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  1. If you decide to go wolfdale, make sure you get a motherboard that will support it. A P-35 board like the DFI DK P-35 would be a good choice if you are only going to run a single card. Jason
  2. I have an ABIT NF7 that runs well and comes with a bios saver. I also have a Giga Byte 7NNXP with the sound storm on it. I think I might even have an Asus A7M266. PM me with your offers and let me know what you are interested in. Jason
  3. Yep, I got an NF7 for sale also. Have the original box, manual, I/0 Plate, and bios saver as well. Email me at [email protected] if you are interested in the board. Thanks Jason
  4. The case he is offering is a good deal. I have nMedia case that I am building my HTPC out of and a Micro ATX motherboard like the DFI-RS482 fits perfectly inside. Jason
  5. The 3200 I have runs flawlessly so far. You would be just fine with a 6600 on it for everyday use. Its really a tweakers board, but I have found it runs just fine at default settings. If you are only planning on running one card, the Asus 965 Wi Fi is a fine and stable motherboard as well. In fact, I am considering moving back to that board for everyday use. Jason
  6. it would be great if you can tell us what brand they are and if you registered them. Different 7600GT Card brands and model numbers are clocked differently so model numbers will help as well. Jason
  7. Wow, I really beg the differ here. I am an owner of the Zalman 9500, Tuniq Tower, and former owner of the Zalman 9700. The Zalman 9500 that I currently use with AS5 properly applied is probably one of the best out there. In fact the websites that have done reviews on it will show charts compared to others on just how good it is. Then Tuniq Tower, is basically a newer released Air cooler, and it performs slightly better than the Zalman 9500. Problem with the Tuniq Tower is that the bottom of the copper that meets sits on the CPU was not finished well and really needs to be lapped for max cooling effect. The Zalman 9700 cools even better than the 9500 and is close to the Tuniq. I just did not like the fan protruding out of the front, and because of the larger diameter of the copper cooling fin shroud that surrounds the fan, the screws to mount it are at a more difficult place to reach. I have a large case and even with the board out of the case, the angle for the screw driver to the screw head is difficult. You almost need an offset screw driver. Tuniq on the other hand uses what I consider a thumbscrew design. It is easier to use and mount, but you must pull the board out to mount the back plate. A word of caution here!!!!! If you decide to use the Tuniq Tower on a motherboard, make sure you do not use the adhesive on the back plate to attach it to the back of the motherboard. If you do this, you will have a hard time removing the plate or you will have to sell your tower along with your board when you upgrade. The 120 and the big T are both good heat sinks and well, but the reviews will really show you what stands out. Another one to consider is the Ninja Jason
  8. I am willing to put a link in my sig as well
  9. I have a Toshiba DST-3100 Hi Def receiver. People have complained about the fan noise, but to be honest, I have so much other stuff running including an air conditioner, I do not really hear it. Jason
  10. What do you think of this one Praz? They have different models that come with or without their own power supply, and you can install your own full size ATX supply if you desire. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16811204022 and you can add this to it! http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16811999085 Jason
  11. I am in the process of building my HTPC with an RS482. I am looking for suggestions in regard to PVR and case choices. I am stuck with Direct TV(Hughes net) satellite dish reception. I do not have the option of cable, so as far as I know everything has to go through the Satellite receiver. I do have component out (R/G/B) from the receiver that will give me a high def signal to record. Please do not confuse this with component out. Unfortunately most of the mAtx boards that I have seen only have a component in that goes through the sVideo with an adapter. Doesn't that sort of defeat the purpose of trying to record from an HD Receiver? I am still looking for a PVR with component input at well. I certainly would like a dual tuner such as Nvidia has to offer, but of course I would like to have the component inputs. If I am mistaken in what I am looking for here, then someone please correct me. Cases, are another animal. Currently I am running windows MCE but I may be moving to Vista. I do have RC1 running on another machine and we are exploring that possiblity. I know I want a case that will hold several hard drives, and allow full height video cards. I certainly do not want a case I have to mod and I would like it to include the sensor so I can use the MCE remote and keyboard. Any suggestions are welcome. Thanks in advance. Jason
  12. I am using 2x1GB sticks of G. Skill HZ DDR 500 in my RS482. They seem to work well. They are also overclockable. I had them in my CFX3200 board and was able to push them to about 570 just pushing the bus. I am sure they might go higher if I go back and use a divider. Jason
  13. If you want to get up and running, pull the two sticks of extra memory you have. Start with one stick in the orange slot furthest away from the CPU. Take the plug out from the back of the power supply, and use the jumper( on my board its a read jumper) to clear the cmos for at least 10secs. The procedure should be outlined in your manual. After you do all of this and replace the clr cmos jumper back on the default pins, then plug the plug back into the power supply and reboot your system. If the system boots, then shut down, take the plug out from the back of the Power supply again, and put your other stick of memory in. Now you should have memory in both the orange slots and can plug your power supply back in and reboot. Once you get your system booting again and are able to get into windows, do a google search for OCZ Tony and CFX-3200. You will find a page to help you get your initial settings and you can go from there. Keep in mind that you are much better off running 2 x 1MB sticks instead of 4. When running 4 double sided memory sticks you are only going to get DDR333 performance. Jason Jason
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