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    dfi lanparty UT NF590sli-M2R/G, 4800 athlon x2, Zalman 9700 copper heatsink, EVGA 8800GT G92, Raptor X, WD Caviar sata2 500gig, Samsung 20x dvd burners x2, Mitsuami 7 in 1 reader with floppy, OCZ GamExtreme 700w
    upgrading soon to a Athlon x2 6000 and Thermalright Extreme 120.
  1. I have been looking for this also for a while. I cannot find it either.
  2. have any copies of vista left?
  3. I just got a antec 1200. It has more than enough room for just about whatever you want to do. If you want to do water cooling I see some pretty easy possibilites if you have a few tools and don't mind modding a $180 case. I would imagine you could fit a radiator in one of the hard drive cages. I modded the power supply bracket and mount so that I could mount the power supply with the fan down so that the cables are coming out the back side. The fan wouldn't have enough clearance to pull air without reversing the bracket. second I replaced all the factory led lights in all the fans. I put white ones in the front of the case. In the top and back I put red ones in. I am soon going to add CCFL blacklight tubes. I may end up trying to replace the hard drive led that is blue but its not really too bad. Only real gripe about this case is that it has no handles. This case is advertised as the ultimate gaming case, and its heavy as hell with no handles. Well I think this is the one and only huge flaw. I took 15in 1/2 stainless steel round stock and made some handles. Its kinda a pain to position and drill all the holes straight through the plastic to the steel. Then you have to mod the sides to fit around the bolt holding it it. It turned out really good but for the price of this case I think it freaking come with damn handles. Also it would have been nice if the cables to all the fans were sleeved. But with all the holes in the motherboard tray its really easy to hide atleast 90% of your wiring.
  4. sending you a pm for all of it.
  5. I would be willing to take a stick off your hand.
  6. I got your email but I didn't understand it. That email address is my paypal address. I did reply to your email but never got a paypal payment so I thought I would post back here. I should be able to get it out tomorrow if you send that payment on over. Will ship UPS because I am heading there to send my RAM off for RMA.
  7. I tried to PM you but your messenger is disabled? Please pm me for email address for paypal payment. and total. $52 for the heatsink $12 for the fan and probably close to $11 for shipping and packaging. $75 total chemojay at hot mail dot c o m
  8. I have one brand new in the box. I can get it out on friday or possibly even today depending on your time of payment. Its brand new in the box and here is my for sale thread. I can throw a fan in for a extra $12. http://forums.overclockersclub.com/index.php?showtopic=81661
  9. yeah well okay you knew what I meant. I found one on ebay anyway. Bump on my forsale stuff.
  10. Thanks all thats what I was thinking also. I don't really think there is a legality issue with it. And if there is then I am gonna break the law. breaking the law, breaking the law. haha Dell warranty isn't much use in my book anyhow. Most computer noobs know more about building a system.
  11. I have 3 AMD dual cores at my disposal. The first is my prior cpu in my setup which is a 4800 windsor which is 2.4 ghz and 90nm technology. The second is a 6000 windsor which is 3.0 and 90nm technology. The third is a 5000+ bristbane at 2.6GHz and 65nm technology. I am thinking I need to pull that bristbane out of the dell sitting next to me and put the 6000+ in the dell since it has no bios adjustablity. Then the dell would be noticeably faster and it would give me processor that I could overclock to 3.0GHz or possibly 3.2GHz. Then she would have a faster system and I would have my memory up to speed. I am having trouble reaching my memory speed with the 6000+. Maybe it would be a better choice to use the bristbane in my set. Open to opinions. Thanks
  12. I am actually running a 200fsb. all I adjusted was secondaries. I may go over to his house and set those timings later. Also made him order a Asus mosfet fan and when that comes in we will pull the heatsink off and thermal paste it with some better TIM.
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