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  1. True, the Expert did not set my RAM to its manuf specs using the AUTO settings, I had to set them manually myself. OHH and BTW, should have my board prime stable tonight late and have an entry into the stock speeds database
  2. Oh yeah, very true, Intel being able to crank out cheap chips was a BIG reason for going with them.
  3. MX 518 with an X-Ray thunder GREAT mouse pad , has the reversable sides!! like butta
  4. I would leave it on and continue to stress the system then, if you used AS5 give it time to cure, maybe start running the qualifications for the stock speed database, (good tools to run through) and see if your cold boot issue does not clear up. I know mine did. My PSU, just by itself required to sit a couple of secs/min before starting again. Now its super fine.
  5. Voltages are a funny thing, you really are never sure without a multimeter. As far as your stable OC, maybe you have just reached your limit there man, 2.6 ghz IMO is fantastic!
  6. Well, thats just my personal experience with em. I could be super proven wrong at any moment by someon with some years on me. I would go through and check your memory timings, I stressed for 3 days about mine, and the board was setting my memory too high of CAS timings. See what it says on BOOT on the post screen, as well as what memtest tells you. Does it fully pass memtest?
  7. Is it fully memtest stable? Check what the board is setting the RAM too on Auto, I know mine was setting the CAS timings a little too high for my memory.
  8. Oh of course. Were they on the "expert" approved list? Like I said, if you get instabilities in yer memory, check what the board is settin' yer spd to, it may be the culprit! As well as voltage.
  9. I do not notice any new features,but, I have barely had this thing up and running for 5 days now. There were some quirks with my memory not setting the correct SPD and this was not fixed with the BIOS. Other that that give me some time to poke around in it, I only had the shipping BIOS on it for about 3 hours. :tooth:
  10. Well, if they were not, I could see where you would have issues.
  11. The reason why I asked, is because with my NEW 600w PS, while leak testing the WC kit OUTSIDE OF THE CASE, the PSU had cold boot issues, I chaulked it up to the fact that this device has high quality caps on it, and needed to be "broke in" a little. Same with my board. To me high quality caps need to be rocked a little bit before they displace and hold their charge right, just like with any other piece of high end equipment. The first day I had cold boot issues, but, after streasin the board out a bit, its GOLDEN AND ROCK SOLID. Been runnin prime now since last night at midnight! My buddy has an Asus board with the same sorta caps on it, and had the same issue the first day, but, after warmin' the board up the problems went away. So, new board with new psu, I would EXPECT to get some cold boots, just is the nature of the beast IMO.
  12. Very true, thats all they have (right now anyways). Market penetration (hehe penetration) with the masses. This is the main reason Apple went with them. Name recognition and cheap deals on bulk purchases on chips. Its one of the reasons why AMD has NOT been a big bulk OEM faber, they don't wanna get too big where they have a higher fail rate, and give such big discounts they can not spend their money on RnD.
  13. CHEERS!!! Here is to many pints of Guiness, and not having to drive home!!
  14. Just be careful to keep the heatsink even with the core, its kinda tricky. For some general tips on removing and replacing chipset coolers, check out this thread. Angry_Games post on chipset removal
  15. Here it is, wowzers, Overstatement or what? ABC News article
  16. I can say from personal experience, the 7800gt pwns for its price.
  17. BTW What type of HDD are you using on that port? I only see a Maxtor EIDE drive listed in your sig.
  18. Is your memory memtest stable? Have you tried running with no page file? Or to switch the page file to another drive?
  19. True that! its right there with my wrist strap and chocolate!
  20. Right now, my computer is primen' all night, and chipset is a constant 43c once the AS5 set it. And its got purdy lights! But, yeah, when I was installing it, It was kinda scary
  21. Same here, I have been using that BIOS almost all week, but, my temps seem about normal for water cooling, around 28C on load. My house is a fairly constant 65F
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