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  1. Thank you guys. That helps a lot. Nice job on the guide loggan. I will hopefully be able to set it up later today. I will post back with the results.
  2. Is the radiator external or internal? Or can it be either? Id like for it to all be internal if possible. Does that Apogee support both Intel and AMD? I coudlnt exactly find the specs on teh site I listed and PTC says its Intel only? What with the size of the fans and the amount, how loud or silent will it be? I want something that will cool great and allows me to overclock as high as I can push it and yet still remain quiet. If possible of course. What size tubing to you recommend?
  3. CPU WB: http://www.frozencpu.com/products/5588/ex-...Waterblock.html GPU WB: http://www.frozencpu.com/products/5487/ex-...ce_8800GTS.html Chipset WB* (?): http://www.frozencpu.com/products/2062/ex-...l?tl=g30c89s149 Tubing: http://www.frozencpu.com/products/2266/ex-...ear_Tubing.html Coolant: http://www.frozencpu.com/products/5599/ex-...Steel_Blue.html Reservoir: http://www.frozencpu.com/products/2226/ex-..._and_38_ID.html Pump: http://www.frozencpu.com/products/2128/ex-...?tl=g30c107s155 *Not sure if my 8800GTS will fit over/inbetween that. Is there anything else im missing? I feel as though there is. Mind you I will be overclocking. as heavily as I can. Also, say I were to get AMD's new dual or quad core. Will the WB still work for the new CPU? I would say no. Just want to make sure though. Say I cant water cool the chipset right now. Also say that when I got a new system where I could water cool the chipset, how would I work that in? Would I have to buy a new pump or anything? Im not to bright when it comes to water cooling so bare with me. I more than likely will either be building an AMD quad core within the next 6 months or an Intel quad core. This must be kept in mind. Also, I have the ThermalTake Armor case. Budget is no more than $400. No more than $300 if it can be helped. Feedback is welcomed. Rig is in sig.
  4. So I bought earlier in the week another WD 80GB hdd SATA-II. I'm installing RAID-0 on the OS drive which obviously I am going to have to format the drive to accommodate the new RAID array. However, my questions are this. Since I am running Vista, do I still have to install RAID drivers for my motherboard or are they supported by Vista? How exactly do I setup RAID in Vista? Is there an option to press during the Vista setup process? Or is it all done in the BIOS? Also, if I have to setup RAID drivers, I have the driver's all ready on my flash drive because I do not have a floppy drive anymore and Vista allows to load drivers off removable media and even CD/DVD. (so I hear) The only files I have are "sata_ide", "sata_raid", and "raidtool". Whatever that last one is/does. I appreciate your time and effort in helping me. Look forward to your responses.
  5. The thing of that is though that in Vista 32-bit, the old version of SM worked just fine. Was able to adjust CPU, Chipset and PWMIC with it and it would actually lower the fan speed. I could even here it. Now in Vista64, nothing.
  6. Okay. Im starting to get a bit pissed off right now. I am running Vista Premium x64 and I installed the new version of Smart Guardian to monitor temps and control fan speed. The release date was just a few days ago. However, when I try to lower the fan speed on my CPU (becuase its too loud and lowering the RPM's makes it go away obvoiusly) it doesnt do anything. Anyone have any ideas?
  7. http://www.dfi.com.tw/Support/Download/dri..._FLAG=A&SITE=US
  8. http://www.dfi.com.tw/Support/Download/dri..._FLAG=A&SITE=US Bam Vista64 SG support for lanparty.
  9. On a similar note, how tall do you suppose the chipset fan is? Im looking to replace it but my 8800GTS almost rests on top of it.
  10. Just a quick question. When in Smart Guardian, it shows the CPU temp, PWMIC temp, and the chipset temp. What exactly is the PWMIC temp? What does it go to? It is constantly over 50C all the time and I need to know what to look at.
  11. Damn dude, Im sorry to hear about your misfortune. I wish you the best.
  12. I know the bios flash is legit because he sent me the FTP link full of the bios flashes.
  13. Nevertheless, if it is possible, I would still like to know.
  14. I was wondering if there was any sort of a possibility that my motherboard would be able to tweak my video cards Vram so that it is higher than what it actually is. I know someone who is on an AM2 setup with an 8800GTS and he has the Vram at 1.37GB from 640MB and he has his card flashed to a GTX with even higher speeds I believe. So I was wondering if I could do the same? I have the utilities to flash the video bios and what not, but was just wondering about the BIOS tweak. Thanks for any and all help. CrAsH
  15. *all in my opinion* Whats the point of getting 3GHz out of a Sempron? An A64 3200+ at 2.6Ghz would wipe the floor with it. The AMD Sempron is just an Intel Celeron equivalent.
  16. I really wouldn't recommend just taking the old CPU out and installing the new just because of the fact that there might be conflicts with the OS. I had this problem and I had to reload anyway. When ever I install any new hardware (other than hard drives), I reinstall Windows just to prevent having conflicts between Windows and the new hardware.
  17. Sorry, my vision is a bit messed up today. Thought that 2 was an 8. You should upgrade your PSU to at least a 480 like loggan specified. But dont cheap out on it otherwise you'll regret it.
  18. With Newegg, you can return the CPU for an exchance within the time alotted. I know someone who did. If they ask, just say that that CPU that you have in your possession is not performing as you would have liked.
  19. I bought an Opty 165 and if you get the CCBBE 06xx (xx being differnet numbers) then you can oc it to 3GHz if you have the right ram. I got mine at 2.75 with only a minor increase in volts and its rock stable. (dual prime for over 11hrs) So for the price of this dual core, it is the best bang for your buck. As for the PSU, it should be fine. If you get a better video card in the future, definatly upgrade it. If you are going to be overclocking, then you will want some DDR500. I have my eye on this and waiting for it to come back in stock. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16820231021 I have DDR400 so Im stuck at 2.75GHz until I upgrade to better RAM. If you want an aftermarket HSF for your opty (if you get it), go with this http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16835118223 I am running stock HSF and am running around 30C @ 2.75GHz. And yes, if you got an Opty, you would have to back up all your important data and reinstall windows and reset your BIOS. Then again, you would have to reinstall windows if you got a C2D. So either way, your going to be reinstalling windows. If you get the Opty, right before you put it in, go into bios and load the factory defaults, save and exit. After you do this, then swap out the CPU. Make sure you ahve the latest BIOS as well. Hope this helps.
  20. That fixed it. Thanks! Gonna get the OC going again.
  21. Okay, first off, Im sorry its been so long since I brought my attention to this thread. I have been very busy at work because of the holiday. Anyway, I just reset CMOS and tried to overclock and no luck. I am still getting the same problem as I have discribed before. It gets to the point where it checks both CD and DVD drives for bootable cd's, but it just freezes and then reboots. Any other ideas? Thanks.
  22. Well now, I can barely OC at all. The best oc I got right now and be able to boot up is 1.98GHz. If I go any higher than that, Windows will not load. I doesnt make any difference whether I up the voltages or change the timings. It just wont oc past 1.98GHz for some reason. I cannot figure it out. Maybe it has something to do with the BIOS?
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