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  1. I have been trying to get this chip to OC now since I have had this board. She is perfectly stock stable, 23 hrs or so prime and blows through all the benchys great. If I try and push anything out of her past 2.5 ghz she bellies up. I can get her to 2.6ghz with 260x10 at 1.54 volts. with my memory on a divider. At this speed she is OCCT Stable but, failes Prime 95 after about 2 hours. So, what do you guys think? Rip this sucka outta here and get an opty make it naked and keep this one as a backup? Or pump some more juice in her to see if she gets stable?
  2. Yeah, I also recently discovered youtube.com its got some fun stuff there too. Oh, and don't forget Google Video.
  3. when I first got my board I slapped the AS5 and the Evercool on my chipset, and for the first few days the idle and load temps were high, then I guess the as5 set in, and it idles around 38 now, load 44
  4. Sorry, I have not been at home (work) and have not had time to pull my chip. It is an E6 Venice. Will let you know the rest if I am home tonight.
  5. You have another fellow Otaku Elite here my friend.
  6. OMG that is so nice. I totally freaked out on it. I guess he got one of these "limited edition" Artic Silver application tools with his tube.
  7. But, not really, just wanted to use my 300th post as a little thank you note to all you helpful folks that hang out here. You guys talked me into getting a DFI board, and although it is quirky, and really kicked me in teh nutz when trying to set up my memory, it has been an uber stable board for me in every way imaginable. I am working on getting my 3500+ E6 stable at 11x250 and hopefully have that knocked out tonight. Its rock solid at 10x250, but, thats weak lol :spam: Again, thank you guys!!! You all RULE!! Oh yeah, and btw, if you have not checked this out, go here http://www.ifilm.com/viralvideo I am addicted. If you go to the Top 100 and look at the #1 video for 2005, I know all you guys (ie men) out there may totally appreciate it (and possibly some ladies) :angel:
  8. BF2 has known issues with an OC system. Do not know why just yet. I know there are several discussions about this on other forums. Although I know people on older chips like XP ect do not have this issue.
  9. This happens to me also. Even if I just change my GPU out. I have noticed though it only happens to me if I cleap my caps before installing HW, if I am just moving a fan ect then it does not happen.
  10. I have used that formula with my Expert board, and set my CPU FSB to 250 and put my memory to 1:1 and it still boots as DDR 400. Am I doing something wrong?
  11. I think I can pull my heatsink off tonight, hopefully to get this to you soon!
  12. Nitemareglitch is something I have been using for years. I used to do alot of *edited for personal safety* back when I was a minor, and it just kinda stemmed from that. Im a big fan of horror flicks ect, so nitemareglitch seemed natural at the time.
  13. True, you just go into your sharing control panel in the system preferences (mac os x ) and put a check mark next to Windows File Sharing, now your home directory should appear to other windows computers on your network. Make sure your workgroup is the same, I think you can change it in your Utilities Folder,,.,its the directory access application, and just edit the Samba portion. I do it at home and its easy, I use ,my G4 now as a stereo streaming my files from my pc.
  14. I just saw this on Apple's site, its kinda got me scratching my head., . Apple - Games - Hardware? Call me weird but, this is kinda crazy.
  15. Yeah, I just flat out like the game. Although it is my FIRST FPS ever. I just installed Quake 4 also.
  16. The Orb - Live 93 (My favorite Orb album, mainly cause its all live, and to have seen them live back in the day, was AMAZING, which I did)
  17. True, alot of people have that installed, so do I, works great. Just use caution.
  18. Those are your standard, commercially advertised settings, I would leave everything else to defaults, and make sure the board is setting those particular settings to the sticks defaults.
  19. I modded mine to the evercool also, idles around 43c. load at 45c http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread.php?t=20827
  20. I am using the PSU in my sig, it fuggin' rulz it
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