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    Dfi Lanparty NF4 Ultra D
    AMD 64 X2 4200 (266x10) 2660mhz
    Gskill PC3200 F1 PHU2 2GBZX 2x1GB 3,3,2,5 (1:1) 2.8v
    Silverstone Strider 560w
    Colorful Nvidia 8600GTS 256 Mb
    Seagate 250GB SATA
    Lite-On DVD Writer + LG DVD ROM
    On-Board Karajan audio module
    Windows XP Professionals SP2
  1. Artillery - Khomaniac (Great old school thrash band) Sinister - Bastard Saints
  2. ^^^ mentioned the name that i never heard..
  3. ^^^ Post to points out that i'm still posting here while he also still posting here while posting outs that i'm still posting here...
  4. ^^^ confused between avatar and sigs.. lol.
  5. ^^^ Wasted his 7,001 post here, hehehehe..
  6. ^^^ Good, another 939 user right here.. hahahhaha. Ooops, already post u before.. only three of us.. Me, Suppa and you.. hehhee
  7. ^^^ Had a strong 939 spirits as me.. hehehe
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