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  1. yes ive up dated the drivers but i ve only tried 1 game so far command on conquer
  2. im saying all the graphic cards do it
  3. hi everybody i have just built a system qx6800 2 x gts 250 1gb 2 x 2gb ocz reapers 8500 ddr2 asus striker extreme mobo 500gb harddrive toughpower 1000 watt psu the problem is when i go to play a game the game starts up but the screen goes pink but u can see every thing but in bad resilution it like the gpus r dead but i ve swapped them with 1 that works otu of another pc i was just wondering if anybody has any ideas i ve try the system on xp and vista and still the same on both
  4. hi everybody just about to buy some gtx280 but cant deside which to go with msi or asus any body got any feed back on them
  5. hi my son split milk on my computer just before chrismas and my insurance company was replacing every thing the same apart from the gpu which they said the was going to put the MSI N280GTX OC HydroGen gpu's in it instead but can anybody give me any feed back or more info on this product
  6. well thanks for the help every body i have 3 way sli and cpu oc to 4 gh so any help will do if anybody is there
  7. im going to water cool all of my system on 2 loop with triple rads which is the best way cpu and chipset on 1 loop and the gpu on the other or the gpu and chipset and chipset and the cpu on the other
  8. so why do the sell them to do that and why do in reviews 3 way sli 280 beat dual 4870x2
  9. so would u say dual 4870X2 is better
  10. do u not read Asus Rampage II Extreme and it is
  11. so would 3 way sli be better BFG GeForce GTX 280
  12. would i be able to put 3 ATI Radeon HD 4870 X2 on to a Asus Rampage II Extreme
  13. because this time im paying some 1 to set it up 4 me lol
  14. so know i need a new 1 thats why i ask
  15. well my last set up as gone to heaven my little boy put milk over it and now it is dead
  16. hi people which would be the best system qx9770 cpu ASUS RAMPAGE EXTREME 2 x ATI Radeon HD 4870 X2 or qx9770 cpu ASUS STRIKER II EXTREME 3 x NVIDIA GeForce GTX 280
  17. all the gpu are on separate lines from the psu i have tried the gpu separate aswell still freezes and separate ram aswell i just cant seen to find what wrong with it think i might have to rma the mobo and cpu to see if is any of them
  18. just doing that know drop down to two ultras and still freezed tock out 2 only 1 left and still freezing just swaping it now do u think it could be the cpu cant be non of the ram did mem test on them 2x 2gb 8 hour x 2 to cover them or what about the mobo
  19. does anybody think it could be a compatiblity issue with any of the hardware
  20. yes when i go to restart in the os it logs out and everything it just does not boot back up
  21. my system is stable when i am in the os but i cant get it to restart with out pressing the reset switch it hangs on the boot screen and on the lcd it say testram, mp init or detectram any body got any ideas
  22. think i have finally figured it out lol about time ! just doing a burnin stabilty test (cpu-simd, cpu-maths, ram-torture ,3d test and video memory test)what is a good temp for fully loaded cpu at 3.6 mhz on 1.275 been running 25 mins not going past 42c
  23. just from my specs how would u have set my bios up just why did i have to build it this hi spec
  24. can anybody else comment on that they only advize you to goto 1.8 volt evp
  25. when i manualy in put the timing and the stock voltage it get the blue screen then re boot stock timing are 6-6-6-20 1333mhz @1.75volt but it only boots stable at 1066 mhz 1.6 volt at the same timings can anybody help and my memory is DDR-3 4 x 2 gb ocz reapers hpc pc3 10666
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