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  1. as can be seen under my sig, i had my venice working the same way. auto + 13% special VID control. however, right now, everything is on auto and CnQ enabled in bios, and still can't get it to work. did a fresh install too to see if that was the problem
  2. because i preffer to have it on. my computer runs all day long, often doing nothing. id preffer it using as little power and being as cool running and quiet as possible. so any idea wut the problem is. cpu is currently stock voltage and speed for testing purposes.
  3. Hey guys, i know this is probably somewhat bios related, so i figured id ask here. For some reason, i can't get cool'n'quiet (PowerNOW) to work on my Opteron 165. -Cool'n'quiet enabled in bios -AMD Driver Installed -Power options set to Minimal power management anyone know what im doing wrong????? thx
  4. hey guys just ordered this board and a venice 3200 from ncix for 149 CAD (about $130 USD) as a bundled special. its gonna be an upgrade for my friend with a sempron+NF4 infinity setup. Just wanted to know, will his 2x1GB of samsung TCCC work alright in this board???? Im dunno much about this board, but i remember reading a while ago that it had memory divider and compatibility issues. Also, any other issues that i should be aware of????? he will be running the following 2x1GB of samsung value ram (TCCC) XFX 7600GT 2x Seagate 7200.7 NCQ 160GB Hard drives (raid or not depending on what you guys say) SB Live 5.1 Pioneer 110D varous other USB hardware Thanks in advance
  5. hmmm. yeah, im assuimng it'll be mighty warm with my VX pushin 3.3+ to it. anyways, thanks for your help brotha. may just have to pick one of these baby's up. cheers!
  6. so does that mean the mosfet HS is always burning hot like the NF4 one????
  7. well, thats good to know. im not expecting an answer like "all are only stable till". just trying to get a decent idea of the breaking point. thanks for the input. anyone else can vouch for the same?? if so, i know im safe pickin one up. OH, also, i see mem voltage can be taken up to 4v. does that mean there is a 4v jumper like the NF4 series board, and that mosfet on teh corner that gets REALLY hot, or does it work differently on this board??? thanks!
  8. was considering buying this board for a deal, was wondering what the highest stable FSB is usually. read some reviews saying this board can't overclock past 260 HTT or so, which is just not enough for me. I usually like to be able to test a cpu to its max. Just wondering if there is any truth to this, or has a newer bios fixed the issue or wut. appreciate any input
  9. thats weird. i take no offence when people call me american when im in england. it just say "nah, im canadian... EH!!!" but some people take it seriously i guess. its like some poeple who think all brown people look alike.... we don't get mad, we just call those people... police thats-all-that-is.
  10. oh, i know THEY talk differently, but most of the hockey players are northeners. cities OUTSIDE of the main city's ie. GTA (Greater toronto area) players would probablky be from kitchner, oshawa, sudbury, hamilton, etc etc. the city folk, you probably never met unless you come to our big city's (toronto mainly. not sure how they talk over in vancouver, edmonton, calgary, etc, etc). so you saying the cityboys are the reason behind this steriotype is completly and utterly wrong. its the boonies who you guys are actually makin fun of. (regardless of weather you realise it or not) I know the steriotype is very true for many, but you implying that 90% of us fall into that steriotype, well that kinda just re-enforces what all the canadians say about americans. which is, you guys just don't know what its like up here. its not a bad thing, its just the way it is.... many come to toronto expecting us all to be like, "eh, hows it goooin thur, eh??" and then are so surprised when we don't talk like that at all. i have been to many states in america, and i have seen how little the differences are between the people. accents aside (and even then, its only some people that have a really heavy accent) people are pretty much the same. we seem to sound the closest to californians to be honest with ya. may have something to do with TV and hollywood... anyways, didn't mean to offend you by saying you don't know anything about canucks. just a little razzing on my part. and if i sounded upset, its only because we Canadian cityboys feel like our american neighbors know nothing about us. We don't assume all americans are rednecks, especialy the ones from the cities, so we expect you to know the same about us. pretty simple, aint it??? oh, and i know we have rednecks. just helpin ya out with your canuck vocab. boonies = northeners. - look at those boonies boonies = up-north itself - guy, your taken me to the boonies but "boons" can be applied for both as well. its weird, but its slang, so it don't hafta make sence. cheers!!! oh, may as well keep on topic. When do you plan on finally coming to Canada?? Toronto in specific????
  11. children... i think not. actually, we only talk boonie to make fun of those who are up in tha boons. hmmm, it has just become apparent to me as to how little you know about our fine country. city people are usually immagrants. how the hell would they even know how to talk like canucks?? And up here, its backwards. we make fun of american rednecks, and their love of that moron of a president you got. haha, man that guy is dumb. not to mention the various interviews of americans on the comedy network that crack us up on a daily basis. Reporter: Don't you think that its ridiculous for the president of canada to have such a big naval force when Canada has one of the smallest coastlines in the world American: Yeah, you know, they them der up der just don't make some sence some times. that president of their needs to um... re-prioritize. HAHAHA, oh man, that was classic ps. we have no rednecks, thats an american thing. we got boonies
  12. genetically....?? i didn't know there was such a thing lol. majority of people here in toronto are chinese, then some sort of indian, then other imigrants (European) and THEN you have your white people. haha. but i guess they still outnumber african and south american people . And native canadians are dead last. oh, btw, only the old folgies from boon towns up north talk like donkey's. (faaaak aaaaaf, heee haaaaaw) and say eh at the end of everything. us cityboyz talk normally. unless were trying to imitate Ali G. then... people are just lost. "Ave yuh eva got' any oez preggaz????" anyways, be e z. and when you decide to be canadian, i'll buy u ya first doub'double!
  13. Im from caanaadaaaa, and they say im sloooow eeeeh So angry, u originally from canada???????? we got some funkey new money as of a couple years ago. still very colourfull. ps. timmies rocks. doub'double
  14. ova here in tha T dot (toronto ontario), being red means being high. (as in, your eyes are red) yah, i was joking brah serisouly though, you Americans take your politics so seriously. its like how serious muslims take their relegion in the middle east. Canadians, we don't care. we drink beer and smoke weed :cool:
  15. a red state :confused: is it illigal to reffer to weed in america or something. lol
  16. I am now stupider for having read the last few posts....
  17. update: chip is nude, and running at 2.65Ghz at 1.6v. loading up at 43 degrees. SEEN!!!!
  18. well, my sempron chip is nude, and its running at 2.65 @ 1.6v loading up at 43 degrees priming. gaming it says under 40. WIKID!!!!!!!! im very tempted to do it to my A64 rig, but i don't wanna mod the retention braket or freezer 64 to work with a nude chip. 2.75 is good nuff for now. NEwayz, was thinking about this for long time, glad i did it. Cheers!!!
  19. so wut, so do most people LOL
  20. we'll its all good. angry or happy, as long as your playin tha gamez!
  21. So i return to the forum after ages, and ANGRY TURNED HAPPY!!!!! wuth append dude, you get laid finally jk!!! Personally, i think Angry has been fired, and a replacement from India has been implemented in his stead, because angry was getting paid too much and this guy works for rice and motherboards. (c'mon, canuckistani, pakistani... see where im goin here) welcome, oh great Indian admin . please pass the rice
  22. yeahbut... that would mean more money for them, since people will buy a new chip for the board... anyhoo, my vacation has officially begun. off work for... the majority of next week
  23. yeah, already took a look, seems simple enough. aight then, hope i get some cool temps or great clocks. temps are whats holding me back now, as anything higher than 2.55Ghz, and i need big jumps in voltage, and it gets too hot.
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