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  1. Hey guys, it seems like everyone is getting around 112-117k on Aquamark3 on their SLI setups. What resolution are you guys running the test at and are you guys using licensed versions of Aquamark?
  2. I think those scores are average......here something to compare it too. http://www.nforcershq.com/article5710.html
  3. What resolution are you running Aquamark3 at when you got 112k?
  4. I think your PS is up to the task.......this is a few pages....read it!! http://www.extremetech.com/article2/0,1697,1932947,00.asp
  5. Can you download and run Aquamark3 and then let me know your scores?
  6. What resolution and AA and AF are you running 3d mark at?
  7. Theres only a few things it can be. If the mouse sensitivity isn't too low like these other guys are saying. The other thing I would check are to make sure your side buttons on the copperhead are not programed to double click and your not hitting those button by accident..........Another thing to check is go to control panel-->folder options-->general......make sure click items as follows is right. Try adjusting the sensitivity of the mouse from the control panel with windows instead of using the razer software. If this all fails, uninstall the razer drivers just to test and see if the copperhead still doubleclicks on the single click. Without any drivers, it should be less sensitive just for troubleshooting sake.
  8. Was it the same when your video cards were running at factory clock speeds? With the locking up and freezing.
  9. Hey Guys, I finally got my second 7900gtx as it has been on backorder for a few weeks. I have yet to install this card. Everything on my system prior to installing this works great. Currently I have the forceware 84.43 drivers I downloaded from Guru3d. Is there any tips you guys can give me to make my life a bit easier? Is there any drivers you guys recommend or the ones I currently have are fine? I have been hearing mixed things......once in SLI mode.....the monitor needs to be plugged into the to card closest to the processor....is this correct? Is there any other settings in the BIOS that need to be changed for SLI besides the 8-NC-4-8? Any tips you can give is greatly appreciated....thanks.
  10. What your going to have to do is bend the metal bracket that pushes the cooler down so the bolts will reach the motherboard. If you cant bend them by hand, use two pliers. Just bend it a little so the bolts reach....dont break it !!! I would also take off the AMD 64 plastic retention piece, that will allow you to tighten the zalman more snug on the processor. The plastic piece is no longer require unless you use the AMD heatsink. With a few of the zalmans I have owned, I have had to do this to make my life easier. The zalmans coolers rule!!
  11. On my board, that was the case also. Not sure if it has the same settings in the BIOS as yours but on the expert board, there is a start and stop temperture for the chipset fan. It determines what temp the fan will spin max. I fiddled around with that and my pc is quiet.
  12. Have you tried booting with just the monitor, power supply and keyboard plugged in the ps/2 port? No USB devices at all plugged in.
  13. Hey Guys, I thought you might find this interesting. http://www.extremetech.com/article2/0,1697,1932947,00.asp
  14. What happens when you boot the computer with nothing plugged in except the monitor,power, keyboard and mouse?
  15. I think everyone is right. It seem like a power supply issue, I had the same thing happen with my Enermax. It would be fine cold booting but as soon as I would remove the power cable from the back of the power supply to work on the computer. It would not boot next time, I would have to hit the switch on the power supply from off to on to get it to boot again. The people who I asked said it was a protection feature in the power supply. I recently changed to another Enermax just because I wanted modular connectors and it doesnt have that problem so I assume it is the PS.
  16. Sorry for the noob question guys. My setup has been working fine now for a few months. I had recently switch my 2x512 corsair CL2 xms pros w/ the bling bling leds for 2x1024 corsair xms CL2 w/ the silver heatsink. With the 2 1gig modules in there......it will not post. They are placed in the yellow slots like the 2x512 ( were when everything was working. From what it seems like from the corsair web site.....the latency is the same with both pairs. The only thing I have done so far is reset the BIOS and tested the memory in another machine to make sure the memory is ok.....they are fine. It still wont post and getting dram beeps. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I would like some insight before I switch out ram...change BIOS settings......switch out ram again etc.
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