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  1. I agree fully. I had to replace my PSU and RAM (OCZ). This was over a year ago and both have been performing like champs. OCZ will take care of you. They are great. My only complaint is that you have to pay for shipping back to them.
  2. Great advice, Clay. I have only been OC'ing for a bit over a year. I have tried every method of proving stability. Since I am a gamer, the best proof that my rig is stable is to see the game zing along, hour after hour, without stuttering and stammering. If it does that or freezes, I am back to the drawing-board and reboot, reboot, reboot. Sooner or later things come together and it is all worth the effort.
  3. I can't brag about my prowess at frying hardware. Maybe it is because I am too chicken to set the volts high enough to cause problems. Although with this rig, I have it OC'd to 2.7 from 2.4 with stock volts. I have tried every combination of settings and this is the one that works best. I figured if I could get 2.6 it would be doing great.
  4. Chubby is absolutely correct. All you have to do is feel the bottom of your laptop after it has been running for about 15 minutes. If you were to OC, the heat would simply be far to excessive.
  5. Likewise. It was dead on for my rig.
  6. Well, I'll have you know that I am full of "BS" and do agree with your theory!
  7. Well, folks here we are a year later. My rig has run extremely well, since the initial "cold boot" problems. Changing the PSU and RAM was all it took to give me a year of great fun. I run one drive with XP Pro and the other with Ubuntu (oo boon too) Linux. They both work fine. RGone, please note that I have followed your advice fully. I have kept the OC on the RAM in the proper range. It seems to be running fine set this way.
  8. This is me to a tee. I began using computers in 1984; a MacIntosh as it was called back then. Using game controllers is foreign to me. I like cordless keyboard and mouse. Here is how I handle purchasing games, Blooz1. I don't buy any game until Walmart has it marked down to $19.97 (USD) or less. My last purchase was "Splinter Cell - Double Agent". I made an exception for this one. I paid $29.77. I truly enjoy SC. I will purchase "FEAR" as soon as it hits my price point. My grandkids think I am rediculous for waiting so long to purchase a game. I tell them that the CD/DVD looks exactly like theirs, only mine was less money. I believe once my computer won't play the latest, greatest games, I will give them up and use Linux. I use Ubuntu (oo boon too) now. I am getting tired of giving money to some company simply because they keep making changes to their products.
  9. Vato, here is a link that will help you begin your trek to OC'ing your rig: http://www.diy-street.com/forum/showthread.php?t=20823 Read it, then, read it over and over, until you understand the concepts. If you don't understand something, come here for help. I have found this article to be a huge help to me.
  10. Angry, maybe this is a lesson well learned. Next time you do work for someone, get the majority of the money up-front. Just a thought from an old_geekster, who spent years in business. This goes in the category of "Wisdom".
  11. I used small claims court for a $500 case (dry cleaners ruined our new drapes) and won. The judge made the company pay me the $500 and all of my court costs. So, the cost to me was $0 and I got my $500. A lawyer is not required for small claims court, at least in Washington State.
  12. In this computer I only use one optical drive. It is a HP DVD/CD burner. It works great for both. I don't do enough burning to necessitate more. I have a CD burner in my older rig, also.
  13. I don't actually care how the site appears, but it certainly has slowed to a crawl. Nothing loads close to as quickly as it did before the change. I am using DSL, so I have a fairly fast connection. No other website is as slow, period.
  14. I would reset the BIOS to optimal settings. Also, it may help to clear the CMOS again.
  15. I am not certain that Ican explain the difference. However, I have spent several hours assuring that the airflow through my case is as good as possible. I do this with good cable management. Also, I have seven fans blowing air. It is a bit noisy at times, but it stays relatively cool.
  16. Your load temp is bordering on the maximum (50C). I don't like to see more than 40C under full load in summer heat. Your rig is very similar to mine. I am using the HS/Fan that came with my CPU.
  17. I believe that it is your PSU. They will deteriorate over time and yours is a bit on the slight side. It is recommended to use a minimum of a 480W PSU with a DFI board.
  18. I have been using the rig in my "Sig" for over a year for gaming. I absolutely would not have another case. Unless, of course, someone just gave it to me.
  19. I have never used cool n' quiet with my rig. I always heard that it is not recommended with DFI boards.
  20. I guess this is a dumb question, but why wouldn't you simply match your existing card? My concern would be as a non-expert on the subject, there will be different chips on each card and this could potentially be a problem; especially if you OC. I know it does with other RAM.
  21. Download Ubuntu (oo boon to) Edgy Eft 6.10 (Linux). You will want to use the 32-bit desktop version. It takes a minimum of 256MB of RAM, however. So, if you don't have that much, then find another Linux version that requires less. There are many good versions available and they are FREE!
  22. Dark Moon by Bonnie Guitar Bet most of you have never even heard of her! Oops! Just changed to Driftwood by Aselin Debison.
  23. Turbo Tax is my tax software of choice. I have used it for 10 years. I actually use the online version. It is provided by Vanguard Group, through their website. They management my 401-k. The online version makes it easy, because I can download my personal information from the prior year. It saves time and the possibility of mistakes. I have also used Tax Cut, but every time I used it, I had problems. p.s. Unless you have some special concerns about your taxes, you could use the basic version and save $20.00.
  24. I just upgraded from Edgy 6.10 to Feisty Fawn, Herd 5 - 7.04, both are Ubuntu. The final release of Feisty will be on April 19, 2007. For those who aren't familiar with Ubuntu (oo boon to), it is the top Linux distro at present. Ubuntuforums.com has 266,302 members. The forum is extremely active. This new OS has impressed me tremendously. I am running "Beryl 0.2.0" (3D Desktop) without any problems. Compiz actually comes standard with Feisty, but I like Beryl. The programs are far faster than any previous distros. The program that I use as my gauge is "OpenOffice Writer 2.2". It opens far more quickly than ever before. It won't be too many moons before I change to Ubuntu as my default OS.
  25. Here is a link to MS's website that should answer your question: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/99768/
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