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  1. Woot sauce. Started Prime last night and when I woke up it was still running (only about 7 hrs though) so when I get home from work today everything should be fine. 260x10 on a small divider giving me about DDR 464 . . . woot. Should have the rest of my benchmarks done when I get home! GAHHH!!!! Getting this cpu up to this speed has been tourture. Makes me wanna get a cheapo Opty and see how far IT can go on this board. People complaining about the Expert? Its my first DFI board, 1st pc I have built for myself, and I am lovin' it.

  2. does anyone have Tony's latest Expert Bios version running? i may try it to see if there's a change, but i'd rather find out if someone already tried that...



    I did no change in temps at all. And its a mod on an older revision, the 11/7 or something, I dont remember what is says.


    I am waiting on getting my other radiator in the mail before I take my rig down. I almost have 2.6ghz out of her and loading around 36/38c.


    I know I have said this a gazillion times, but, I will get you the info from my chip!!


  3. on that same site theres info on the x1900 w/ ....................48 pixel pipes :drool: :drool: :drool:



    Yup. Pretty sick Id say. Although rumors are with DX9 that the current Nvidia line is more than enough for it all.


    I think these cards are in prep for DX 10 and Vista, since Vista will require os level interaction with the GPU (anyone smell quartz extreme?)


    I think in another couple of months I will just get another 7800gt. With two in my system I was seeing 3D05 of 10k+

  4. 6 months is about the time it takes for a killer rig to become outdated!



    All depends. All I do with this is surf the web, and play BF2. I think it will be fine for 2 years given the fact that the next BF will be out. Maybe then I will upgrade.

  5. That is a great video thanks for the link. the best thing is that is not even new that is an old vido though the version I viewed was lower quality. The question is how high of a quality machine are we going to need to play games that look like that!



    Good question, I was thinking the same thing when I ran across this page quite some bit ago.


    Ageia PPU


    I think THIS is how we will be able to play these games. CPU and GPUs are starting to get maxed out. I think that with a current gen gpu and one of these is all we would need. AND Holy crap! When I first saw this page not too long ago these people did not even have ONE game developer mentioned on the site. NOW check it out. Looks like several developers are all into this stuff!!

  6. I also found that by using Clockgen in windows I could get to a higher HTT, rather than setting it in the bios and hoping it POSTs and loads windows.


    What I did also was found a thread on the same memory as I have and copy their starting-of settings from a64tweaker screenshot. I was lucky in that over at XS onepagebook (GSkill employee) was testing my ram and had this very screenshot before he started increasing HTT. I think drive strength has a big bearing.



    What do you currently have your drive strength set to?

  7. 6-8 months or so before I went for the opteron, it was watercooled though. I wouldn't have run those volts on air. It was on an MSI K8N Neo2 Plat., my idle/load temps were: 31/40.



    Well right on. I am not on air for sure. I will try pumpin' her with a little more volts. She will boot at 250x11 on 1.5v but, is not stable at all. I will pump her with some more juice and see if that will settle it.

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