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  1. So far no problems with the video, the issues I have are with my RAM, I will see though.
  2. Got it from new egg, so it can be sent back, just too bad they do not cross ship anything!
  3. Oh yeah, I have the 20+4 pin, the EPS 8 pin and the floppy molex in. Strange! Damn, I wish I would of known that ahead of time, I was hoping to actually USE a PIC-E connector!
  4. Well, I have the PSU listed in my sig, and this being my first pc for myself, and first ever using a pci-e card, I was amazed that the cords labeled as PCI-E did not go ANYWHERE on my board. Am I missing something? What gives?
  5. Just a thought, did you plug in the extra molex for your card?
  6. You are using a slightly different kit than I am, hopefully putting the 2.7 volts to em will get mine memtest stable.
  7. Which g.skills are those, and what voltage are you pumping into them?
  8. Read the guide dude, all the info is there, and Sharp just told you what to set anyways. Good luck!!
  9. A buddy of mine got the older version of this one last year, its been a great LCD and for the price its tight. Many reviews on this display. Highly reccomended! BenQ LCD on New Egg
  10. Spanks for tha info! I really wanna get my board movin' and shakin' with these g.skill though, if I have to I will use my crucials!
  11. I had that same issue, for some reason the raid drivers from the DFI site do something strange to a floppy. .. I just went into the drivers folder, nf4 and copied all the files (minus the exes in there, the raid tool ect) and used it. Worked like a charm!
  12. Thanks for the extra advice guys! I know all about clearing the caps!
  13. After reading your first post, I noticed you set optimized defaults, and did not mention setting the BIOS back up to use RAID. This would cause no recognized file system. Also, if you ever UNPLUGGED the drives from their SATA ports, I have had this kill many a RAID 0 array on SATA.
  14. This has been my experience with most sw firewalls. Hardware intrusion systems all the way! Or just use the Windows built in one, it has SOME quirks, but, no big memory usage and USUALLY plays well with your netstack.
  15. Thanks for the advice bro! Will report back tonight after I can test !
  16. Will do that tonight when I get home man. Would you reccomend me to set my voltage at 2.7 after the cmos clear?
  17. Very true ExRodie, you seem to be super well read on the market too! Im glad this site is not full of people giving half butt opinions!
  18. BTW I also had some cold boot issues with my board, started right up after a power cycle though.
  19. After reading some other posts about cmos clearing and the early BIOS that shipped with my board, do you think that maybe my memory controller on my CPU is fried?!?
  20. I did do a clear with mine by taking the battery out, did this mess something up?
  21. The memory was left at default voltage 2.66 and I used the 24pin + EPS 8 pin and the floppy connector for the PCI-E card. I can try to put it up to 2.7. Edit* timings were set to auto, as manually setting the G.Skill to factory specs via g.skill web site my computer would not boot at all. When putting in the Crucial they did run at cas 2 (like they should) Crucial sticks are 512x512
  22. Yeah, Sushi is traditionally finger food, .,., most of that video was correct, although some of it was just silly
  23. They did for awhile, remember the little colored space people on fire?
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