case still sitting open. Our apologies for missing this case when it was first submitted. Please let us know if this is still an open issue and we will do our best to resolve it. Best regards, *name taken out* It must have been real bad spam to miss mine for so long, luckly I'm not that dumb to just sit and wait and was able to solve it another way. So once again this is not to bash Nvidia, I found it funny to see this in my inbox when I checked it this afternoon, hopefully no one else got something like this that really needed help.
  4. [H] at that time for review did use the most current drivers at that time which was 8.374 but 8.38 was out during the weekend. Maybe they will update their article with it but like I've said and many others said before the drivers are still immature. I belive a few cards from both NV and ATI had zero driver support for a month or two when it came out new or a refresh. At least be happy that there are some drivers for these new cards and ATI is working on putting out better ones then just saying "use driver version x for now." I hope I don't sound like a ATI fan boy cause I'm not.
  5. Haha Dell removed it around the time you posted about it. That would kick butt if you got one. I still want to get one but I've started to think about waiting till they shrink the core since I didn't think about my PSU being able to support it.
  6. The only place I've really seen in-game peformance is from IT-review but at the conclusion of their first test (using a AMD rig?) they mentioned how Company of Heroes was high but was the opposite with the rest was most likely driver issue. If you read more on other places people talk about the 8.38 drivers giving a peformance boost and we don't know what drivers they used for their testing. Theres a ton of 3dmark scores around but I would also like numbers for games, I think its just immature drivers just like the 8800 in the beginning, I'll still gamble my chances on the card though, its just asking my parents to actually let me spend my money that will be hard. As for the pcie connectors you don't need a 8pin to just use it, but to overclock via overdrive it will detect if you have a 8pin connected or not, if not it will stay disabled.
  7. I still want to buy one now but I'll probably wait till after Monday, I've been reading around the web the last few days with results and well I guess we can't really tell right now since the sample drivers are not peforming to great just as when the 8800 came out. Another thing is you need a 8pin and 6pin pcie and to overclock in the CCC panel, I'm guessing you can get that one AMD/ATI overclocking program to get around this for now. I think the real thing thats holding me back is will my Maze 4 bolt right on. It looks like it will and I hope it does.
  8. Since solving the problems I had in the beginning which was having a hard time installing XP and finding out NCQ enabled really can't be left on when the HDD doesn't support it, it has been stable since then and recently I bought some Crucial Tracer 8500's from Newegg I've been able to push the HTT a bit more but not past 300, it seems my CPU is at the max. Ah oh well still a great board to me.
  9. Hmm a bit late but I got the Tracers, last tuesday newegg slapped on a extra $30 off on the ram but the following day after I ordered it they had the PC8000 for like $94 bucks after rebate. Anyways just like you said Thasp I'm pretty much maxed with my CPU and I still can't get past 300HTT so I'm doing 280x10 but at least I can do it with a 400 divider. As for the LED's its not that bad if I knew what the red and green ment, maybe read and write but the "ground effects" are just to bright. Oh well still amazing stuff, better than my OCZ Gold in OC but it can't do 1T like the gold can.
  10. Hey guys I'm thinking about getting new ram to see if I can do any better with my overclock. The two choices are here. Crucial Ballistix Tracer PC8500 $175 After rebate http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16820148070 Or Crucial Ballistix PC8000 $131 After rebate http://www.mwave.com/mwave/viewspec.hmx?sc...92&RSKU=BA23792 Is it worth the extra $44 bucks for something a bit faster and eye candy? Do you think because the higher rated one could be binned better? Over at XS forums theres a thread and it looks like the Tracer's are clocking very high but I haven't kept up with the regular Ballistix. Some input be helpful, thanks guys.
  11. Great to hear that a simple driver solved the problem.
  12. With everything off and its still powering off by itself have you tried a different power supply? How about with the long CMOS reset did you pull out the CMOS battery? Also just wondering, what bios date was shipped with the "yellow" dot CMOS chip?
  13. I have the dual core optimizer and hotfix installed.
  14. Sounds very tempting to get a pair of 8800 with the money I saved up.
  15. Looks like fileplanet just got a patch for Stalker up 15 minutes ago or so. It fixes 68 problems but once you patch the saves will not work anymore.
  16. Yep, I read all about that, thats why I put on some longer ones and it has helped. I may try some even longer ones for trial and error.
  17. F6 is quicksave, F7 is quickload. Yep.. took me a while to find that out and I was doing it the retarded way just like you AG. I reinstalled my Cat drivers from 7.1 omega to 7.2, had some screen problems so went back to regular 7.1 and my resources error went away but I do get a fatal error now going to the base north of the bar so I've been avoiding that while doing the rest of the missions I need to do. Also because of the crash I tend to quicksave after each major fight since I get more stuff or whatever. I also gave up and just got a trainer so I have 0 weight, I really should've hex edited instead because I'm using inf health and inf ammo too haha. A good tip is head to the military base north of the bar and kill all the guys there, they drop some nice rifles that actually deal good damage and have great accuracy. There is also a RPG launcher directly west of the bar area also.
  18. AG the openal32.dll file that is incuded is actually broken so no eax 2.0 detected suprise suprise. If you still have BF2 installed, copy BF2openal.dll to the bin folder of Stalker and rename it to openal32.dll and it works fine now. As for multicore support in the readme it says this: I don't see both of my cores being used well so I think thats broken. And for to top it all, I made it to the Bar and decided to goto the military building north and all I get now is this. I can't play the game anymore it just crashes after a few minutes usually requiring me to restart the computer.
  19. Thats a nice setup, I'm guessing theres nothing blocking the reception?
  20. Yep that is a problem I have, I live on the bottom of the hill with a school on top and that 3 story home I mentioned about right behind the house blocking the view to the city's broadcast tower. I tried a few of those powered antennas and they didn't have any help over the old rabbit ears I had. So I went ahead and built my own antenna that I found some plans someone posted on an DIY HD boards and I made this. I was very suprised that it picked up all the channels my rabbit ears did and with some movement around the room I'm able to pickup all but one digital channel available in the city. Tomorrow I'm planning to put on some longer copper wires which I hope will help get a stronger reception as in the link said to use 14" "rods" and I used 8".
  21. Hey guys, Has anyone here made their own antenna to pick up OTA HD channels? I've been looking around and saw a few plans on how to make one but I was wondering if anyone has made one on this board. I've been playing around with a pretty old but still working great antenna moving it around my room to see where I can get the best reception and also made a simple two sold copper wire antenna that sits horizontal and it works just as well as my other antenna. The problem is picking up the channels on the VHF band. Another problem is the only windows I have in my room face west which the city tv tower is but a 3 story house is built right behind my house a few yards away, which I'm thinking is part of the problem why I'm not picking up the HD channels 2 through 7 to well. Thanks in advance!
  22. So I got my PS3 and TV on Friday and I've been playing with it a bit, mostly with the TV finding the best spot to pickup over the air HD channels. Played a level of CoD3 and well its cool but because Sony is lame and didn't include at least component cables it plays at 480i so I have a HDMI cable on the way from the egg. I downloaded most of the demos avaliable on the online PS store and Resistance is not bad I might get the game to bad it doesn't support keyboard and mouse like UT3 will have. I'll try to spend some more time with it but so far all I can say is the PS3 makes a great space heater. Oh ya I bought Flow and I wish I knew the game was short but it was a very simple game which I enjoyed, I may buy Blast Factor which I guess you can say is the PS3 Geometry Wars but of course its nothing alike.
  23. What are you using as the fluid right now? You may wanna flush it out thoroughly and just refill it again with distilled water and radiator coolent or watercooling additive you want. Just don't use bleach because its a corrsive. Vinegar I read also works but personally when I went to setup my loop I just filled up about 1/3rd of the radiator (estimated) and gave it a good shake and flushed it out with just plain old tap water. I also cleaned the blocks before installing too. Using distilled water with some radiator coolant as the fluid.
  24. RyderOCZ has made a thread over at their OCZ forums with some of his settings with a few different types of OCZ ram http://www.bleedinedgesupport.com/ocz/foru...ead.php?t=25235 I used those settings as a guide to help tweak and get my ram running at 1T.
  25. Have you tried the other slots to see if it makes a difference? I've read that Vista takes a while to install but I personally haven't installed yet.
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