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  1. Thanks for the replies... I got a screwdriver out at did a wee bit of poking around. I then got a bit frustrated and pulled the pump power cable from the motherboard.. When I plugged it back in, it worked! May have been from bad wiring in the 3 pin connector (before or from me pulling the cable) or the screw driver trick... But it works!
  2. What would be the possible causes to make the pump stop working..?? I moved my system into a new chasis with a 3 week gap between setting up the system again.. I started the system to put the coolant in and... 0. Fans on, powers up, motor is totally static..! I was in a hurry (moving house), so i think i did not dry the motor out.. but it is pretty much sealed unit anyway.. I have the 3 pin motor cable connected to the motherboard and I tested it by replacing the connector with a fan and the fan was fine.. Help please.
  3. I am trying to connect to my files on the company's mac server with Ubuntu 8.04 I goto places > connect to server.. I want FTP (with pass).. I put in my server [ftp.example.com] My usename is [[email protected]] But it does not work.. error is "Can't display location "ftp://alex%[email protected]/" If i goto firefox and type; ftp://[email protected]@example.jp It works fine. Gives me a password prompt and i'm in. What is going on!? Does it not accept an "@" symbol in the 'connect to server..' window? Much thanks for reading.
  4. Sweeet!!! Thank you markiemrboo for that!!! I will certainly file that away in my useful code box :thumbs-up: I was being a bit silly though.. I had not understood my own array structures so all i really needed was: <? for ($n = 0; $n < count($csv->data); $n++) { for ($i = 0; $i < count($csv->titles); $i++) { print '<h1>'.$csv->titles[$i].':</h1> '; print '<h2>'.$csv->data[$n][$csv->titles[$i]].'</h2><br />'; } } ?> displays as: -------------------------------------- title: some content title2: some more contents around here title3: content -------------------------------------- Took my ages to get that right.... You might have noticed in the end i strayed away from the table idea... was too complex for me. Though looking at your code, I might give it another crack. Thanks super-duper.
  5. @li

    Oh Hai Guise

    Sweet rig. B:)
  6. Right, someone must have the answer to this.. The idea; Print some data out into an HTML table - 2 columns, as many rows as it takes. ------------------------------ data set 1 | data set 2 | ----------------------------- data set 1 | data set 2 | ------------------------------ data set 1 | data set 2 | ------------------------------- data set 1 | data set 2 | ------------------------------ Problems; Printing from 2 different "foreach" loops in PHP. + my lack of PHP syntax.... How to fix; stop printing from 2 "foreach" loops and somehow combine to one loop!? code: <table id="working" border="0" cellspacing="1" cellpadding="3"> <tr> <?php foreach ($csv->titles as $value): ?> <td><?php echo $value; ?></td> <?php endforeach; ?> </tr> <?php foreach ($csv->data as $key => $row): ?> <tr> <?php foreach ($row as $value): ?> <td><?php echo $value; ?></td> <?php endforeach; ?> </tr> <?php endforeach; ?> </table> The above code looks like this; --------------------------------------------------------- data set 1 | data set 1 | data set 1 | data set 1 | --------------------------------------------------------- data set 2 | data set 2 | data set 2 | data set 2 | --------------------------------------------------------- So as you can see everything is horizontal. I am trying to get it to print down the column not accross in rows... Any ideas? Is there a way I can combine a foreach loop > foreach ($csv->titles as $value) AND (statement2): echo $value; echo $value2; endforeach; ???? <_< thanks for reading.
  7. ^Likes "smithing" and probably spends too many hours naked playing mmorpg's
  8. Though changing firmware on new PSP's is a little difficult but still very possible. So has anyone got any cool apps they can share info on?? what is the "youtube add on"?
  9. As far as I am aware... You lose nothing and gain everything [The original functionality is still available]
  10. As stated earlier: 3.52 M33. Flash off, animation off, script on, images on, conserve memory on. The site loads the homepage... and loads.. and loads.. Holding square to try browse over to forum button.. however the screen does not move and the loading icon just stops moving. If I go straight to the link forums.overclockers.... It can load that page and access the forums, but from some reason it cannot load the home page. :angry2: The browser does cause some serious annoyances with its low memory capacity. Someone must be able to figure a way to use the flash card memory as extra RAM or something. It is the only real thing issue that lets it down. What benefits are there to upgrading? Everything else works fine at present.
  11. Johnny has 3.52 M33 which not the latest hacked firmware but it is very stable and does everything the others can do. I will try surf some other IPB forums and let you know. Whats the source of your info?
  12. Well the title is as is says. Which saddens me... as it would have been nice to check the site when I am in wifi spots in between gaming sessions at the many cafes that are in Tokyo. But on another note; I know PSP's have been around for a long time.. but still with all the crappy mobile devices and crappy mobile games you get on your phones I wondered... how many people still have PSP's..? and is everyone aware of their full potential..? Why has it not taken off on a larger scale!? So,I have NOT hacked my psp to death.. yeah, not... really i have NOT... because that WOULD be illegal.. so I have NOT hacked it... at all.. not one bit.. So, my mate.. Johnny showed me his PSP........ He hacked it and can now enjoy great apps and emulate all consoles before it. PSone, ninteno, sega, as well as enjoy games without the need to use the actual UMD's (game discs). The home brew apps are endless (though some are badly written) and custom themes too! + messenger programs (like MSN) He now has a program that allows VOIP, calling to and receiving calls to LAN and WLAN phones. (inc. the popular Skype). I think for less than
  13. @li

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    Glad to be back, and grateful for the welcoming response. I should never have left.. *sniff* *sniff*... - @li a.k.a. tha Renegade Master [with no ill behaviour on the forum due to risk of being banned]
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    That was me.. I tired to get the password back. Alas the email address assigned to that account is dead so I cannot retrieve my password. Would you delete that account please? Muchos thanks. Stu: You still want a domo kun? It not so popular now though... how about a maid outfit?
  15. Bad luck old chap. I'll pray for you... inbetween "god give me a quad core" and "i have been waiting ages now for the super model girlfriend..." Get well soon.
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