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  1. 04/06/2006 i believe it is. Whatever the latest one is on the web site.
  2. Well now i got the OCZ Platinum ram. I have it in now and long story short, OCZ messed up and now I have both the Gold and Platinum series ram. (Neither are in at the same time. Gold is out, Plat. is in) I have run into a problem now however. I cant seem to overclock at all. I have tried various OC's with the HTT at 3x and I even upped the Vcore to 1.4 and still cant get passed the option of Boot from CD:. (which does nto even show up because the computer reboots) Suggestions please.
  3. Temps arent a probelm. Im running under 30C right now.
  4. Ram volts are 2.8. Stock Ram requirement, voltage wise.
  5. Stock cooling. I normally would have ran it for 8hrs, but I was at work so it had to run until I got home. I too, suffer from the same syndrome. I like to squeeze every last bit out of it. Seeing that 2.75 just does not look good to me. It screams out to me "MORE!"
  6. ...on my overclock. I have my Opteron 165 running prime stable at 2.75GHz with no voltage increase on anything. Everthing is stock voltage. I upped it yesterday to 2.8GHz with no voltage increase and it failed after 2 minutes or so. I got into the bios and upped the Vcore from 1.35 to 1.4 and running dual prime for 10 hrs and one minute at 2.8GHz and one core failed on me. My question is this, if I were to keep it at 2.8GHz and all games and 3DMark went okay, would it be all right if I were to keep it at 2.8GHz even though it fails dual prime? I am running ram at 150 and the timmings are 3-4-4-8. Stepping is CCBBE 0610DPMW Here is a screen shot of dual prime, Super pi and smart guardian. *I did not dual super PI* http://img168.imageshack.us/my.php?image=opty165ocud7.jpg My temps idle are still under 30C. With dual prime, they are a bit above 45C. Thanks in advance for your help.
  7. They're SATA. I think I have the problem fixed now. I unplugged all the hard drives but the 80GB installed windows, installed the drivers, rebooted, plugged in the 250GB rebooted, got to windows, plugged in 300GB rebooted and all seems to be going well atm. Thanks for the suggestion of unplugging the hard drives. Dont think I would hvae thunk to do it. :S
  8. So far, I have all three sata hdd connected and it boots just fine. I did the os drive, the storage drive, then the game drive. (game drive is the 300GB). Hopefully when I reload Windows from here on out, I will not have to do that each time.
  9. As of right now, I have disconncted all hard drives but the 80GB and am currently installing Windows. Lets see how that goes.
  10. Okay. Heres the deal. I got my Ultra-D board and most of my other parts today. I do not have everythign that is in my sig in this comptuer yet. Right now, I am running on the OCZ 600w, the Ultra-D motherboard, 3xSATA drives (WD 80GB 3GB/s, WD 250GB 3Gb/s, and a Maxtor 300GB 150Gb/s), OCZ Gold Ram (2GB), and a 3200+ Venice. Everything is running stock speeds and have not oced a thing. Right now, I am trying to get everything working correctly and am havening little luck. What is going on is I have installed windows on my 80gig hard drive and have gotten to the desktop to install the drivers that are on the CD. During the boot process (after the restart), it tells me that there is a disk failure. Thinking Windows got corrupt, I reinstalled. Did the exact same process again, same error. I restarted the computer with the Windows CD in the drive and my attention got away from my computer for a minute. Within this minute, I looked over and I was on my Windows desktop. From what I have discovered, Windows will only start with the XP CD in the drive. If I take it out, I get that disk read error or failure or whatever. (I cant remember it at this point and time. Too tired) I have reset my boot order to the following: CD, HDD, removable. I have also tried HDD, CD removable, but no luck. My 300GB hard drive is from my previous build and has stuff on it. When I go to install XP on my hard drive, the order of the hard drives the Windows setup gives me are as follows: 300GB, 80GB, 250GB. The 300GB is my C: and Windows is G:. I have tried to change the drive letter of my 300GB and it will not let me. I have reason to believe that the motherboard is trying to load the OS from my 300GB and cannot find it thus giving my that disk failure error. But if I have my XP CD in my DVD drive, it loads windows just fine. So what do you guys think could be the problem. I know this may sound a bit confusing as I am tired and can barely keep my eyes open. If you need clarification on something, let me know and I will do my best to clear things up. Thank you.
  11. Or grab a 7950GT for about $260 on Newegg. I wouldnt go SLi unless you plan on using a resolution of 1600x1200 or higher.
  12. 45 seconds for me. What really sucks is when you have it going for about 4 hours and then it decides to fail.
  13. But further down on that same page, I asked what was the benefit of the Ultra-D over the nF4-D. After which, people continued to ask me questions/giving answers in regard to my SLi question. Then later on, RAID was brought up.
  14. I had nothing but respect. Now that I know that your Xfire is for your personal time, I wont bother you with technical questions. If we have any of the same games installed, sure, Id love to play sometime. I did not know that your job entailed this. I thought it was along the lines of my moderation job. I don't get paid for it. Its volunteer work and thought you would be happy to answer nonetheless like I do. Sorry for my assumptions being incorrect. (I know never assume) And technically, I did not try to "bypass" the forums. I have a thread that seems to steer in the wrong direction of the answer I am looking for.
  15. The more I think about it, you were not even playing a game. Let alone at the computer. And come to think of it, I was not asking for a donation or money either. I could see publicly humiliating a forum member if they have been around the site for a while (or just spammers), but a new forum member that did not even know this thread existed, I feel is a little uncalled for.
  16. Excuse me for being new to the forum/layout of this site. I did not even know this thread existed. I thought I could have asked a 2 minute question to you because I was not getting the answer I needed on my thread. And for your information, i am not stupid.
  17. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blu-ray Enjoy.
  18. Usually only 12-24 hours of testing in Memtest is required. If you produce any sort of errors in that time, you can be sure you have bad ram. Since you have tested for ~160 hours and have produced 19 errors, I say RMA it or buy new RAM. Its bad. I recently had RAM go bad on me. (Tested for a bit over 2 hours and soon got over 25k errors in about 2 minutes) It was my second RMA on the same RAM. Called up the company and they are upgrading me to the next line of their RAM for free. Im still awaiting its arrival. So if this is your second RMA, make a fuss if you have to and tell them you either want a refund or that you want to be upgraded to something better.
  19. Not a chance. There is no need for it. The only advantage I see with it is that the Blu-Ray discs can hold 50GB of data. If the drive itself wasnt so damn expensive, then I would get it just for backup purposes.
  20. Im not a DFI expert by any means, but I think I read somewhere that DFI boards to care much for ValueRam. Please, someone, correct me if Im wrong. How long have you had the board? If you have had it for a while, it worked fine before?
  21. You dont have to use the SATA cables that came with your motherboard. Just go to www.newegg.com or www.zipzoomfly.com and order some sata cables. My case too has the hard drive bay facing the side panel and I dont have a problem with the SATA or the IDE cable.
  22. Im partial to Memorex CD-R's and DVD-R's. Then again, I havent used DVD+R's either yet. I guess when I run out of DVD-R's, I will buy some +R's. (I have a DVD±RW drive)
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