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  1. I can't log on to DSL Reports/Broadband reports. In the past the site has had to endure numerous DOS attacks by jerk *offs* overseas. I am wondering if that same thing is happening right now, can anyone here log in to dslreports.com?
  2. Hey Angry: You don't have a redirect website set up, do you? It wasn't until someone in another forum told me about the merger, for a couple days I just tried to log in and thought D-S was under DOS attack or something! Anyway, I've joined here now, hope the content from the street makes it in here too, what of it is appropriate, that is!
  3. Hi, new here, didn't know DIY was gone! I need to get a Coolermaster Stacker Case Crossflow Fan and a black Window Side Panel, if any of you have them for sale!
  4. It's evidently some Russion scum bags or something. Nothing better to do than to attack a good American site. I hope they get caught and end up behind bars.
  5. It seems that the much valued site broadbandreports/DSLreports.com, which has been under DOS attacks for days now, it totally unreachable. Could some of you verify that they are un reachable? I am very upset that some jerks have to do this kind of attacking of such a valuable website.
  6. Thanks guys. I am pretty confident now that it is the nVidia NI. It hasn't crashed/BSODs/Froze at all while using the Marvell NI, for something like 3 or 4 days. I'd home someone else use it, but I am isolated, I don't have any friends here except roomate, as I am in a town of 300 in the middle of nowhere, and we are almost the only guys that know anything about computers at all. It's only meth, crack, and drug addicts, old people, and poor people around here, folks here don't even know what things are, like they don't know what the Hubble Telescope is, or what hard drives are, LOL. I'll call DFI and see what they say. Kind of hard talking to them though, most of the folks over there aren't good English speakers, though they are nice at least. Thanks guys, Yeah, you're right, they've all moved on to Intel 775 stuff now...
  7. Well, I am now almost certain it is the bad nVidia NI (network interface), because I am not failing in any way while using the Marvell instead. But I am in a tough quandry: I believe that the Marvell NI is a separate chip, but that the nVidia NI that is bad is INTEGRATED into the MCP Chipset chip. So what's to say that more of that MCP won't fail in the coming weeks? I am really torn. I don't even know if DFI would even replace this, even if they DO have some of these boards left, what if they tested it and insisted it was fine... I don't know what to do. I am also upset that so few people are commenting and discussing this thread. Where are all the DFI devotees? Why are you all so quiet?
  8. Thanks for your input guys. I hope more people respond here as well. Yes, I did not install that stuff. In the beginning I did and had nothing but troubles, and then I read somewhere, perhaps here, that that stuff was bad. Nope, only the driver itself. I'll try that driver. I suppose I need to use a driver cleaner first, right? And, what driver cleaners do you guys recommend, BTW?
  9. I think, after years of various computer issues, I am on to something with my recent computer problems: A brief history here: Over the last two and a half years I have lived through hardware hell. Due to the sheer number of parts that I have gone through and changed out, mostly due to bad parts/failed parts and some for upgrades, I have never had a stable system, overclocked, normally clocked, or underclocked. I could list the two motherboards, the two RAM products, the three power supplies, the 2 hard drives, the optical drive, the 2 sound cards, the 2 video cards, and my Mac failure, (and even more), along with a bad CPU, but I am there now, seemingly with good parts, or so I thought... Then I still kept gettinig BSODs, and after yet another fresh OS install (OMG, the dozens upon dozens of times over the months I have done fresh installs! (No, I cannot afford a good backup solution ATM, I am quite poor, I mean POOR, it has taken everything I have to build this system that is already quite outdated.) After the latest fresh install, less BSODs but now hangs or sudden crashes to POST... Well, I may finally be on to something with the problems in my latest iteration of my system: First, the list of my hardware: DFI LP UT nF4 SLI DR (that replaced an ASUS A8V Deluxe that turned out to test fine by Antec) AMD Athy 64 4800+ s939 Toledo (3rd processor, started with a good 3200 that I couldn't tell was good, then the bad 4800 that couldn't overclock even 4% and was unstable, now the new one is amazing, it will overclock like an Opty!) Team Xtreme Cronus Micron 5B-f DDR-500 2x2GB paired RAM sticks, used to have a questionable pair of OCZ sticks that gave errors in memtest86+ Creative Labs Audigy 2 ZS Platinum (I added the front bay box and made it platinum), the previous unit was an Audigy NX that gave me nothing but misery and that Creative had the audacity to refuse to honor the warranty on! ASUS and NEC burners that are good, replaced a bad Lite On, both the ASUS and NEC are WAY downrev, too, BTW, I need an upgrade, but I also need money, so... Brand new Seagate drives: 750 Gig 7200.10 & 500 Gig 7200.10 ES, replaced a couple bad drives, one a WD PATA 250 gig that died JUST as it went out of warranty! Also currently using an Excelstor 80 gig, all current drives are SATA, the sea's are SATAII. Still using an very old but good quality CRT that is starting to get dim. Samsung 2010 Laser Printer. HP 7260 color printer with card reader. Logitech G15, original model. MS Mouse, Wireless Intellimouse Explorer 2.0 Leather from LONG AGO. MS VX-3000 Webcam. Magic Jack VOIP stick. Saitek Cybrog GOLD USB joystick. Logitech Game pad, the original fancier one with the six, not four, chicklet buttons, is wireless. That pretty much sums it up. An old, downrev system that, even IF it is old, I treasure. Sure, I'd love to buy all new stuff, but I am disabled and cannot work and don't even have enough money to eat meat at every meal. Beans and rice for supper here often enough... Ok, so here is what my most recent discovery SEEMS TO REVEAL: This motherboard has two network controllers, gigabit, one is a Marvell and the other the nVidia built in to the MCP. I need and use both: One is needed for my own DSL Modem/router, a Westell 327W on Bellsouth DSL on my personal internet account. The other Network interface is needed for access to my roomate's boxes via my older, and very old Linksys router connected to his single port Westell 6100 (IIRC) modem router (which has been set to NOT run as a router, BTW, so as to allow the Linksys BEFSR41 to work, which is a Rev. 2 IIRC). I normally leave the network controller attached to the Linksys and HIS network disabled because otherwise while I am running torrents, it loads down HIS, not MINE accounts. This happens EVEN THOUGH I *HAVE* set the controller for MY network as the priority controller. Well, here is what I think I have discovered, with all that information out of the way: I always assumed that using the nVidia network controller on board, rather than the Marvell on board, was more desireable (just had it in my head, that's all) so I have always used the nVidia one for my priority, personal, network, such as my torrents and webaccess, and left the Marvell off unless I was accessing his network in order to move files between us. Well: I have tried so many things and now, finally, seem to be on to something, just maybe (but I can't be certain yet since it's only been a little over a day and a half): My on board nVidia Network Controller is somehow buggy OR the drivers for it are, because ever since suspecting something, I swapped the two NICs so that the Marvell was used for MY OWN Network and I haven't turned on the nVidia one to access his network for over a day and a half. So some guys in another forum have told me that they also, indeed, on other, newer motherboards, have discovered that THEIR nVidia on board NICs were indeed also giving THEM misery. So I have to wonder, I have used 2 different iterations of drivers for my nVidia based mainboard, one old old one and the other is the latest. I long ago discovered that using the nVidia firewall crap caused horrible issues, and remembering that is what made me suspicious here. So: How many of you think that it is indeed likely that the nVidia NIC is a culprit? Or how many of you think nVidia just can't make good drivers? How many of you think I should try yet a different iteration of the drivers? Also, is it indeed true that the nVidia Network controllers are traditionally problematic? If you were me, would you have DFI replace this board (and what are the chances they even still have one?) Much thanks! BTW, I am keeping my MCP cooler with an Evercool VC-RE with AS5, but had this problem before changing from the stock cooler. The Evercool only drops temps, even though it is lapped, about, oh, 5 degrees... Current MCP temps are about 46 degrees with it overvolted ONLY one step (the problem was there with it not overvolted, that's why I increased the Vs) Opinions? Advice? Discuss? Thanks!
  10. No, never had any memtest86+ errrors with this RAM on either motherboard, running into even 12+ hours or more, and overclocked heavily even. Ran the tests a few different times. UPDATE: Guys, I now think I am on to the problem and that it is something else, something worthy of a fresh thread in this same forum, so I am going to write about it now. I will really need your advice on what I think I have found, so please see my new thread in a few minutes. By the way, since I am using Team Xtreme Cronus M, a LP nF4 SLI DR, and a Toledo 4800 that is a great overclocker considering it is not an Opteron (so far, other than my newly discovered other issue, stable at 3050 with little to no timings tweaking past the basic 3,3,3,8 @ 1T... Well, what BIOS do you suggest? If you have the time, please see my new post in a few seconds...
  11. Neither link takes me to either file. File front comes to their main page with no file download for tmod's, pershoots brings up some spam page. How do I get this stuff?
  12. IIRC, somebody here, well over a year ago, advised me to use the Orange memory slots on my DFI UT nF4 SLI DR mainboard, slots 2 and 4, that is. Over all these months I have had various hardware failures that I remedied, but always got dogged by continual BSODs, hangs, and sudden drops to POSTs. I always used slots 2 and 4, the orange slots for my Team Xtreme Cronus M DDR-500 RAM, no matter my timings and even when NOT overclocked at all. I have changed out every single part of my computer over this time but the mainboard and RAM. Recently, I replaced my processor and my new Toledo 4800 is a great overclocker so far, at least 3 GHz. Even at 2.4 GHz stock, I had problems still. So it dawned on me, well, gee, maybe I am supposed to be using the YELLOW slots #1 and 3! I changed to them and then read the PDF of the manual which indicated I was correct in thinking so. I am now operating on the YELLOW slots 1 and 3. Do you think that using the orange slots could have been a problem? Tons of thanks!
  13. Unlike many guys, I am still using a socket 939 system. For over a year I had nothing but trouble with the iterration of that year's parts. So many parts went out on me that it was a lot of misery. From the beginning, my AMD Athlon 64 4800 Toledo wasn't stable at all, in fact, not clocked it crashed or BSODed or Froze several times a day. I have very good cooling (Thermalright XP-120 lapped w/Panaflo and Coollabs liquid pro) and my temps were relatively low, even in a very hot room. Well, I finally got fed up and called AMD after thinking I had narrowed it down to the CPU. They were very kind and replaced it with the same model. Now my new one is clocking much higher than I ever expected, in fact, I believe it can go higher but I don't want to push it and break it, abuse isn't in my wallet right now. I was lucky they replaced the old one as it is (I told them everything I had done and tried). So now I am at 3 GHz but I have to wonder, how much farther could it go were I to chance it? How likely could it be that I might damage the CPU, even if I keep temps below, say, 55-60 degrees, by overclocking it any more? Right now on full load it is 44/45 w/ the cores at 48-55 when on full load performing folding and BOINC. I'd appreciate it if you all would share your multi, HT, HTT, divider, and clock and what s939 CPU you have/had. I am especially interested in hearing from those of you with 4800s and Opteron 180s and up. I am thinking that as unlucky as I was with the first one, I am now lucky with this second one...
  14. Sorry for not replying sooner, had some health issues. I am still interested in cases but I have to wait now because of the health crises (don't worry, I should be fine).
  15. Sounds intreaguing! Tell me more.
  16. Hi guys, haven't traded here much admittedly, but I am a well established member of DSLR and the forums over there FWIW. I need a computer case, actually, I need two. I want to get a Coolermaster Stacker if anyone has one, but also need a mid tower with Window. I need a case with lots of places for fans because this case/computer will go to a tropical island where it is always sort of hot. Ideally, I'd love a case with: Window Side fan openings Front fan mount Rear fan mount firewire, usb, and sound connectors hold at least 3 HDs, pref. more uses larger fans But in any case, heh heh, I won't get on your case about it if it isn't perfect, heh, so if you have something, give me a shout!:angel:
  17. Good to know. I emailed tech support. They emailed back to me that I need to go through the RMA department. I have been waiting for someone to answer the phone now, so far, for an hour and a quarter. I emailed RMA department but don't have a response yet, either. Is it true that I may never be able to reach the RMA people on the phone, I have heard a lot of complaints around the web?
  18. Hey guys. I have a LP UT nf4 sli dr and it did not come with the com port/serial cable to connect the connector on the motherboard to the backplane. Well, in searching for one to buy, I found out that these things are wired two different ways, like this: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 and this way: 2 4 6 8 1 3 5 7 9 (Or something to that effect) They also have two different names for these two types, but I can't figure out which name goes with which. According to my manual, it is wired this way: 2-rd dtr dsr cts 1-cd td gnd rts ri-9 but then the picture shows the pins in this config: x x x x x x x x x Which is bottoms up. I am so confused, and annoyed that they were so cheap they couldn't supply such a cable when it is hard to know which type of the two to get. Can someone show me which type of cable, and how to get it? Much thanks!
  19. Hey guys. I have a relatively new DFI nF4 SLI DR. This is my first time using SATA (I couldn't afford it until now) and will be ordering a drive in a month or two, probably the Seagate Perpendicular Recording 500 Gig drive. Someone gave me a gift of a used 80 gig SATA which I am using right now. Well, that Seagate drive is the 3 Gb/S interface. Can someone tell me, does my motherboard support the faster SATA interface? How do I know which it is? Will I have to use a jumper? Second question: The second four SATA connectors with the SIL RAID: Do those SATA connections work ONLY in RAID, or can you run individal drives with those four too?
  20. Roomate has a blue hound he rescued. Awsome sense of smell. He can be across town and smell me taking a walk and catch up with me from nowhere, but the dog is the biggest idiot of a canine I have ever seen.
  21. Ah, but my friend, look at my sig: I am no longer using a TPT 430, but a gorgeous new Enermax Infiniti, one of the highest rated supplies in its class. Ok, so those timings I might have to throw out the window then? The thing is, how the heck does any know what to do, with all of the timings available, it could statistically take a lifetime trying out combinations...
  22. Now I admit I am not an experienced over clocker and don't have a full grasp on timings, though I have done reading. As you can see from my sig I should have a decent setup, but my 4800 Toledo seems to suck. Back when I had it on my A8V deluxe with the same RAM it couldn't clock any more than it does with the LP I have now. I haven't tried a ton of timings, but I did use the timings from these sites here: http://eclipseoc.com/index.php?id=1,49,0,0,1,0 And mostly from here: http://www.xtremesystems.org/forums/showth...ht=truth+cronus Now, I have a pretty good HS/F: A very well lapped Thermalright XP-120 with Coollabs liquid pro and a panaflo fan. My room is very hot, but I have been watching temps and even with the Vs at 1.425 and multi at 12 and bus at 215, which is only a clock of 2580, my system will hose from time to time and give blue screens with error messages, reboots, and such. Since every part of my system has been changed out except the RAM and the CPU, and the RAM did pretty good with my previous CPU, a 3200 Venice, on my old A8V Deluxe, I am really starting to think I have a flaky Toledo. Now I have read people saying the 4800 isn't a good overclocker at all, but I am doing worse than any other person's posted results, by far. I am wondering if I should as AMD to replace it and if they might give me an Opteron, such as a 180 or 185 in exchange? What would you guys do about this? Originally I tried to get a 180 from newegg but newegg messed up on stock status back then, but look, you can still get them now!!! If I could afford to just buy another CPU I would, but I don't have the budget. Can any of you help me, please?
  23. Well, seeing that I pretty much probably have Micron of some type, and have set the timings the way that link shows, I still can't get my 4800 up stable past about 2600. Can anyone suggest to a guy who lacks overclocking experience advice on what to do, how to go about discovering timings that will best work, and the right multi and all? Also, could it be that my RAM, while working very well with my old 3200 Venice, just won't work well with my 4800 Toledo? Would an Opteron 180 work better, or the same? Please guys, I need your help and opinions.
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