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  1. LP stands for LanParty



    That is hilarious. Why does NewEgg only show one of the boards with this designation? So strange, it had me SO confused for like DAYS man. lol


    So in your opinion if I will not be loading the onboard sound (have my own card) the full package does not offer much else technically than the UT am I correct?

  2. Thanks for the clarification, the search function was not working for ME at least,maybe I was just not using it correctly. And I may get flamed for this considering this is my first post, (am doing it from work) I am looking to get a DFI board and those explanations were great for me. I also see that NewEgg sells an "DFI LP UT nF4 SLI-D"I tried a search on this and could not find out what the LP means in this designation.


    Many thanks from a noob.


    "Checked DFI's site yesterday, did not even see the LP listed there. Did a google search, no good, tried searching this site, NOTHING on wtf LP means. Does anyone know?"

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