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  1. yeah just tried installing the 8800 gt again, works flawlessly at x16 now.. I wonder what mistake i did earlier. Playing Crysis and Bioshock without hiccups!
  2. Hello, i've installed an MSI 8800GT on my DFI NF4 Ultra-D and it got stuck at the 4th LED and the motherboard wont post. Is there anything that I should do in the bios or try to do a CMOS clear first?
  3. Hello, I just recently got mine from an online store which ships internationally. http://www.sidewindercomputers.com/ Im not sure if there are other better ones but this shop is quite reliable. =) Cheers
  4. Thermalright Ultra120 is very good too. slap it with a fan and u get really low temps Btw, just out of the question, im planning to get another cooler which fits into HTPC cases, do you think Zalman 9700 does a great job? or any other alternatives. cheers
  5. http://www.diy-street.com/forum/showthread.php?t=22031 U dont need windows to install bios, if u can burn the Tmod's flash cd, run it during startup and off u go cheers...
  6. maybe try a cmos clear first, 8 hrs should be enough i guess. Try to find other Rams, maybe it'll help. Definitely update the Bios to the 704-2bt or the latest official one to ensure compatibility with your ram. Did u plug all the power cables to the motherboard?
  7. I would recommend the HR-05 SLI, i've taken a pic of mine last time, cant upload here but view at flickr.. http://www.flickr.com/photos/krapman/417048401/ As u can see my card is old x700 pro but the clearance shudnt be an issue, u can turn the HR-05 SLI any direction, mine is now rotated anti-clockwise. Reason becuz i have a 120mm fan at the front of the case, so its just warm even at load. Cheers.
  8. I have the extreme and a s939 board. Just get a metal backplate, which is also available from Thermalright, replace and mount. Works no problem on my rig. The SLI-DR should have very similar layout so i reckon it's not a problem at all. For the DFI's usually come with plastic backplate, easily identified if u see the bottom is yellow in colour (mine is). The metal one should look like this, http://www.thermalright.com/a_page/main_su...lation_k8bp.htm I have the exact same one, it was quite hard to purchase it in Aussie though.....almost every shop ran out of stock as it's getting rare >_<.
  9. Yeah, make sure connect all power cables. Previously I didn't use the FDD power and always had random crashes or computer freezes. Must be lack of power or something. Once I connected it, it runs stable especially when gaming doesn't freeze anymore.
  10. Some update, I just slapped in another Scythe S-Flex fan to push the air from the hd cage to the back of the casing. Now im idling 35C and loads at 45C. Pretty nice numbers there, quite happy with it!
  11. Hi, I'm running a 400W PSU (forgot what the brand is, but it's definitely aint good). I'm looking for a PSU upgrade for my DFI NF4 Ultra-D mobo, which one is good. read the guides the Corsair ones are pretty good but I was thinking of buying a new PC (with quad core, i suppose). So.. I was looking at this PSU http://www.antec.com/us/productDetails.php?ProdID=27850 and read a review, shows that it has four 12V rails, http://www.jonnyguru.com/review_details.php?id=120 read in the recommended PSU guide for DFI mobo, a single rail 12V is best for the motherboard. now this antec one has four, would it work? Thanks!
  12. Hmm thanks guys, I'll get some AS5 soon and see what results i get..
  13. @Blooz1: Nope, didn't change any settings for the on/off temps for the fan in the bios. it was set to on the whole time. Now the idle temps are much better averaging around 35C and 30C for both cores, on load (used OCCT) it ran up till 50C for both cores. Keep in mind I had CoreTemp for temperature reading. I also had Smartguardian running simultaneously but it gave me 40C on load, idles 28C. only the PWMIC runs high at 50C on load. (where is the PWMIC sensor btw!??) I think I'll try to get some AS5 and remount again to see any difference. trying to overclock this baby
  14. Hi guys, thanks for the replies, the heatsink doesn't come with a fan unfortunately Seems like i'm getting better temperature after remounting the Ultra-120X Also changed the fan power supply from motherboard to the one using PSU(i think its a 3pin to 4pin power adapter). it's been weird because the fan moved sometimes and most of the time it didn't. Now it runs all the time and quite silent as well I'm trying to fun Folding with 100% CPU usage but it doesn't really stress my CPU that much... the highest it went was around 60%? trying to get load temps, i'll try using other softwares but it goes around 40-45 deg on load.
  15. Hmm, i just got my opteron installed 2 days ago and while having cpu-z on for and speedfan, my comp shut down too. I upped the voltage from 1.3V to 1.4V, seems more stable now, doesn't shutdown already but playing games for sometime (ie WC3) it hangs and i have to reset. probably it's the temperature, hitting around 55deg it'll just hang..
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