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  1. i want to upgrade the mobo from an acer F690GVM...which i can't OC, or touch anything for that matter (prebuilt lock)...i know phenoms arent able to OC well but i would like control of my computer...i also might be getting two 4850's and a new case to fit them/new mobo so need a new one anyways...


    also thank you hardnrg...i hope that works! :D


    thanks for the input guys :)

  2. phenom 9550, BFG 8800 GTS (820/2000/1120), 4x1GB kingston 800mhz (don't know timings, havent bothered), Corsair 550W, 500GB Seagate HDD, cheap 18x DVD/RW


    would like to add my parents bought my computer, thought it would be a nice surprise for school...lol

  3. gaming, buying either a 9800GTX or 4850...i have a stock case so i don't think the 9800 will fit, so probably 4850...and basically i have everything i need right now other than a suitable motherboard

  4. Hi there!


    i'm currently in the market for a new mobo as the one i have is just crap :)


    anyways my computer was a prebuilt, with vista pre-installed, now my question is whether or not windows will still boot even with a new mobo...i have looked through google and its quite confusing...


    any help will be greatly appreciated!


    Edit: post edited to conform to rules, sorry

  5. just finished Ocing my own 8800 GTS....got it up to 820/2000/1130...ran ATI tool for 20 minutes, temps got up to 67...though i had some minor artifacts in ATI, i don't notice them so much in games...i had it safely at 800/1950/1120...no artifacts peak was 65...at 80% fan...so it could be less but at 100% its too annoying so i have 100% going if it gets to 70 but it never does


    another thing is i had a 8800 GT before my GTS that got up to 81c on load and so do a lot of others...and if your card has G92 architecture like all new cards (both 8800GT and GTS use same chip) then that makes it much cooler and with the GTS' dual-slot cooling...your more than welcome to OC it to whatever is stable....basically you can't overheat this thing lol

  6. I have recently purchased a BFG 8800 GTS OC 650/1750/950 from futureshop because the XFX 8800GT fan was stuck and it pissed me off...and the GTS was only another $70 (was on sale) and my mobo doesnt support SLI so wanted something somewhat powerful...but not super expensive


    long story short i OCed it to 790/1950/1120...and when playing CNC3 at max setting it is only at 60 degrees and running 80% Fan (have it preset to raise fan when temps increase)... i ran ATITool for 20 minutes...only "real" artifacts were the very rare dot...which i don't think is major...


    my question to you guys is it safe to OC it that high, and will i severely hurt it by running it so high? i have no problem scaling it back...as i did not expect it to even approach these numbers...anywho...inputs!

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