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  1. I have used crucial in many a build for people, mac and pc, and they are (so far) my favorite memory faber ever! Although once I see what my g.skill can do, I may be singing a different tune. *edit* SNAP! My new sig does not have my memory in it! *grumble* thats what I get for using Gimp after drinking a 6 pack of newcastle.
  2. Very true, which is why I built my first personal box (other than a custom hacked mac) to play fuggin video games! And I love it. I am slowly becoming a PC convert! *scary huh?*
  3. @Joalaielna That looks alot like the iMovie I use! And it looks kinda like Adobe premier with its layout (at least what I remember of it)
  4. Never used it personally, but, watching these guys use it made it look easy :tooth: *edit THEY said it was easy to use, lol
  5. Honestly, if thats all you are doing man, a cheap a$$ mac with iMovie will do yah, then throw some free open source encoder on it and you are good to go. That way you have a box to just sit and render (takes awhile on an older mac) but, the quality is SO nice, and accurate, and EASY as PIE, APPLE PIE *ok, I have gone too far here*
  6. This is just my 2cents but, I know some people who do just what you guys are talking about , working with AMVs (Anime Music Videos) and went to the recent AWA here in Atlanta, (IT WAS AWESOME) saw this thing called Iron Chef AMV editor! BLEW MY MIND, these guys took several random animes, cut them up with a theme and set them to a song,.,.,awesome! They only had a couple of hours to do it too! Check out here AMV.ORG Everyone I met there was super nice and all into making these kinda videos. Very neat. I think you can find some of the videos people did there, very rockin' just search for Iron Chef Atlatna on that site, the first one is the looser actually, was "I get around" from the beach boys, when you see it and realize this guy did it in 2 hours! WOOT, but, I ramble. *too much AMP today* They both used Adobe Premier, and once you sit down with the program, maybe check out a guru book from your local public library, its a very intuitive program to use. Of course I am used to editing video on my cheap Mac G4! Only cost me 500 bucks, so I dont know what all this talk is about macs being expensive, (I mean they can be, but, so can a Dell!) /end ramble
  7. I found this out the hard way! lol, check all factory specs of the memory, boot to memtest run it!!!! Run it some more! check the settings listed there in memtest and at boot (they are very important) make sure they are too factory spec with that memory! RUN MEMTEST SOME MORE! until you cant stand it anymore, and your memory passes (about 40 mins) with no errors. CHECK VOLTAGE!! WOOT!
  8. There is a whole forum devoted to this topic. The search function is your friend.
  9. Like I said it all depends on what type of MODEM you are using now, and your ISP. Some ISPs send out modems that have NATS in them, which would not be good to hook a router up to it, mainly because it would "double nat" you and you could loose speed and stablity. What IP address does your computer have on it while on the Internet? What ISP? What modem? Personally I would not get a Belkin, seen too many issues with them, as well as them making your internet connection DOG SLOW! I personally would get a Netgear/Dlink. Stay away from the new linksys, I have at least 2-3 people a day that have them and they go bottom up after just a couple of months. Let me know what kinda setup you have right now, so I can help yah a little better.
  10. Yuppers router. Or if your modem HAS a router in it (maybe running PPPOE, what provider do you have?) then a switch will do yah fine, go gigabit from netgear, its cheap and usually on sale, I have one and it works dandy! Gotta know a little more about your modem and ISP before making any suggestions.
  11. DUDE, did you get into my itunes playlist? Right now I am listening to Skinny Puppy - Too Dark Park
  12. These are my new idle temps after a couple of days on water, and with the new beta bios. Will be reporting load in a couple of days once I get my entry for the stock speeds database!
  13. Same here, but, hopefully that will go away once I oc! 2 gb rulz!
  14. just resolved this, I kept inching up the voltage on my board, and it was not making things better. mem test kept failing at step 5.. . so, I was checking things out, noticed that g.skill had a screen shot of cpuz and a bios shot of their memory in action, so, i copied those timings down. noticed that my board, with any bios i was putting on it, was settings the timings too high for this board specifically Trcd=4 (bios was setting it as 3) Tras=8 (bios was setting is as 7) and Trp=4 (bios was setting this to 3 also) So there we have it, Thanks for everyone helping me along, you were just what I needed to find my solution!!
  15. Ditto, and since I have finally gotten my memory stable on this machine, my load time for EVERYTHING, are blistering fast, and windows hardly even makes my hard drives make a noise.
  16. True, turn off your page file with 1 gig on BF2 or EQ2 and see what happens! BOOM crash, they make calls to over 1 gig of ram while loading.
  17. Just got a new card ordered through New Egg, they even gave me credit for the restock fee, cause they thought the card needed to tell me it has a non-standard PCI-E connector! Ordered this one in its place. . . http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16814130256
  18. Holy Snap! I think we may have talked about these cards already, but, they are NOW ON SALE THROUGH NEW EGG! TomsHardware article on them
  19. Some games, such as EQ2 and BF2 have noticable improvements on load times ect when using 2gigs. Go and read up dude! Toms Hardware Edit* "512 MB There are a few situations where having just 512 MB system memory in your computer can be enough. * If you run your games at low quality settings (small texture size) because you have an outdated CPU and graphics card, or because you prefer FPS over visual quality. * If you only use one application at a time. * If it is your grandmother's computer. If you are buying a new computer, even if it's a laptop, opt for more than 512 MB - you will never regret it. 1 GB Indeed, 1 GB of system memory will most likely be enough for the average user and for people. * It will allow you to play new games at their highest quality settings, given that you have an adequate processor and a powerful graphics solution. * You won't have to shut down non-critical applications when you want to play a game. * You can (accidentally) press the Windows button while in a game without dying from a stroke during the seconds it takes to read Windows back into system memory from the swap file. * If you go from 512 MB to 1 GB, you will notice the difference all the time. Starting up Photoshop while working with Word, an Internet browser, e-mail client and Acrobat Reader will go so much faster, and switching between the applications is a breeze. 2 GB Still there are situations where more than 1 GB is what you want. * If you are a professional user, you might need more than 1 GB for really heavy applications. * If you intend to do heavy multitasking, especially if you have more than one CPU or CPU core. Running RAM intensive games such as World of Warcraft, downloading files via high speed FTP or encrypted protocols, Bittorrent or any P2P program; decompressing large archives and playing large size video files in a window or on second monitor all at the same time can max out your system memory pretty fast - if your CPU can handle it. "
  20. True! haha! My friend Natsuko would be terribly silly! :nod:
  21. Anyone have any issues using a card that is not native PCI-E power plug?
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