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    amd athlon x2 5600 (3234mhz per core)
    4 gb ddr2 800 corsair xms
    evga geforce 8800 gts 640mb

    amd athlon 64 3200(2750)
    2gb ddr400 corsair xms
    geforce 8500gt

    amd athlon 64 x2 4000
    2gb ddr2 667 corsair value
    geforce 8400gs

    amd athlon xp 2600
    1gb ddr 400 corsair value
    ati 9600 pro

    amd athlon SLOT A 800(920)
    768 mb sdram pc 133
    geforce 2 ti 64mb
  1. Pos feedback for malmsteenisgod shipped same day packaged great and xbox looks like new thanks again
  2. I bought a old sharp laptop (athlon xp -m 1800 765mb ram etc etc) and all the person said is it needed a hard drive so i poped in a notebook hd and tried to load windows well what the owner failed to mention is the dvd/cdrw is pretty much dead i can almost load xp to install but cant load all of the files so my question is what can i do without replacing the dvd rom(i honestly dont want to open it) i dont have the option to boot from usb or sd the hard drive has a xp install but since its from another laptop which is now dead i cant load it any ideas? thanks in advance
  3. goat84

    Goats Sale

    all hds sold post has been updated
  4. Just saw this when i was over at newegg killer deal http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...PU%2f478x88.jpg buy the antec sonata III 500 and get a amd x2 5400 free plus you get a $50 rebate on the case!
  5. goat84

    Duke Nukem 3d

    duke 3d comes to xbox live next wen. who else is getting it? ahh memories of death match on pc/saturn back in the day... cant wait to kick some . on live!
  6. love the design if the price isnt to high ill pick one up love the fans!
  7. i have the 5600 x2 windsor and it can go 1200 by increasing the ht voltage other wise 1100 was max for me
  8. goat84

    Goats Sale

    the optys are great cpus i used them to start my server and moved to dual cores later on anyone needin low cost skt 940 cpus are in for a treat
  9. might be easier just to get a new drive they are pretty cheap now....I have a Toshiba ide model in my for sale section for $12
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