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    3.2 ghz q9450
    asus rampage formula
    Sapphire 4870
    4gb ocz reapers
    tuniq tower
    antec 1200
    24" Samsung
    creative 5.1 speakers
  1. T_J_Collier

    Problem with Wireless network. Need some help

    When i turn off the wireless booster box the latop can connect to the internet however the signal is too weak for the computer to connect
  2. T_J_Collier

    Problem with Wireless network. Need some help

    yes they do i think
  3. Hello I am using a Zyxel 660 hw-t1 wifi router In the house there is also a linksey range expander The two computers connected into the router using ethernet cables run perfectly well. One on vista and one on xp However the wireless two computers are unable to connect. The one on vista is unable to renew its ip address. Have also tried it manually using ipconfig/release- ipconfig/renew The one on xp today i just put a new edimax 7728In in it. http://www.edimax.co.uk/en/produce_detail....1&pl2_id=44 I installed the utility provided. It gets 80 percent signal however when i try to connect it says "limited on no connectivity". I tried to renew ip address manually however comes up with "unable to connect to DHCP server" Try to use the windows one however says wireless zero configuration is disabled. Look at the properties of the connection it either says Invalid ip address or private connection 169.254....... Need some help to solve it
  4. T_J_Collier

    Which Processor??

    gaming and for work And overclocking
  5. Looking to build my second computer however not sure what to go for.
  6. http://www.bit-tech.net/news/hardware/2009...-920-940-cpus/1 I was considering going to i7 but now i may wait to i5. This is beacuse if you do go and the processor breaks it will be very expensive to undgrade to 950 or 975 or server version.
  7. T_J_Collier

    Name That Car!

    Lancia Montecarlo????
  8. T_J_Collier

    Rootkit: Help Needed.

    have you tried microsft malware remover
  9. T_J_Collier

    Just joined....Me Too!

    welcome to occ
  10. T_J_Collier

    OC Q9450 + Asus Rampage Formula Mobo

    i have the same setup Q9450 with asus rampage formula at 3.6ghz When i first got it i was wondering why the clock kept on changing. So i set the multipler to 8 in the bios however the asus software kept changing it to different loads. So i disabled it. It is a pretty good overclocking board.
  11. T_J_Collier

    Rainbow six vegas 2! PLAY IT

    its a great game love playing terrosit takedown in CO-OP
  12. Have you tried using the ati 9.4 drivers
  13. T_J_Collier

    Worst Movie(s) You've Seen

    a film called ' The marine' it is soooo bad
  14. T_J_Collier

    All time favorite movie(s)

    Its got to be Bad boys 2 Or shooter
  15. T_J_Collier


    have unistalled it It is hard to find as it is classed as a update not a programs so didn't find it at first