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  1. I believe I have made up my mind, also. I am purchasing the PNY Verto 7900GTX Limited Edition OC'd. The package includes: a) Metal carrying case, B) Computer tool kit and c) USB drive "512MB"; $524.99. I have a PNY Verto Ti-4400 128MB, now and it has been a great card. (Core clock 275 OC'd to 302MHz and Memory clock 575 OC'd to 607MHz.) I am playing some of the newer games without a problem; SCCT, Brothers In Arms - Road to Hill 30 and FarCry, etc. [Mobo - ASUS A7M 266-M; Processor 1.4 Athlon; 768MB PC2100 RAM] This is why I am building the box in my sig. PNY has a 3 year warranty (one year with the purchase and an additional 2 years after registration), which is probably longer than any of us will keep the card any way.
  2. Thanks to all of you! I appreciate the help. As I said in another post, this forum is what convinced me to buy DFI. All of you are some of the best tech help on the Internet. The quickest replies without a doubt.
  3. Okay, I know this definitely pegs me as the ultimate noob, but I can't find the answer anywhere else. I keep seeing it repeated, "watch for good steppings and then buy that processor". This is why I am asking for your help. How do I find that info?
  4. It looks great zQ! I was considering the P180, also. I decided against it because of too many complaints about the flimsy door and the air tunnel. As you can see I am going with the P160W; mainly for the removable mobo tray and side panel. From what I have read the cable lengths should be fine. At this point, you can never tell about a new product. I haven't seen any complaints about the compatibility of the two on any forum too date. Is the X-Fi really worth it? You know---that is subjective. I use a Soundblaster Live 5.1 w/Polk Audio AMR-150 speakers and enjoy the sound tremendously. I hardly listen to my $3,500 stero rack. Also, I am a 50's rock musician and believe I know good sound. So, again, you have to decide what you are willing to spend. From what I have read, you should be able to push the Opty 165 to 2.6 - 2.7 with stock cooling. This seems to depend on the steppings as much as anything else. This is not from my own experience. You can see that I am going with X2 4800+. This is because I am not comfortable with OC-ing to max at this point. I am banking on developers giving me some help in the near future with patches for my games. I will leave the remaining questions to the experts here. I am too new to the whole game of OC-ing to weigh-in. I am in the process of purchasing components myself and have been researching for about two months. I have been to every forum and e-tailer customer reviews that I can find. Good luck!
  5. I've found this: Creative Sound Blaster Audigy 2 Value - Sound card - 24-bit - 192 kHz - 7.1 - PCI - Creative Audigy 2 Would this be sufficient? Only 5.1 I care about is for DVD's really. I'm not a huge gamer, I don't do first person, so I don't know if that matters. ___________________________________________________________________ Yes, it should work well. I am using a Soundblaster Live 5.1 w/Polk Audio speakers and I get good sound quality. It is only 16 bit. I am a musician, so good sound is important.
  6. Hey all, I have finally put together what I believe will be a dynamite gaming machine. I simply want some input from all of you. Many on the forums, this one included, are recommending an Opteron. (Being discontinued.) As you can see, I have chosen to go with X2 4800+. Tell me if I am wrong. I am comfortable with my selections, however, I have a few final questions. 1) Will the X2 4800+ be better than an Opty, based on the speed, if I do not OC immediately? I will eventually, however. If so, which would be the best dual 165 or 170. Price will not be the deciding factor. I play games like FarCry, Brothers In Arms, Splinter Cell, Battle Field 1942, Medal of Honor, etc. 2) Hopefully, I won't regret purchasing the PNY card. Is it good? 3) Will the 520W PSU give me plenty of power for the future? Just remember, don't call me stupid, because a big majority of my decisions were based on what all of you have said thorough-out this fantastic forum! I hope that I can "pass it forward" someday, when I gain more knowledge on OC-ing. Thanks to all of you!
  7. Here is a link to a tutorial by Angry_Games showing how to remove the chipset cooler: http://www.angrygames.com/chipset_clean-1.htm On page #5, at the very bottom of the page, is an excellent picture to help you locate the correct pins to mod. The board that he is using is a SLI board, but it is my understanding that there is no difference. Hope this helps!
  8. What--are we doing a bit o marketing research? I drive a 2001 Toyota, Camry. They are the best. By year-end, however, I may be sporting a new Avalon.
  9. I have used both WinXP Home and Pro. At present, I am using XP Pro SP 2. Once I purchase my new box, I will use my old one as a SuSE 10 Linux box. If I could play games in Linux without an emulator, Linux would be my first choice. Open source is the future.
  10. Great idea, Freak! It is good to see what the age demographic is of the site. Whatever that means. I am 60 yoa. As I say in my bio, I am in my second childhood and enjoying every minute of it. I now have the money to buy bigger toys.
  11. Retired railroad mid-manager - Purchasing and Inventory management. I have been retired since 1995; 60 yoa. I have the best job in the world. Worst day at a computer, is better than the best day at work!
  12. Washington State, USA (The better Washington - Not so much hot air!)
  13. I changed my sig considerably and would like some constructive criticism. I have two major questions: 1) With the setup I have listed, will I be able to OC the CPU to 2.8 MHz with air-cool? 2) What is the best cooler for this processor? Thanks!
  14. I believe that you have gotten exactly the point that AG made very convincingly. We are not OC-ing for OC-ing itself, we are OC-ing to enjoy the games or other software programs that we choose to use. I am new to OC-ing as well and this has given me a whole new perspective on OC-ing. Thanks for starting this thread! It was extremely helpful. In fact, I am going back to my sig and make some changes.
  15. I have used both Home and Pro. I am currently using Pro. I wouldn't go back to Home, though there isn't a great deal of difference. I feel it may a bit more secure due to the main use is for business. I purchased mine through a friend who worked for MS, also. It was $35 for the full version.
  16. Point 2) question, jiminator and others. From what I have read in Angry's guide on memory, it seems to me that I would be better off with the DDR500 memory that I have chosen, rather than the Gold Gamers suggested DDR400. My theory is, based on what I read, I would rather OC my processor slightly than have to OC both. If the memory is DDR500, I can OC the FSB to 250 and the memory would not have to be touched. Please tell me where I am going wrong. Oh, yes, I have never OC'd, as I stated in my original post, so this is a big learning curve for me.
  17. Boy! I have to hand it to you guys. You sure know how to swamp an old_geekster. I asked for advice and I sure am getting what I asked for. Thanks! Here is the 80 GB I am considering: HITACHI Deskstar 7K80 80GB 3.5" SATA 3.0Gb/s Hard Drive - OEM = $50.00 each (Maybe three of the rascals.) Is this the one you guys would choose? I am puzzled about one thing. From what I have read, DFI doesn't support the Opty. If true, I am not a gambler. So it wouldn't be an option at this point. I certainly will consider the X2 4200+ or larger, however. If you get tired of my infernal questions, please stop me. I have a tendancy to research everything to death. My son-in-law, who is an engineer, said I should have been one because that is one of his habits. One thing about it though, I very seldom, if ever, have to look back when I make a purchase. Thanks for your patience.
  18. Thanks for the advice and quick reply, jiminator! Yes, price of the X2 is definitely a factor, but that doesn't mean I haven't thought about it, as I said in my post. I'll give it some more thought before making my final decision. As you can see ComeUpon recommended RAID, also. I definitely will make the change. As for the RAM, it looks great! I'll do some research and let you know.
  19. Thanks for the quick reply, ComeUpon! The Raptor is a bit expensive, about $160 each. If the Hitachi Desktars are good, I would probably buy two or three of them instead. They sell for considerably less. I assume from what you are saying that my current WD 80GB is not RAID capable. Is that correct? I have to sell my LP Gibson to get extra money. Ha!
  20. Hey all, This is my first time posting on the forum, but I have been following along for about a month. In fact, it is this forum that has me excited about trying my hand at OC-ing. Thanks to Angry_Games and DFI for a great forum. I have learned more here than any other forum that I have visited. I have been into computers since 1984. I know---that makes me an old_geekster, but I do learn fast, however. My first computer was an Apple Mac with one 3.5" floppy; no harddrive. I have never built a computer from scratch. However, I have completely upgraded the box that I have now. It is a HP 9905 (Configurable) w/ Full-case. I would use the existing case, but I am concerned about heat problems. It is 4 1/2 years old. The system that I listed in my sig is still a dream. I haven't purchased any of the items at this point. I wanted to get your advice on any compatibility issues. I may even update the processor to an X2, but haven't been convinced that it would be necessary. My latest games are Splinter Cell-Chaos Theory and Brothers In Arms - Road to Hill 30. I also have FarCry and many other first-person shooters. Now that I have introduced myself, I would appreciate your help and advice. I know DFI boards can give a noob headaches, but I am willing to take it slow. Will my proposed system be good enough for all of the new games that are on the market? I will appreciate any help!
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