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  1. i have the 5.1 set, definitely worth it!
  2. im not really looking for anything, what do you have to offer?
  3. areca ARC-1220 PCI-Express x8 SATA II Controller Card RAID w/ SATA cables - $375 3 x SAMSUNG Spinpoint F1 HD103UJ 1TB - $80/ea SOLD James Bond Ultimate Collector's Set - $100 Vista Ultimate Full Retail - $130 Mountain Mods UFO-U2 w/ accessories - $250 SOLD ThermoChill HE 120.3 - $90 SOLD ----------------------------------------------------------------- package deals available paypal non-CC preferred will ship all but the case with USPS unless you ask me otherwise my heat/ebay is ripken204 more pictures available upon request trades welcome ----------------------------------------------------------------- some extra pics of case: http://www.ripken204.com/images/for_sale/100_4871.JPG http://www.ripken204.com/images/for_sale/100_4872.JPG PICTURES:
  4. yes i know, i was warned a few days ago. which is why my most recent pump was 3 days after the bump before that.
  5. the ram is the redline ddr2 1000. i can drop the price down to $90 shipped since newegg has that rebate right now.
  6. WTB: i am looking to my a TJ07, let me know if you have one. PA120.2 MCR220 WTT/WTS: i have a Lian-Li V2000B with a full side window and holes cut on top to fit a triple radiator. perfect for watercooling! also comes with sunbeam rheobus $200 EVGA 8800GTS 512MB G92 - $165 shipped w/ MCW60+dtek barbs+enzoteh ramsinks - $210 shipped a bunch of fans, $5 ea. if you want multiple i will cut you a deal. also a special sata cable for a raptor hdd, $5. 1.5L Pentosin G11 - $15 dtek fuzion with nozzle kit and backmount -$45 same backmount as this guy has: [L=http://techfuzion.net/DanishDe...ds/Fuzion/CIMG2743.JPG]http://techfuzion.net/DanishDevil/FS_Threads/Fuzion/CIMG2743.JPG[/L] MCRES - $10 i also have a 4GB kit of mushkin redline DDR2 8000, only a couple of months old. $100 shipped - SOLD i also have 2 copies of Vista Ultimate Retail, $185/ea shipped i am accepting trades for hardware or whatever, let me know what you have. all prices are OBO pictures: [L=http://ripken204.com/images/V2000B/]http://ripken204.com/images/V2000B/[/L] my heat and ebay are under ripken204
  7. i am looking for $140 shipped that price includes shipping, USPS, tracking # optional special cable for WD drives - $5: http://www.wdc.com/en/products/acces...asp?ProdID=246 these drives are warrantied till 2012 non-CC paypal preferred heat/ebay under ripken204 and i actually only have 1 left
  8. google for pics. 1200Mhz can be unsafe and i dont want to risk it. they can hit 1100Mhz safely tho but i dont really have the time to OC things right now.
  9. down to $220 remember guys, these are d9's, this set has been seen at 1200Mhz btw, this kit is very rare, that is why it is higher than some other kits. this is the 996564 kit.
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