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  1. Hey Quick, here is a link that should help you understand your board better: http://www.diy-street.com/forum/showpost.p...167&postcount=3 I have read this post at least 20 times and I learn more every time.
  2. I voted "Give it a few months". Of course, this is the first computer that I have ever OC'd. I wanted to make certain that I had done all of my homework first. I did, and it is still working.
  3. OC, as has been said several times, if we knew what components are in your rig, we could help you more. Please make a list of your components like you see at the bottom of everyone's posts.
  4. Personall, I would go with the Abit board. New DFI boards have been known to be troublesome. However, I will always be thankful for my DFI experience. I, like SuppA-SnipA, was afraid of the BIOS in any rig. Now, after having a DFI for almost two years, I will take on anything. I actually got my 4800+ to 2.82 and stable. I was told that 2.7 would no doubt be a max.
  5. You should see enough performance increase to justify an additional gig of memory. I wouldn't want to be without mine. I have played the "Crysis" demo at nearly full settings with my rig.
  6. I have been eying the Western Digital HDD myself. I have been waiting to see how much more they reduce the price. They seem to adjust them more quickly if I place it on my wish list.
  7. I couldn't agree more. I thought I would give IE7 another try last week. I reinstalled it from the Control Panel. I used it for about an hour. It doesn't have any of the features of FF. I also use Swiftfox in Ubuntu. It is a faster version of FF that is tweaked for a specific processor.
  8. 62/M 6' 198 Thus, old_geekster. I have been using computers longer (1984) than the majority of you have been on earth.
  9. I agree with all of the other posts!! He said "Sweet" rants, Angry. Don't go getting testy on us!
  10. I have a 226BW, also. It is my first LCD monitor. I would buy another one tomorrow. Samsung's warranty is for 3 years. I purchased it through newegg for $269.99 after a $30.00 savings and $40.00 rebate. Go to newegg and read the reviews.
  11. I use "RivaTuner" to OC my video card (see sig). I can't say that I have been able to get great OC'es, but it doesn't give me any error messages.
  12. I don't believe that the refresh rate has anything to do with the fluidity of your mouse. I would be more inclined to believe that is the mouse driver or some other problem.
  13. My assessment is that your PSU is not powerful enough with the addition of you new video card and drive. DFI recommends at least 480W of power for their boards.
  14. I have been using my new "226BW" since Monday. It is a great monitor. My games look better than I ever could have imagined. I downloaded the Pre-release demo of Crysis. It is amazing on this monitor. I still don't have it adjusted to my liking, but I know I will in time. Update: I finally found out how to adjust the settings so everything is to my liking. What a GREAT monitor it is!!! Mine was $269.99 from Newegg with the Samsung rebate; which I will now send in soon. I wanted to make certain that everything is A-OK before cutting out the UPC. I couldn't return it if I didn't like it without the UPC on the box.
  15. Thanks guys. I am not planning to upgrade anytime soon. However, I keep seeing these lower prices on AM2 CPU's and was simply curious. I have my 4800+ OC'd to 2.82 at 1.425V. It stays well under 50C. I like how it performs for now.
  16. The reason I am asking this question is, I have a Slot 939, 4800+ (see sig). It runs at 2.4 GHz. I paid $632 for it in May, 2006. Now, I could buy an AM2 CPU with more speed for a third of the money. What's up with this situation?:confused:
  17. Yes, here is a link that I believe will help you: http://www.diy-street.com/forum/showthread...ht=old_geekster I posted this thread over a year ago. I had much the same problem with my then brand spanking new rig. I also had the exact PSU and OCZ memory. To make a long story short, I replaced both the memory and PSU. They were under warranty.
  18. I am in the process of making the decision to buy this monitor or not. From all of the reviews that I have read, it appears Samsung has done away the the different variants. I hope this is the case. I will push the button within the next week if I am going through with the purchase. I will read more reviews before deciding. I am not one to jump into anything.
  19. Thanks again. Keep them cards and letters coming.
  20. If you haven't done so, I would change all of the settings in the BIOS to Optimized Defaults. The four LED's denote "System start-up". Three LED's would denote CPU detected. So, check your CPU to assure that it is installed correctly, also. I can't tell you what the greasy film is, unless it is out of a capacitor.
  21. I guess I have been away too long. Congrats on the "Moderator" thing, Wevs. I have been helping more on the HP forums. The folks there definitely require my help more than the folks on here.
  22. This is why I never buy a game until it hits the $19.95 or lower price point. Then, I don't care if it is less than the best and they lied through their teeth. However, if I would have paid $59.00 for it, I would be pissed! Frankly, I don't read many standalone reviews. I have always known they were no more than marketing at its worst. The only place that I ask for reviews is here on the "Street". I haven't been stirred wrong yet.
  23. This little girl is absolutely amazing. She can do things with computers that you wouldn't expect until at least 10. By the time she is 4, she will be teaching me things about the computer. Thanks for all of your answers. I know that I will hear much more. This is the type of out-of-the-box thinking that keeps me coming back to the forum. I knew that I wouldn't just get answers, such as, it can't be done.
  24. Hey gang, My son-in-law, who is a civil/electrical engineer, always thinks out of the "box" (Pun intended). Here is his latest. He has been researching acrylic cases. He wants to build a computer where his 3 year old daughter can see all of the parts; colored led's and all. His new idea, build a computer that mounts on the wall. No case, just a mobo and all of the components hanging there like a piece of art. Crazy? This is what I want to know. The major drawback that I can see is no way to filter the dust. Is there a way to do this? I know you guys all search for new ways to push the envelope.
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