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  1. Playing 50's rock 'N roll on my Strat and LP Gibson.
  2. Angry, I always knew ya had in ya boy. See, ya simply can't fool us old_geeksters. We have been around far too long. As previously stated by an estute member, you have truly surpassed any previous tirades. While I guess that I am fortunately one of the 1% who can actually afford anything that I want, it wasn't always that way. I worked hard and earned that privilege. Therefore, I have never kept up with the trends. I have a wife like Momma, who rolls her eyes when I get over exuberant about any technology. She also reminds how much I spend on my hobbies; guitars and computers. I guess that I could be considered an AMD/nVidia fanboy, since I have never owned anything else. However, the reason for this is I am always for the little guy. I, like you, remember the days when AMD was thought of like Japan after WWll. Nothing they made was good enough. Now, look what has happened with Japan. I haven't purchased an American car since 1976 and won't. I am still using the rig in my sig and will until it is dead. AMD will get back to where they were before this latest fiasco. They went through too much to get where they are today.
  3. Are your HDD's SATA 2? If they are, you could set them to 3.0GB/s. You don't list the speed of your memory, so I don't know if new memory would help. The only component that could possibly be upgraded would be your CPU. Of course, you could always overclock it slightly or more. This would increase performance somewhat. Also, you can OC your GPU, as well. Once you begin OC'ing, you should monitor temps closely.
  4. Every game that I play is very, very, long. I guess my age is catching up to me.:eek2: I simply don't see all of the doors and other items as well as you young guys. Oh, well! At least I get my money's worth of fun and frustration.
  5. I have never played "Halo"; any version! I was going to try the original Halo because of all of the hype. Now, however, I don't think that I will waste my money.
  6. You are correct about HL2. However, the worst part of it is that I get sick every d--- time I play it. I want go back and try it again, but I can't make myself want to be sick. I just bought F.E.A.R. I have only just gotten started, but I do find that it makes me get goose-bumps at times.
  7. Baseball and Bonds are boring!!! Give me football, soccer or Hockey. These are sports with some enthusiasm.
  8. Personally, I have always been of the belief that the "Key" is encoded into the OS. If it is, then another copy would reject the "Key" as being fraudulent. I know if you type an incorrect letter/number, the OS will let you know about it immediately. I guess the one way to know for certain is, "try it". If it works then it should be legal. If not, you will have your answer.
  9. Glad to hear from you, UD. Heck, it ain't the girl that taking all of your money; two RX-7's? You (or DAD - Seniors in high school can't possibly work enough to afford two cars and tires for drifting.) aren't short on money that's for certain. Good luck on Premed.
  10. Maybe we are overlooking the obvious. Have you tried a different monitor? Who knows it could be bad. Stranger things have happened.
  11. Here is the tale of the led's: 4 led's System startup 3 led's CPU detected (This is where your system hangs. Your RAM has been detected.) 2 led's DRAM detected 1 led VGA detected 0 led's System boot-up You say that you tried one stick of RAM at a time. Did you use the orange slot "DDR2"? Did you clear the CMOS? I would say for at least 10 minutes to start. If this doesn't work, then the try the long CMOS clear; 24 hours. This is used for the "no boot" condition. Here is a link: http://www.diy-street.com/forum/showpost.p...04&postcount=24 I hope this helps. p.s. As tasr said, enable Memtest in the BIOS. You don't require a system to boot for Memtest. To enter the BIOS, simply click the "Delete" key at the DFI screen during boot.
  12. MS definitely has reason to be worried about Linux. Their newest fiasco, "VISTA", is turning allot of people off. I know it will never touch one of my rigs. I will quit computing first.
  13. He'll do what too many of his caliber do, play beyond his effective years. I believe he is there. This year will tell the whole story. He should retire while he can still hold his head high. Otherwise, everyone will still be making excuses as to why he threw that pass that cost them the game, ten year down the road.
  14. Thanks for the advice, soundx98. I have read reviews that have said the same thing. This is the reason for my question. I trust those of you here on the Street more than on the other forums. However, I still have decent temps with the settings that I have in my sig. I'll just leave things as they are for now.
  15. I have a CM WaveMaster case. Here is a link: http://www.bluebonepc.com/catalog/detail.a...d=CA-CM-TAC-T01 On the top of the case is a module with USB 2.0, !394, microphone and earphone ports/jacks. It is the first picture on the left of the webpage. It can be replaced with a 80mm case fan that blows air directly onto the CPU. The only fans that I can purchase locally from Staples are Antec, 3 speed. I don't particularly want to order a fan because the shipping is more than the price of the fan. Are Antec fans any good? Frankly, I have never used any Antec products.
  16. I would recommend OCZ memory. They have a great customer service reputation. I have been using it for over a year without any problems. Here is a link to newegg's site for a good deal on OCZ memory: http://www.newegg.com/Product/ProductList....+memory&x=0&y=0 As for video card, I recommend XFX. Again, I have been using my XFX 7900GTX for over a year. It performs better than I had hoped. As for CPU, the one that you mention would be fine. However, since slot 939 is on its way out, I would recommend the highest speed that you can afford.
  17. Go get'em, A_G. Hopefully, your email message will jar them off of dead-center, but if not, then small claims court is the way to go. I know that it can work. It did for me. It is a pain in the arse, however.
  18. I have two partitions on C:/D: drive; one for the OS and one for backup. The other drive is used for Ubuntu, Linux. I use GRUB for the bootloader.
  19. Can't put it any better than this. My thanks to Tmod and A_G for the best forum on the web.:angel: I frequent several, but come here at least two to three times per day when at home. I was afraid that the name change would change the forum, but my knowledge is still relevant.
  20. I live in the Pacific Northwest, east of the mountains. We have had temperatures well into the 90F to 100'sF for the past two months. I have central air (75F), but still turn on a stand-alone fan in my computer room aimed at my computer. It is a bit cool for me at times. I am using the stock HS/fan that came with my X2 4800+ and my temps run around 32-35C idle and 36-38C load/gaming.
  21. Great suggestion, A_G. I am using Ubuntu, Feisty Fawn 7.04 on my second drive. Here is a link to the Tech forum for Ubuntu: http://ubuntuforums.org/index.php There is a learning curve, but once you have it down, you won't have to pay a thing to compute from that day forward.
  22. You know, I read some of the same lies before joining DFI-Street. But you notice, it didn't stop me. This is simply your online persona, A_G. You are actually a seafood-cat and ya know it!
  23. I was looking for the best mobo and DFI kept coming to the top. Once I decided DFI was for me, then, I began looking for some tech info about the boards. This is what lead me to DIY-Street. So glad to be here!!:drool:
  24. Welcome. We can use all of the help we can get. I have a few pounds of talo that require lipo-ing. I will donate it for free. Anything for good ole A_G.
  25. Have you attempted to boot with one stick of RAM? This sometimes works when all else fails. Also, I know that you have plenty of power, but did you test your PSU. It sounds like a power problem to me.
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