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  1. I vote that the street goes back to being in its own category
  2. Any chance of getting some of the threds from DFI street relsted? In particular BIOS and the MM settings ones? Or have some sort of list of how to find them here. (Or have them in their own section)
  3. open the logo seperatyl and cut and paste it into a new layer on your sig
  4. score! Cheers man!!! Hey if ya want Ill take the PSD file off ya so ya dont have to redo it everytime my hardware changes?
  5. I take it I can RMA this as I cant be expected to do that everytime??? Ill PM A_G and see what he says. (Or not as he has PM'sturned off)
  6. Yup no kb light either! Nope only 754board i have so cant test the processor. However its brand new from the box into the board so...
  7. Yup just tried it with some bh-5 and with some infineon, still nothing. U think processor rather than board?
  8. No luck with either modue. Re-sat the processor still nothing. I think either the chip or board are dead.
  9. No the CMOS reset did no good. Know everything else is working. Could it be processor? Any way to check?
  10. My ultra-d system is running on a hiper580modular. And so is my nf3 one too!
  11. PSU is BRAND new and everthingf is powering up ok in my other system with it. I just left it overnight cmo cleaing so will check it now.
  12. Yeah I like it! And try throw in the lanparty logo and gskill etc if ya can(I know Im demnding)
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