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  1. I don't get it? How does an iTouch even get locked like this?
  2. PeeWee90

    Mortal Online

    Hey guys, this game is really worth taking a look at! Been playing it since early beta and today is the long awaited release! Mortal Online Unlike what AoC did, this game really sticks to being a mature game and there are few restrictions of what one can do, there are no quests, no levels, no "need to do"! It's completely sandbox and totally awesome, and i would like to recommend it to anyone sick of WoW and such but still wants to play a nice MMORPG with a nice community!
  3. Try resetting defaults and make your changes again!
  4. Huh? Are you Uwe Boll or something?
  5. Tried increasing the signal strength in the routers settings? I find most are set to medium strenght and setting it to higher does help alot.
  6. This kind of behaviour from a company makes me doubtful about buying their products... I own and love my iPhone 3GS, but still...
  7. HAH! Flightsim just became so very gay!
  8. PeeWee90

    New MW2 Ad

    "My dog likes to watch me when im doing it!"
  9. I sure did! It stuck with me through the whole review!
  10. PeeWee90

    New game to play

    I bought Just Cause 2 as soon as it came out, and i haven't had this much fun with a game since... eh, can't remember!
  11. Free smokes? Good luck with that!
  12. Alot of heat from a E7300? Maybe you should look at some aftermarket aircooler before going water?
  13. Maybe try your processor with another graphics card first? Could still be your PSU, and that this processor you borrowed drains less in some way...
  14. Great review yet again! This could be something you put in your parents/girlfriend/any-but-your-own computer! Just to shut it up...
  15. Try draining it COMPLETELY, so the computer will not start at all. Then you charge it for a few hours (even if its full). When it's completely charged, you could stick it in the freezer if you dare... Haven't tried this, but it supposedly works... Check this out: http://lifehacker.com/5496704/store-batter...n-charge-longer
  16. With the overclock on that card, and the cooler... It's now pretty sure that it's your powersupply! The cooler looks great with twin fans, and the overclock makes it eat a little more power. Get a proper Corsair or similar powersupply!
  17. 52C is nothing for a graphicscard, you will have you have double the temp to be anywhere close to it failing because of overheating. You don't have any temps for the VRMs though... maybe you could post a picture of the card?
  18. I don't think it's your graphic card overheating, they do get that warm under load but it's not dangerous. 50-60C is alot to touch, but the card can take around 120C or so... My bet is also powersupply! Try monitoring your temps with GPU-Z or Furmark and check that it does not go over 90-100C, or turns of at exactly a certain temperature.
  19. Im sort of leaning towards bad VRM cooling on the card... How have you cooled that sector?
  20. PeeWee90

    Won't boot

    You can't simply copy the files to the usb stick, what OS are you installing?
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