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  1. Booyea!


    The kit is in my hands. The UPS guy dropped it to my work this morning. I couldnt resist and cracked it all open on my desk, lol, got a few funny looks :P and the usual "your putting water in an electrical device!?!?" comments, hehe. Cant wait to play :D


    Very well packaged i must add :cool:




    Thanks man, you should have enough hardware to get you up and running. I think I sent you two fill ports in case you needed a silver or black one? I don't remember.

  2. Its all been shipped, you two guys should be receiving your items today.


    Was hard to get things shipped this week, had to backpack the items 5 miles down to the local UPS store as my fiancee left me and took our car with her.


    So DDWC and Vid cards should be coming in today, my shipment to Norway had to be normal USPS, as UPS would of been like 200 bucks to ship it.


    Just let me know when everyone gets everything, sorry it too so long. Wish I could of been as fast as NewEgg, but, Im just a guy with bad luck this month.


    Thanks to everyone for being chill with my slow butt.

  3. the note you sent me said he had a pacemaker put in nothing bout him dyin, dang you are having some problems there, and i am sorry if your granfather is truly ill or deceased, not sure which right now you have said both, at different times. I will pray for your grandfather whatever condition he is in, and again truly sorry if he is ill or deceased.


    Thank you man, I appreciate your concern. These were recent developments, no fun at all.


    Just trying to let everyone know just what is going on so they do not freak out.

  4. dang guess i will be waiting till xmas then as punishment, but if mine did ship it would be here overnite being so close.


    Don't be so callous, I did not mean to have the personal problems I am having.


    I already said I was sorry.


    Ask my dead grandfather if he meant me any inconvenience.

  5. If those memory sticks aren't sold within 10-15th next month I'll buy 'em and sell them here, just so I can get my mobo:)


    So HURRY UP folks!:cool:


    Likewise with you man, will be bumping the shipping speed up for you, just a sign of my appreciation with you for being so chill.

  6. Awesome man. I got my maze4 gpu block on friday and just waitin for this stuff so i can get to leak testing and venture into watercooling for my first time. Cant wait! :D


    Since you have been so chill with me man, I am gonna overnight yours for free for yah, you should have it at the end of the week.

  7. confidence is built with one keeping one's word, Monday afternoon has come and gone and again nothing to indicate anything has shipped.




    Sorry thats things have not shipped, went down to ship them all and found out that paypal put a freeze on my account balance, someone had opened a dispute with them. SO now I have to wait until I get paid tomorrow to ship things out.

  8. Just putting in a big update. Had some personal business to attend to, had these pics and everything ready, will be delivering shipping/tracking information to all buyers Monday afternoon.


    The machine before breakdown.



    Anti-static Enviro (yes, I am that anal about how I handle hardware)



    Opty packed and cleaned.



    EVGA Card, she is shiny!



    Complete DD WC setup!



    Her block, she is shiny!!



    Pic of expert with all the fixins!




    Again, sorry for any type of delay. Hopefully this post will help restore some confidence.

  9. Have you overclocked the memory? If so to what speed and with what timings?


    Never OC the memory, I had some g.skill ddr500 before and I saw a performance decrease with the looser timings on my NF4 board with this cpu. Never saw the point, just always kept them on a divider. Default timings and voltage. Like to keep tighter timings with DDr400

  10. Thanks for the input guys!!


    Nitemareglitch, so with a 939 board I can use my ddr 400 memory? I have 4 sticks of 512 currently that I can use. 2 sticks of the budget variety were in the board that died, and I have 2 sticks of the XMS stuff in the MSI system that I could swap out. That system has random crashes and reboots that have mystified me for awhile now and I have just learned to tolerate. I'm convinced its the memory but havent been able to tweak it just right to get the system stable.


    2 days ago when the NF7-S first went down I thought it was the video card as the last few weeks the system had been exhibiting video type problems. I ordered a new AGP video card - BFG Tech GeForce 7800GS 256MB GDDR3 AGP 4X/8X (which arrived today from newegg). I learned a lesson though not to jump to conclusions before thoroughly troubleshooting because when I opened the case and found the northbridge fan not spinning quickly realized it was the board. Anyway, not sure If I should try to frankenstein a system around the new card or return it and go 64 bit.


    Thanks again for the help guys, greatly appreciated!





    Indeed you can, there are some other good ideas up top of this post too.

  11. ygpm


    Thanks Zoltan, just a friendly bump here too.


    Gonna be shipping everything as soon as I get payment now!! I have sold enough to get my board, mem and chip. So everyone who has purchased get with me and I will show you where and how you can.

  12. If those memory sticks aren't sold within 10-15th next month I'll buy 'em and sell them here, just so I can get my mobo:)


    So HURRY UP folks!:cool:


    Well right on, that is.. umm, later than I want to sell them, but you are welcome to them if they hang out that long,...hoping they do not though, for my sake and the other buyers.


    BUT SOMEONE BUY MY STUFF!! lol Like seriouslly. Thanks to everyone else that has laid claim!!

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