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  1. I searched the forums, and did not find these anywhere...I need some advice on my new build, do these look like they would work? http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16820227191
  2. *bump. .. come on people, buy my stuff!!
  3. Got em all, just waiting on this memory to sell!! I may be able to ship these a lot sooner!!
  4. Got a question about the RAM today, WOOT SAUCE! Could happen any min!!
  5. *bump, if any of these prices seem unfair, just let me know.
  6. Hey thanks man, right on. You are going to love that block, my system never got over 35c with it, its sweet!!!
  7. BTW Also made the memory cheaper if you buy both sticks.. .
  8. Ok people, update on what is happening. knopflerbruce = expert Sold! Zoltan 1500 = opty Sold! EllisD = DD WC Setup Sold! Just waiting on this memory to go so I can ship everything out to you guys once payment is made. Oh BTW here is a pic of everything running!!
  9. Right on man, good to see GA being represented!!
  10. I just really thought is was odd that they look almost just like the Corsair Dominator.
  11. I can get you some pics tonight, its still in use so you will see it filled and working. All that you are REALLY missing is the 1/2' tubing to hook it all together. I can send you the pieces I have if you want. ANd yes, this is all you need for water cooling (except fluid)
  12. Just take a look at my sig, I am parting out my: CPU: AMD Opteron 146 currently clocked at 2.6 ghz 260x10 on 1.4v (owned since 07/24/2006) - $80 us - paid for GPU: 2xEVGA 256-P2-N516 7800GT 256mb (owned since 07/24/2006) will come with as many of the accessories as I can find and original drivers disk. - $100.00 us for one, or $200.00 us for both. (these cards play BF2 so darn well) - paid for 2xCorsair DDR 400 CMX1024-3200PRO (owned since 07/24/2006) - $100.00 us a stick, $150.00 us for both. Danger Den TDX 939 with Black Ice Pro Radiator, Black Anodized Fillport, Danger Den 12V D5 1/2 OD, 120m pabst fan, . Have had the DD setup since (12-14-2005). Everything has been well cared for, and will be drained and cleaned before shipping. - $100.00 us - sold DFI Expert Motherboard (owned since 12/14/2005) has the Evercool mod to it, and will even come with an extra one, original DFI cooler, and box! WOOT! I hate to part with this board as it has been VERY good to me. I love it, but I want to upgrade so bad!!! $100.00 us - sold Cooler Master Stacker Case - $100.00 us - sold OCZ PS-600w - $110 us - sold Creative Xfi-Platinum Card with Front IO panel!! This card is SWEET, and I can not even find it for sale anymore. $120.00 Why am I selling? To get a cheap C2D board, ram and chip thats why!! Nothing is wrong with any of these devices, if you want me to drop her down to stock settings and post a stock speeds DB entry, go right ahead, heck, I would even pull an OCDB is you wanted me too with it like it is. If you think some of these prices are not fair, let me know and I will look into getting them adjusted. I can get other pics of my system if you want, or take CPUZ screen shots, I am using it right now, so pulling parts would be a PINA. thanks for looking!!! Oh yeah, shipping should not be more than 10 bucks for any of the items, except for the danger den setup, and case! She is a heavy one. Local pickup in Atlanta is deff appreciated. I would really like to sell the motherboard, cpu and memory all before shipping, so I can put a new system together and not be sitting dead, if that is ok!! UPDATED PRICE ON VIDEO CARDS!!!
  13. I loved my mobile barton system I used to have. It was the fastest thing, I had the same mobo too!! Although to move your memory over, and keep things cheap, do a 939 system and do it really cheap.
  14. Nice to know, and hey man, you live in Atlanta too!!
  15. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16820178149 Is it just me, or do these look familiar? Anyone know of any reviews that I can rely on for these?
  16. Excellent, looks like I am getting the CORSAIR CMPSU-520HX from the egg.
  17. Was that not a small lyric from Dee-Lite from the early 90's from Dew Drops in the garden? Anyways, I am putting an HTPC together, and was wondering if anyone had any ideas on a small, and quiet PSU I could throw into one? I have a lian-li pc1000 case I am using, and my OCZ 600w was a wee bit too long for her.
  18. One in my sig, I need a new sig anyways,.. .waiting on quad core AMD to get something new. .
  19. I am gonna use my magic number 11. It not only is the day my fiancee and I were born, it is also the date of our anniversary! Hope number 11 does not let me down!!
  20. I was having some issues on a different manufacturer's board for AM2 and DDR800 memory, for some reason it was just not liking the timings/voltage ect. Needless to say once I moved it over to an ATI chip set from Nvidia, everything was fine. Had my head scratching for sure.
  21. Please make sure you CAR timings are just right also. I know the pair of OCZ Gold my buddy has makes glitches with cas 2.5 and boots like "gold" on cas 2.0 at 2-2-2-5 Make sure you set Voltage to 2.8 at least with that RAM and that you have them in the orange slots. Maybe even try with just one stick in the orange slot, and run through memtest a few times before trying to install windows. Maybe do 2 full mem test passes, then loop test 5 a few times just to be sure. do not try to install windows until you can pass memtest a few times with each stickl.
  22. I think I was using Drive = 6 Date = 00% which I think is 2. I will try these new ones, I was just trying to get my ram to scale up 1/1 with my cpu oc, so I could see how far I could push the both of them.
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