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    amd x2 6400+ blackie (11x300)
    biostar nForce 550se
    sapphire 1950pro 256mb ram
    corsair xms2 ddr2-800 (940mhz 5-5-5-12 2t)
    thermaltake Tt2 430w psu
  1. I got a sapphire 1950pro. A very nice card that plays most (if not all) pc games very nicely. very reasonably priced but almost no overclock options at all.
  2. Can any of you guys help? I am running incredibly high temps trying to overclock this windsor 4200+ (89w)on the stock cooler and AS5 on a 550 SE. Either this is a really hot dual core or the cooler suxs! The Biostar monitor says 54c idle and 60c under dual prime. Should I invest in aftermarket cooling or invest in another chip? cpu-z says 1.47v, same as the biostar program.
  3. I guess I'm just now coming to my senses....pretty tired of dealing with the hassle of starting this thing up two to three times before it's stops locking up on me. RMA'ing it to newegg.
  4. version 1.39 just released. It's showing incorrect ram speeds also.
  5. Ugly, I know CPU-Z is free and I applaud cpuid.com for that, but I really think that they are aware of this problem. Surely after putting out three versions (1.35,1.37 and 1.38) this has been noticed by scores of people beside me. I was using this program to check my cpu frequency and ram speed. Why was I using it? 1. Simple (I'm not a braniac) 2. Accurate (Something everybody should appreciate) 3. Free (I am however a cheapskate) Now that I know that it's accurancy is questionable, I will probably start looking for another product. If I continue to use it, it will be with a grain of salt. I just wanted everybody on the street to not trust CPU-Z as gospel as far as your ram speed is concerned. "Misinformation -- Sometimes we think we know something, but we don't really. If our "knowledge" unintentionally is mistaken, incorrect, untrue or misleading, then we are misinformed. The facts have been corrupted by unintended errors somewhere along communication lines. From the standpoint of actions affecting our life support system, misinformation is more dangerous than ignorance. Why? --Because we are more likely to act on wrong information, satisfied in the belief that we are knowledgeable, than if we realize that we are ignorant and need some facts. True misinformation usually cannot persist long, before someone forces correction, and accurate information takes its place."
  6. Just checked version 1.37. It has incorrect ram speed calculations too!
  7. Today's tip: Do NOT the trust CPU-Z versions 1.35 and 1.38. The ram speed calculations could be wrong. Don't believe me? Here's the example that helped me discover this: I have an MSI 7207 board (BIOS 3.0) paired up with a AMD San Diego 4000+ with two 1gig stick of Kingston HyperX pc3200 ram. This processor has a 12x multiplier. I can turn up the Fsb bus speed to achieve my overclock. Of course, I cannot use a 1:1 FSB to Ram divider because my ram is not high end ram that can achieve higher speeds such as 230mhz and up, so I'll be using a 183 divider. So let's do some math shall we... We divide 183 into 200, then multiply the cpu multi to determine our FSB to RAM divider: 200/183=1.092896 x 12 = 13.11475. This number ALWAYS has to be rounded up, so in this case it's 14. This is where CPU-Z version 1.35 and 1.38 is messing up. They are saying it should be rounded down. For me, my target CPU speed is 2760mhz(12x230). This was determine from earlier testing of the cpu using Prime95 So we need to divide 14 into 2760mhz to get the ram speed, right? 2760/14=197.14mhz ram speed This is what CPU-Z is showing: 13 divider is incorrect. 212.4mhz ram speed is incorrect. This is definitely leading builders astray by making them think they're maxing out their stuff when in reality, they're running their stuff at stock speed and in some cases below stock speed. CPU-Z version 1.31 doesn't seem to have this miscalculation problem but one novel idea is to do the calculations yourself instead of relying on a program to do it for you. Special thanks to renethx who has an excellent guide/thread on anandtech about this mobo and AG who has told us we should never rely on programs to do our overclocking for us. Now we know we can't even trust them to do our calculations for us either. lol
  8. I'm using a 4000 sandy with a stock venice 3200 cooler. Works fine....using AS5. Running it on a MSI mb running 11x244. 35c at idle and 50c is about as high it gets when gaming. The comparison between 2.4ghz and 2.68ghz is not huge. I know San Diego have 1mb of L2, not sure what winchesters have. This MSI board I have is not an overclocking board, but I am able to turn up cpu voltage to 1.45v, though
  9. I had the same head scratching problem when I installed mine. Finally decided that it had to be that way and installed the 2 four pin connectors in the 8 pin outlet. The manual is real obsure...it says to use either an 8 pin connector and if you don't have one just to use one 4 pin in the top of cn9 outlet.
  10. WOW!!! Angry, Don't pull any punches or anything!!! If it wasn't for the excellent support of "the street", I would have never bought this product. overall, I'm pretty satified. The only problem I got with this board is it's locks up 5 minutes into a cold boot. I just restart and then it works fine.
  11. I know this isn't an OCDB entry, but it's dual prime stable 5hrs 39mins. and 3d stable. It would had a rounding error 5mins into dual prime 314x9 4x ldt and I haven't had time to play with it any. Please bear in mind that this completely stock voltage on the opty 165. screenie: [/url] http://img248.imageshack.us/img248/2430/28...48htlingkz1.png
  12. Just got my 2 gig set of HyperX from ZipZoomFly for $177. I know it's not high frequency stuff but the timing spec'd for kingston are relatively tight. 2-3-2-6 at 2.65v. So that and the cheap price, I had to bite. The corsair xms 4400 black (non-pro) 1 gig set was NOT living up to my expectations, so I ebayed it out to help defer the cost. The order for the cas2 hyperx was very smooth and was able to upgrade to FedEx 2 day for $2. Installation went OK, but had to move two huge capacitors slightly to the side to get the heatspread equipped stick in dimm1. Between the Installing the HyperX and using some of the the settings in OCZTony's guide for the DFI CFX3200, I went from 294x9=2646MHZ with 3x LDT to 312x9=2808MHZ with 4x LDT on complete stock voltage of 1.32 volts and stock cooling!!!!! The ram is running a 133 divider (200.9mhz) at 2-3-2-6 2.67volts and that's good enough for me since I think RAM frequency is highly overrated compared to just regular ram that has decent tight timings. I just wanted to thank all you guys like (Thunda, HG/AG, Rgone, Tony, Etc.) that contribute to helping all of us noobs out. If you got any suggestions for me to get a little more out of this board, then go for it. I'll try to add some screenshot in a few minutes.
  13. HT bus speeds for a64 are 2000mhz, opty's are 1000mhz. please correct me if I'm wrong...
  14. If you have lots of room under the htt bus limit of 2000mhz (a64) or 1000mhz (opty) then you should set it to strong.
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