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  1. What operating system should I be running?
  2. THANKS JAZ. I am looking into a 22inch LCD right now. And the memory (the 2 800s) I'll take out and leave the 2 dual channel 1066s in there.
  3. Without selling my rig. FOR THOSE WHO WANT TO BE SARCASTIC. What program can I use to over clock my cpu?
  4. So again back to my original question. What should I do?
  5. Well from what I've heard, the Black edition AMD 6400+ (the black edition is what i have) is able to be overclocked ALOT. With some good cooling I've heard that they are very stable overclocked. If anyone else has heard otherwise tell me.
  6. I'm runing XP home because it was free. I'm actually thinking of downloading a knew OS. LOL It seems everyone is knocking the X2 dual core. Why is that?
  7. My computer specs are listed below. When I turn SLi on I don't seem to get that much of a performance boost and it seems that my bench mark scores are actually lower than my single card scores. Has anyone else experience this issue? I've tried the latest drivers from nVidia and omegadrivers... --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PSU: 650w Antec True Power Trio Mainboard : MSI MS-7375 Chipset : Athlon64/Opteron/Sempron (K8 Family) HyperTransport Technology Configuration Processor : AMD Athlon 64 X2 6400+ @ 3200 MHz Physical Memory : 4096 MB Video Card : Nvidia Corp GeForce 8800 GTS 640 (x2) Hard Disk : QUANTUM (21 GB) Hard Disk : SAMSUNG (120 GB) Hard Disk : WDC (250 GB) DVD-Rom Drive : SONY DVD RW DRU-720A DVD-Rom Drive : JY3385A FSG364T SCSI CdRom Device Monitor Type : Korea Data Systems KDS XF-9e - 18 inches Network Card : Nvidia Corp Nvidia Corp Network Card : Realtek Semiconductor RTL8168/8111 PCI-E Gigabit Ethernet NIC Operating System : Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition 5.01.2600 Service Pack 2 DirectX : Version 9.0c (December 2007)
  8. LOL... are you poking fun or did this really happen?
  9. No its for someone I know at work. I'm getting paid for it so i consider them a customer.
  10. LOL, Its not a business. I just do it on the side. I'm a motorcycle mechanic. Computers are something I just do on the side. I originally went to college to be in video productions. So I built my computer with the idea I would be editing a lot of video. I ended up playing more video games than editing. When I decided I didn't want to be sitting at a desk 3 hours at a time editing the same footage over and over. I chose my first passion which was motorcycles. Loved it ever since. Right now my current system I'm building has: Motherboard: MSI K9N2 Diamond Video cards: SLi 8800 GTS 640mb (x2) RAM: 4gigs of Crucial Ballistix 1066 CPU: 3.2 AMD 6400+ Black Edition Cooling: ZALMAN CNPS9500AT PSU: 550 watt ANTEC I need a new one CASE: ANTEC sound deadning case (doesn't do me any good, i've sliced and hacked and added 2 more fans)
  11. I had time to think about why I blew up at newegg and the people who responded to the crap I wrote were right. The only real issue I had was the fact that the lady this morning told me there were none instock. Then Venson (newegg.com agent) told me they had a few in stock. So I sent them this e-mail. I just wanted to apologise for being rude to Venson Cheng and anyone else I lost my temper with. It wasn't a good day for me and I shouldn't have lost my temper in that situation. You guys did everything you could to make sure I had my money refunded. Venson Cheng should be awarded a medal or something for having the patience he did with me, and I thank him very much. I'm usually a calm person and this is way out of line for me. Its a situation that could have been avoided had I changed my billing address to my shipping addres (which I have done now). But you have also have to understand that the lady told me that morning there were zero of the K9N2 Diamond boards in stock. Later that day Venson told me that they were in reality in stock. Again I just wanted to apologise. Robert
  12. Does anyone that lives in teh Sacramento area know of any computer stores that sell MSI boards????
  13. Then you're looking at it from the retail point of view. No matter the situation. I've been in the motorcycle industry for 6 years. People take more pride in their motorcycles. And I understand their frustation when their parts become back ordered. What I don't understand is why the retailer (not the reprensentative) give the middle finger when it is their fault. I just called them JUST NOW and they told me the motherboard is in stock.
  14. I don't think you guys are understanding whats going on. I'm not trying to sway your opinion one way or the other. I'm just making you aware. What happened could have been avoided 1) By having the correct stock listed on their site 2) If the girl verifying my shipping and billing address hadn't charged my card.
  15. If you notice. I'm not attacking Venson. Venson was a great person to talk to. It sounds as if you've never been frustrated with a situation such as this LoArmistead. I never said he wasn't doing his job either. I've shopped with newegg for 6 years. All it takes it one incident involving money. That money was very critical as well. Not only am I missing that money but now I'm missing money from the customer I'm building it for. Understand that frustration?
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