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  1. Ive never had that issue interestingly. Ive been using x64 Vista Home Premium for a little over a year now and I have had next to no issues. The only BSOD's I get are because of high overclocks that are too unstable. I did though have an issue last night where all I did was reboot and after it got past the Vista loading screen, it just sat there doing nothing. Black screen. I went as far as reinstalling windows and the same thing kept happening right in the same spot. I swapped out the hdd and same thing. Tried XP x64 and it installed without a problem. I put the original hdd back in and tried Vista again and it worked. Go figure.
  2. Im not aware of one. Be easier to just use the control panel. Thats just me though.
  3. I agree. You have nothing to worry about. So long as there are no artifacts on the screen and the GPU temp is in the lower 70's under load then you are fine. In fact, you may be able to push it slightly more. Try playing various games at your current OC to see if it artifacts in anything else.
  4. Looks like both of us are trying to sell our quads. I need to sell mine to help get me out of teh debt my new Xeon X3350 put me in.
  5. Very interesting. If it was anything like the DFI x38 board, maybe it kept being activated and deactivated on the site?
  6. I didnt upgrade until August last year yet I never saw it on Newegg or anywhere else acutally. Didnt check motherboardpro.com however. Didnt know about it at the time.
  7. I knew you werent but I still figured someone may know. I got my x38 board from them. I didnt want a 780i in general but a DFI based one. Reason I ask this is because I am actually debating SLi. Not sure if its really worth it for me though. That and I remembered DFI did their Lanparty UT nF4 based boards in SLi. I was never aware of a DFI 680i. Had I known that, I wouldn't have gotten my EVGA at the time. When was it released? I am aware that they arent going to release in every chipset market, but I figured they might since SLi is targeted more towards gamers and enthusiasts. This is good news for me if I do decide to go with SLi. As for the portal page, I linked a few friends the website and one said it was broken, one got the same result as me with a pretty good lookin blonde on the front page, and one got through just fine. Any change you guys are running Linksys routers? Just curious. 790i is already out on Newegg. I think one or two Asus boards, an XFX, and an EVGA. All DDR3.
  8. But why hasnt DFI released their version of the 680i, 780i and 790i SLi boards? I would definitely buy one. And anyone know what happened to DFI-Club? It brings me to an unrelated portal page that wasnt there just a few days ago. Thanks.
  9. Ok...giving the RAID another go, my custom copy of Vista is unstable so I am saying the hell with it and just putting the full Vista on and ill just tweak the hell out of it. Ill give the RAID drivers on teh CD a go.
  10. Apparently this is a new feature with p35 and x38 boards. So it is supposed to do that. It will be a long butt time before I get used to it. As for the CPUz thing, apparently in the ini file of CPUz the sensor is defaulted to "ON" and this causes a problem with Vista 32 and 64 bit. Changing it from "ON" to "OFF" fixes the issue.
  11. So yeah...Everest still loads up fine, however, when I go into the BIOS and make my changes such as disabling the floppy drive, changing the boot order of my DVD drive and turning off the full screen logo, I go into Windows to load up CPUz and it just shuts down and restarts. I should mention that the Bios save/exit/shutdown/auto restart seemed to have quit. Goes as normal now. Still baffled as to why it shuts down so unexpectedly.
  12. I just updated teh BIOS to the very latest. I will keep you posted. Thus far, I have everest running now.
  13. ...then it turns itself on again. The only thing Event Viewer has to show for it is this: "The previous system shutdown at 11:25:01 PM on 1/24/2008 was unexpected." Running what's in sig minus the RAID setup. CPU is at stock for now and the temps are peachy. Id post a CPUz and GPUz, but then the computer crashes. Dont say its Vista because it "sucks." I have used it fine for over a year now. If it is contributed to "Vista" its probably because of a bad install. Also, can anyone confirm on the x38 DFI boards (maybe even the P35's) that when you save your options in the BIOS, the computer shuts itself off then turns back on again? Kinda freaks me out when it does that as I have never seen it before. I need some help with this. Its driving me nuts.
  14. The ICH9R raid drivers seem to be corrupt on DFI's website. Anyone have a 64-bit copy of them?
  15. This is where im getting confused. Where in teh BIOS does it show a seperate RAID config for JMicron and one for the Intel ICH9R? Im only seeing one. Why install the RAID driver for Jmicron when Im not going to be using it? Kinda confused by that.
  16. Im waiting for an LG burner to come into stock at Newegg. Cant seem to find an LG DVD-ROM though in SATA.
  17. Maybe that is where my problem is coming in? They are IDE for now. I will go SATA down the road. Just need to find some decent priced SATA DVD drives.
  18. Hard drives are in sig trying to raid the 2x80GB's and the BIOS options are pretty much default other than the first boot device being CD-ROM and third being floppy. Plus the RAID config in BIOS.
  19. There is. There is an IDE, RAID, and some other one. AHIC or something like that. Cant recall off hand exactly what it is. It currently is set to IDE.
  20. So I got my x38 based DFI board up but its not running per se. Everytime I try to set up RAID-0 on Jmicron, I lose my opticals or my hard drives, or both. When I dont have RAID enabled, I cannot get Windows to load up. It gives me an error about how Windows could not load. I am at a loss on what to do. I need to get my computer back up ASAP. I have never had this much trouble with a build before. Please advise. Thanks.
  21. So which one would I want for the JMicro? The AHCI+IDE?
  22. Im having a similar issue. I have my new DFI LP LT x38 motherboard up and running and I cant figure out how to get RAID setup on the Jmicron chipset. It gives me the option for the ICH9R only it seems. Anyway to fix this? I really need to get my computer back up and running. Sorry for the hijack.
  23. Ive yet to have Wikipeida fail me. I just bit the bullet and got the x38. I have the money, but I just didnt want to shell out $35 for 2-3day shipping. I didnt want to wait a week for the board.
  24. What I cant seem to understand is all the crap that is floating about that specifies that P35 does support it and other sources specify that it does. Pisses me off that no one has the definitive answer. Now im back to thinking about the x38 because of this. Damn the lack of availability of that board!
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