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  1. Well, I think I found out what it was. DRAM Drive strength and Data Strength. I had set these options to settings other than default, and had forgotten about it. Put them back to Auto and everything seems fine. I even reinstalled the Razor drivers, everything played great this weekend. Can play BF2 while running BOIN in the background. Woot, will keep testing her to be sure. I remember playing with these settings cause I was trying to get a good stable DDR500 setting. BTW does anyone have any ideas what I need my values to be for these settings?
  2. Understandable. This was a 3 week old formatt. Memory is fine and stable. Already tested that. I uninstalled the mouse drivers AFTER this issue happened. Been using the mouse as a simple USB mouse. My previous mouse was a logitech USB mouse, of same quality, I am even using the razor lazer at the same DPI as the logitech. I will try switching to PS2 before formatting. I also lost the ability to use my Marvell LAN on this board, it will not recognize my cable when it is plugged in. Although the Nvidia lan works, as well as a linksys 10/100 pci card I installed. I would think this was a GPU issue if I did not get this kind of stuttering while also watching videos on the iTMS, unless the GPU is driving these videos also. If all else fails of course, I will do another formatt. I am running my system at a config, all stock, that was prime stable for 23.5 hrs, just shy of having a stock speed entry. It even did well OC to 2.6ghz and I have an entry for that. Tonight when I get home, I will try these suggestions, and maybe a formatt.
  3. This just started happening. The only thing I changed on my system was I installed a Razor Copperhead mouse, I even uninstalled the drivers, and cleaned em up and I still get the stuttering. I reset defaults, made sure everything was right in the BIOS. Saved all my defaults in the CMOS reload. Gets the stuttering in BF2, where the screen just seems to loop a sound, and freeze the frame, even got it using the iTMS. I am at a loss as to what to check on my machine. It went prime stable and runs through all the benchies fine. Just seems to be random. I am at a loss as to what to do. Any thoughts?
  4. Oh derrrr, nice. Glad to see we have a reliable place to store things such as this!
  5. Grounding strap man! I have the same problem in my house. You guys use Gas heat?
  6. Will be slapping this file on my dedicated *nix torrent box. Wheee! I love your vids and instructionals man, I hope they pay you well!
  7. I feel bloated just LOOKING at that thing. .
  8. Very true ExRodie. I have been trying some Linux installs, and even dumping my RAM up to 2.8v at ddr500 (no cpu oc) this memory STILL does not seem to like being OC even the slightest bit. I feel cheated cause I went with cheaper RAM than I normally do in a system (usually use top of teh line Crucial) that would do DDR500 np on other people's systems at much tighter timings. I am gonna order myself some new RAM that will take the oc better. Some high end OCZ or Crucial again. I am installing Suse again to see about getting booted and get teh drivers for my RAID. Here we go again. EDIT: I know my cpu takes an oc fine as I have a nice shiney oc post for it. I guess my memory just ain't up for runnin' like this board wants tah run it.
  9. Yes, I totally did this with my memory. Passes all mem tests at ddr500 with no oc on the cpu. I even had it slightly oc'd with my cpu oc I had, and it is in the database already here. I am installing Suse 10 as we speak, when I get home it should be finished (internet install) so, I am going to try and use the Sil chipset on this board. If my memory is fine in Memtest would it stand to be stable in Windows? This is a tough one to get my head around.
  10. Yeah, thats was my first thought. But, I have default settings and all saved into cmos reloaded. Meh. I checked that. And my install has worked a gazillion times before. Just used it on a Soltek build and she has been up and running NON STOP since I put mine together. . . As a system builder this is frustrating, the issues I have had with this board are unique to say the least. .. .
  11. I just found this on MS support site http://support.microsoft.com/?kbid=320397 Seems as though my disk with the Pre-SP1 XP Pro on it may be causing me this headache? Anyone else have this happen?
  12. Yeah, I have tried a repair, does not work. Only for a few days. And how is the Kernal getting corrupted anyways? I have a sig btw. Check it.
  13. Ok, this is the 5th time this has happened to me. This happens with stock speed also, but, has happened most often with an OC. This last time I simply had my memory at stable DDR500 settings. No OC on the CPU. After letting it run BOINC all night I wake up and there is a stop error. Ok, I shut down, reboot, NTLDR is missing, kernal corrupt blah blah blah. No reboot is possible, I have to reformat. I am going to try a single disk (no raid 0) install tonight to see if this is the culprit in my errors. Anyone have any ideas? I am about ready to try these components in another board to see if this will solve my issues. So far this is the ONLY build I have had issues with, and it just so happens to be my own computer. I have never had this kinda issue with any other board., . .
  14. The old saying of measure twice, cut once comes to mind when I think of my situation. First I had a really pretty Lian Li case, that was WAY too tiny for me. After being frustrated, I decided to go and get one of these. Now the inside is much nicer.
  15. Cocteau Twins : Heaven or Las Vegas+Treasure on shuffle.
  16. 1. What rev do you have? Not sure right off hand, was one of the first batches out in the US. 2. Do you have a psu that keeps a fan running after shutdown? Nopers, not a feature of my PSU. 3. What PSU? OCZ PS 600w 4. Do you have the following issue? if you go 1. Choose Start, then select Shut Down. 2. From the pull-down menu, select "Shut Down". 3. Click OK. and then i leave it 30 sec to 1 min and press the power button once to turn the pc back on, it fires up shows me 4 leds then 3 leds then 4 again and turns off. or does your pc restart with no issue? No issues to report. Just below average temps. I will be posting more about this tonight.
  17. I do have to say I am jealous of everyone with an Opty. Maybe once I get everything cleared out here I will venture into the world of an "unsupported" cpu
  18. Anytime. You had the SAME issues I did man. Glad I could point yah in the right direction.
  19. lol, I meant the SIL sata controller. Did you check the specs for your memory and are running them "as advertised"? They are at 1:1 with your cpu and it is not overclocked? What voltage are you runnin' them on?
  20. You may also try setting this lcd panel to its naitive resolution to see if that helps. Samsung 913N / 915N in the US Diagonal measurement 19 inches Native resolution 1280x1024 Contrast 800:1 Brightness 300 cd/m² Latency 8ms Colors 16.2 M H/V viewing angles 160/160 Loudspeakers none Connectivity VGA
  21. Well, I will post you some pics of the tight fit in my case with wc. Im sure that running air only in the lian case is great. I have my stacker at home and am waiting for more tubing to make my switch. Will post pics of it tonight.
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