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  1. With my rubbish Transcend RAM, I had the same problems. Changed from 1T to 2T - no more problems and the mobo is solid as a rock. Can't wait to go on holiday and buy decent RAM!
  2. Will this SATA DVD burner have any conflicts with my SATA RAID setup? Have read far too many problems of various mobo's, Intel chipsets etc..... (SATA optical drives are very scarce here in Darkest Africa!).
  3. zorf

    IDE Port

    Mobo is Lanparty UT nF4 SLI-DR Expert. This is the 3rd DFI mobo I have had - the previous two also had strange problems. This one appears to be rock solid - temps are ±5 degrees lower than the other and, unlike the first one shuts down immediately. First mobo took 70 secs to shut down.
  4. zorf

    IDE Port

    Neither of the 2 IDE ports see any of 3 different DVD RW (all set as Master) nor an IDE Hard drive (set as Master). Mobo running flawlessly with SATA Raid. These parts were removed from another working machine, they were re-installed and all worked. My BIOS is v6.00PG 04/06/2006. The OnChip IDE channels are set to Enabled, the Primary & Secondary Master + Slave PIO are set to Auto as are the Primary & Secondary Master + Slave UDMA. My two previous DFI mobos gave no problem with their IDE ports. Any ideas?
  5. Can anyone recommend a good SATA burner? I read that the MSI XA52P states on it's box 'designed for Intel chipset motherboard. May not work with other chipset'. Toms Hardware confirmed that it did not work with the 655Tx chipset from SIS nor the Southbridge VT8237 from VIA. Lit-on has the hacks and good support. My mobo is a Lanparty UT NF4 SLI-DR EXPERT.
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