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  1. well lets just simply leave it at "which one would u choose" and drop the "If you were me" part... does that make sense now?
  2. im sorry when i say cooling fans i mean CPU Cooler like zaleman 9700, Scythe Zipang, etc... once again sorry for the confusion
  3. Im planning to build a pc with these specs Q9450 2.66ghz (will OC to 3.6 or maybe even 4.0), 780i mobo, a 9800gtx SSC 512 mb, a case with 6x 120mm fans, 3 HDD WD raptor x in RAID, zaleman 9700 120mm cooling fan or Scythe Zipang 139mm cooling fan, a avg. samsung burner, 24" LCD samsung monitor, and 4 GB RAM (2x 2GB). i wonder how much power do i need( in WATTS) and which PSU will do the job?
  4. im looking at three cases so far, Antec 900, Thermaltake Armor 8003BS, and NZXT Tempest with 6 x 120mm fans. If u were me which one would u choose and why; or simply recommend other case if u think its better than the three i mentioned up there.
  5. im planning to build a new pc and i wanna know which GOOD cooling fan i should go for, size DOESNT matter.
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